There are two kinds of people who truly understand “The Art of … the Triangle.” There are renowned artists who’ve used the triangle in their most famous works, like Kandinsky. And there are NBA players who’ve played in Phil Jackson’s complex offensive system with great success, like Luke Walton.

Last year, we looked at “The Art of … the Dunk” with the Cavaliers’ most electrifying dunker, Alonzo Gee. Today, we ask Luke Walton – who played in the Triangle under Phil Jackson and Tex Winter with the Lakers – about the system that only one NBA team runs exclusively.

Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. America and all the ships at sea! Friend and foe alike call me “Optimist” – and whichever category you fall into, you’ve stumbled straight into the sports horn-of-plenty we like to call NEWS … AROUND … THE … LEAGUE.

Last week I wrote about the “sports confluence”: NFL and college football, MLB playoffs and, of course, Cleveland Cavaliers basketball – all in perfect alignment. But that shan’t be the case this weekend. And you can blame the NBA’s schedulemakers for this fakakta arrangement.