Cavs fans, mark the date as the one when the Cavs and UpTo rocked your social world! Let us introduce you to our new partner, UpTo, the nation’s leading social calendar platform, and the first ever to integrate your personal calendar into the exploding Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) application space. UpTo also gives Cavs fans a great new way to see what’s coming up with the team and the entire franchise.

Simply put, this pioneer social network has unlocked the power of the calendar!

Wrap-Up – In the closing quarter, the Cavs cooled off as the Sixers heated up, and Philly handed the Cleveland the 86-79 decision on Sunday night at the Wells Fargo Center. The Wine and Gold picked up their defensive intensity in Sunday’s loss – their sixth straight – holding Philly to just 42 percent shooting. The problem was that Cleveland shot just 36 percent from the floor.