Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Heat

November 24, 2012

Cleveland Head Coach Byron Scott

“We played hard coming off back-to-back and our guys showed a lot of guts, but just little things are killing us. Little mistakes on both ends of the floor are killing us especially towards the end. We just haven’t figured out how to win, and we did a couple of bonehead things toward the end of the game. With a seven-point lead with 1:58 left and we didn’t make them work on the offensive end, they got everything quick. We left Ray Allen open, one on transition, one of the things we have to work on is communicating. I talked to the guys earlier today about Ray Allen being the best shooter in the world and we leave him wide open for a three. It just can’t happen; it is a bunch of little things right now that is hurting us from closing games out.”

“There are no moral victories for me personally or for the team. We have to learn how to play together and win together and close games out and that will come in time and we understand that. It still doesn’t make it any better right now.”

“When we’re healthy its easy to take guys out of the game, especially in the late stages of the game. With 8 guys in double figures, when we get stubborn and stop moving the ball, we get predictable. When we move the ball and our bodies and play together, we end up in situations like tonight and everybody gets a chance to play and guys score in double digits. This is what our offense is all about. We just have to get ourselves more disciplined.”

Anderson Varejao

“We didn’t play smart offense. We lost the game. Last night (against the Orlando Magic) was the same way. We’re going to have to figure out how to win games in the last two to three minutes. We’re playing well. We’re playing good defense most times. We’re playing good offense, but we just can’t close out games right now. You just have to think about it (the good things that were done) for the next game. It’s tough (though).”

On the team:
“I believe that we’re getting better. We understand how to play with each other on offense and defense. We just have to find a way to close out games. Miami (HEAT) is a good team; a team that we had control of throughout the game. They’re the champions. That is why they won the championship last year. They’re going to find a way to win games like that.”

Omri Casspi

On the game:
“They made big plays. We’re all upset about it, but there’s nothing that we can do now. We got to move on, but this is a tough loss. We had that game in hand. We have to brush it off. The last two to three games, we’ve been playing good basketball. We need to carry this effort every night and give us a chance to win.”

On his play:
“Guys are helping me. I know my game and what I need to do. My teammates are doing a great job of getting me the ball in all the right places.”

Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra

On the game:
“First, Cleveland played a very good basketball game. They did enough to put themselves in a position to win on the road. They played a great game on both ends of the court. Our guys absolutely relish those moments in the fourth quarter, the competitive spirit of a close game. They [the HEAT] made big plays going down the stretch. We need to get out of here as quickly as we can before they put more time on that clock.”

On only leading two minutes for the entire game:
“It really speaks to the competitive will that the guys have at the end of close games. We have a lot of gamers in that locker room. They rise to the occasion. They want situations like that.”

On the HEAT’s play during a close game:
“It’s interesting our group at one time was questioned about their ability in close games. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Our guys absolutely salivate in those situations. You can see it. They come to life. They want to make big plays on both ends of the court. You can’t teach that quality.”

Chris Bosh

On getting every opponent’s best effort:
“Every game we are going to get everybody’s best. We don’t have much room for error. Teams want to beat us. We have to take that seriously and we do. Each game is different, but we find a way to win no matter what happens. We don’t make excuses. We just go out there and get the job done.”

On playing in close games:
“It is great for us to learn how to win in those situations (close games). Those are always the toughest parts. You are running different plays when the game is tied with three minutes left as opposed to up by 10. When it is crunch time it is added pressure. I’m just proud of our guys for really stepping up in those situations.”

On Ray Allen:
“He (Ray Allen) is always a threat. Anytime he steps inside the building he is in range. Just to be able to have that threat opens it up for a lot of guys. We have some unselfish guys who don’t hesitate to get it to him. We’ve watched Ray do it for years.”

Ray Allen

On LeBron James:
“He (LeBron James) is a great passer. I’ve just been trying to read him and get in situations where I give him an outlet.”

On coming off the bench:
“It (coming off the bench) never bothered me whatsoever. The way I always looked at it is you get in the game. It is mostly an ego thing when you don’t want to come off the bench. The biggest compliment is being in the game at the end and being able to help the team win.”

“Everybody is making some sacrifice to some extent. We’re all buying in to what we want to do so that we can get the ultimate goal.”