Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Wizards

April 14, 2012

On the game: “We kept making shots and executed well on the offensive end. We did have some lack of focus in the third quarter but other than that I think we maintained our poise and played well. Especially the last couple of weeks, I think our guys have really been competing. We ran our offense really well towards the end of the game and I think our guys really stepped up tonight.”

On Luke Harangody’s return from the NBA D-League: “He was the MVP tonight. For him to play in a D-League game last night and then to come start for us tonight was really great. You have to give him a lot of credit. He was definitely ready to play. The reason why you own a D-League team is to run the same system and have players who ready to come up at any time. He had already been through 90 percent of the offensive plays we ran tonight. He made good shots and was able to stretch the floor. He looked really comfortable tonight and did a great job for us.”


On being told he was starting tonight: “The last week has been kind of a whirlwind for me, and nothing surprises me now. When he said that, I was like, this is my opportunity. Don’t try to do anything special and just make the best out of it.”

On having confidence in his shooting: “It’s night and day compared to the beginning of the season. This is my shot right now. I’m just so confident and just stepping up, one-two right into it.”

On playing in the D-League: “Going down there helped me get my game form back, get my timing back and helped me work on some things, get my confidence back in my jump shot.”


On tonight’s game: “It was good. I think you see a lot of guys that have gotten significant minutes this year, more NBA experience this year than they probably have ever had, and I think you start to see guys get comfortable and its starting to pay dividends.”

On Luke Harangody’s play tonight: “It was great. Keep in mind, he played last night too, with the D-League team. They had a big win. He is going to go play again tomorrow. It’s great that he has the confidence that he’s played well within the D-League and to bring it up to this level says a lot.”


On the game: “We got off to a rough start in that first quarter. We missed some easy shot. They shot 67 percent in the first half. We never had any control of the game. We were playing from behind the whole game. Our focus tonight coming out of timeouts wasn’t very good. We didn’t have a sense of urgency.”

On the Wizards’ bench: “The first half they went scoreless. In the second half they responded a bit. James (Singleton) came in and played well. I’m not sure why they struggled early but that hurt us.”

On Luke Harangody: “Well he’s been in the league a few years. He played in Boston, he can play. He made some shots and played well. You take your hat off to him.”


On the game: “We had trouble getting it going tonight. We knew we couldn’t show any effects from last night’s performance for us to be successful tonight. There are always going to be nights where shots don’t fall, but our energy level has to be better than what it was tonight.”

On the rest of the season: “We really want to finish strong. We won two straight games and were playing good basketball. There is no question we have the ability to win ballgames. Monday we have a chance to play against a playoff team and move in a positive direction. It has been a grind this season, but we have a young team and guys still have a lot to prove. All we can do is continue to play hard for ourselves and our fans.”


On Donald Sloan: “We already knew he could play. He made a lot of contested jump shots. He ran his team and they came away with the win.”

On back-to-back losses: “I think everyone was mad about last night’s game. We had another game to play, we came out to play but we didn’t come out with any energy and they got what they wanted whenever they wanted.”

On finishing the season: “I know if you play the game of basketball you might be tired but you have to continue and finish the season out strong. I don’t know how a lot of guys are feeling right now or how they are, but I know the last two games all of us have been mad about losing.”

On his performance: “It was a loss so it really doesn’t matter how well I played. I did a good job not turning the ball over tonight, but we still came out with a loss and that’s the most disappointing thing.”