Dion WaitersThe Cavaliers of the late-80s and early-90s might have been the most skilled squad in the franchise’s 40-plus years of existence. But if there was one complaint about the Lenny-led Cavs, it was that they lacked toughness – or maybe, more specifically, a tough guy.

There’s no easy way into the NBA.

Right now, there are 20 guys in Independence who can attest to that. Whether that player was drafted No. 1 overall or worked his way onto the Training Camp roster – getting (and staying) in the league is a grind that’s gotten the better of countless ballers before them.

Of course, some players take a tougher route than others. And if Kyrie Irving’s quest for the NBA was the most direct. The path Alonzo Gee took might have been the toughest.