Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Celtics


Cavs Head Coach Byron Scott

“They’re a very good basketball team. Lot of experience. They’ve got a lot of guys over there that are champions. I thought that when we got within four to six points, we turned it over. It showed the difference between experience against youth. We turned it over turned it over turned it over , they come down get the shot they wanted, knocked down 3 in a row, lead got back to double digits, so in that scenario, again, we’ve got to learn from that. We’ve got to find a way to close games, and as young as we are we’ve just got to keep learning from it.”

“There was nothing that we could do with him (Pierce) tonight. Sometimes a guy like that, a future hall of famer, sometimes they get it going and there’s really nothing much you can do and Paul got it going. He hit some shots tonight that I hadn’t seen him hit, or play that way in a while. ”

“I know we can play better defense too, and that’s been the case the last 2 games. We can’t go into games just thinking we’re going to outscore people. We don’t have the personnel to do that with right now.”

Kyrie Irving

On 3rd-4th qtr run with Pierce out of the game: “It wouldn’t have mattered if he was in the game. It was just time for us to get stops. It was just time for us to be aggressive.”

“We just need to get stops. It came to a point where I, myself turned the ball over. And we had back to back turnovers and then they scored on each of those possessions. And I think that was the change of the game. No matter if we were getting stops or not, they got up and as a veteran team would do, they just finished the game.”

Tyler Zeller

“You know he’s (Garnett) a great player. A tough player guarding him on those turnaround jump shots. 2 or 3 just tough jump shots. You got to give him a lot of credit for those but you have to do the best you can against him.”

On starting: “Most nights I play a lot of minutes anyway. It was a little different coming straight off warmups and getting right into it. I felt very comfortable.”

How was it playing without the mask: “Incredible. The little touch shots and stuff. I shoot a lot of those around the rim out of the corner of my eye. It’s nice to be able to do that again and not try to wip my head around to find the rim.”

Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers

Did Paul Pierce just get tired of losing: “Well I don’t know. Whatever it was, it was great. It was efficient, though. A lot of open shots. A lot of ball movement down the stretch. He caught fire and created his own. For the most part, I just thought the ball movement was really good for our guys. We shoot 60%, basically; a lot of good things are happening. And then we hold a team to 40%, or 41%, a lot of good things happen. I thought Jason Collins play with one point, two rebounds – I thought he had a main impact on the game for us. Especially for Kevin (Garnett). I thought Kevin enjoyed playing with him.”

How long had he been thinking of this starting lineup: “A while. Just never did it. I’ve been talking about it for a while. I was actually trying to wait for Avery (Bradley), to be honest, but we just went ahead and did it.”

What impact did Jason Collins have: “Oh, just defensively. You know, the rotations and the size. He took the charges that he did. He took charges and he just clogged the middle up. He’s one of the better talkers on our team defensively and knows everything we’re doing and I thought he made Kevin (Garnett) relax. He’s felt like he’s had to do so much, and I thought having Jason out there was good for him.”

How much will Collins get better: “He doesn’t have to get any better to me, honestly. I just think he does a lot of things. First basket we had was a pick, and a bone-crushing pick, and it was by Jason. Told each other before the game he sets picks, hard ones, and I thought that set the tone.”

Paul Pierce

“You have a stall like that you want to come home, do whatever you can, get a win. It’s a make or miss league. Who knows I was going to come in and shoot the ball the way I did, but the one thing I could control was how hard I was going to play today and the effort I was going to put out.”

“I think so. I think when you play like that it can be contagious. Offensively, guys knocking down shots, and then other guys getting up in there and defending. Things can definitely be contagious. I know I think everybody definitely wanted to get off this slide that we’re on so it was a good win, it’s a start.”

“I feel like the last few games I’ve been shooting the ball a lot better, three or four games now. So I feeling like I’m really coming along where I’m starting to get into a good groove offensively. The way my shot’s going, picking my spots. So even before tonight I felt good.”