Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Warriors


(On tonight’s game): “I think I’ve said this before at home. You turn the ball over 20-something times, you don’t give yourself much of a chance to win the basketball game and it wasn’t any different tonight.”

(On if the team was mentally fatigued from the back to back): “I don’t buy that. It was Golden State’s fourth game in five nights. So that’s a bunch of bull. That’s an excuse and that’s something we’re not going to tolerate. We just lost the game because we were terrible on the offensive end as far as turning the ball over. Period.”

(On improving on the second night of back to backs): “We just have to keep working. That’s the bottom line. We feel it will break sooner or later, but right now we just have to keep working.”

(On if the turnovers were the difference at the end): “I think that was the main difference; offensively, just turning the ball over. On the defensive end, trying to stick to our principles. Guys are still being able to get down the gut (and into) the heart of the defense and get some easy buckets. If you look at the numbers, we did a decent job on the defensive end. Like I said to the guys ‘(We had) 25 opportunities that we didn’t even get to take a shot.’ (That makes it) hard to win.”

(On having a few days off): “Obviously, we have to recoup a little bit and regroup as a team and then go back to work. (We will) look at tape and see why we’re making the mistakes that we’re making. Defensively, for the most part, we did a pretty good job… You turn the ball over that many times, you give them that many opportunities to get layups on the other end. We just have to do a better job of taking care of the ball.”


(On the amount of turnovers tonight): “This is one of the things, with us being a young team, that we have to learn. In this league, you have to value every possession and each one has to count and matter. You have to make the right play and I think we understand that as a team. When we’re on the floor, we have to make sure we enforce that.”

(On whether or not he felt any mental fatigue): “No, I felt great. Offensively and defensively, I felt like we did what we were supposed to do. We got stops, but we just didn’t take care of the ball and it ended up hurting us in the end. It was actually a close game even with the amount of turnovers we had, so just imagine if we got some of those shots in.”


(On the amount of turnovers over the past couple of games): “Whenever you have 25-plus turnovers a game, it’s hard to win games. Looking at the past couple of game, turnovers have definitely been a big issue. We’ve just got to pick it up because you can’t turn the ball over like that.”

(On facing the Chicago Bulls on Friday): “Looking at them right now, they play defense. Coach Thibodeau is big on defense, so we have to bring the same intensity that they do and contain their guards, bigs, and the boards.”


(On the team winning despite Curry being injured and Ellis’ struggles): “That’s what the good teams do. In spite of adversity they find a way to get it done. When you compete and defend, you will win your fair share of games in this league.”

(On playing his reserves): “I have to hold guys responsible if they’re not getting it done. We gave up 21 points in the first part of the third quarter, and then we shut them down. They finished with 29 (points) in the third quarter, and 21 (of those points) were on our starters, and that’s unacceptable. I give my guys credit. I’ve been on teams where the starters would have been upset, saying different things, and quit (on the team). The guys that went in won us the ball game, and the starters came back and sealed the deal. It was just a great team effort.”

(On Brandon Rush): “He just battles. (He) knocks down shots, doesn’t make mistakes, (he’s) a beast on the defensive end, (and has) a high IQ.”

(On Monta Ellis): “He’s a gamer; he’s just an absolute gamer. He didn’t have a great night offensively, but still battled, competed and made plays. He put his face in there, no pun intended, to make a play, and that’s what winners do.”

(On Klay Thompson): “He played great. He gave us a chance defensively, and he’s a shooter. I like the fact that he’s not turning down shots I’ll tell him when he’s shooting bad ones, but I like the fact that he’s aggressive.”

(On Andris Biedrins): “(How he played) won’t show up on the stats sheet, but the bottom line is that he battled, jumped out, and got the ball of the guards’ hands…He was phenomenal tonight.”


(On his game): “It was just a bad shooting night for me. The whole team shot bad, but we did it on the defensive end. I was able to get what I wanted, but the (shots) weren’t falling.”


(On the game): “The two teams were playing hard, and it (came down to) which team blinked first. I thought our starters really didn’t play well to start the third quarter, and our reserves came in and did an unbelievable job keeping us in the game and getting us the lead back. When it was our (the starters) turn to come back in we took care of business in the end.”

(On the play of the reserves in the third quarter): “Give Cleveland credit. They’ve been playing well, they were at home, they made a run to start the third, but it was our second unit versus their second unit and we did an unbelievable job getting back in the game. ”