Cavs Fan Who Suffered Heart Attack at March 11th Game Returns to Thank Those Who Helped Save His Life

Sunday, April 15th at Cavs vs. Orlando Game John Walker Meets Members of Cleveland Clinic Medic One Unit and Quicken Loans Arena Security Team
John Walker Meets Members of Cleveland Clinic Medic One Unit and Quicken Loans S
John Walker (left) embraces a member of the Cleveland Clinic Medic One Unit that helped save his life.

CLEVELAND, OH - April 15, 2012 - When John Walker attended the Cavs vs. Houston Rockets game on Sunday, March 11th at Quicken Loans Arena, little did he know that his own shot clock was ticking. Following the game, he and his family headed to the Gateway East Garage where as soon as he got behind the steering wheel of his van, John went into full cardiac arrest. The next few minutes would be a test of time, skill and teamwork to save John’s life.

Within minutes of the emergency call for help, the Cleveland Clinic Medic One Unit (assigned to all Cavaliers games) was on the scene with Quicken Loans Arena security. Time was of the essence to get John transported to the hospital. As the medics rode the gurney administering vital medical care to John, The Q’s security team navigated the route, making their way through Cavs fans exiting the arena, down the elevator to the event level, past the back-of-house post game bustle and into the awaiting ambulance in the arena underground service area.

In less than 10 minutes, John Walker was on his way to Lutheran Hospital. His doctors say were it not for the quick response and skill of those who attended to him at The Q, he would not be here today to meet the men and women who saved his life.

John is overwhelmed with gratitude to those he credits for giving him a second chance. On Sunday, April 15th, John and his family will have the opportunity to thank the members of the Cleveland Clinic Medic One Unit and the Quicken Loans Arena Security Team when they meet again for the first time since March 11th to spend an evening together at the Cavs vs. Orlando Magic game in The Q’s penthouse suite.

Cleveland Clinic Medic One Unit:
Mike Majercak
Kirk Pitts
Kathy Peluso
John Conroy
Mike Kinney
Marcus Black
John Kubincanek

Quicken Loans Arena Security Team:
Lt. Brad Frolo
Lt. Brenda Perkins
Sgt. Sam Schleman
Officer Eric Montoya
Officer Kyle Sheehan