Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Warriors


(On the game tonight):
“I was not real happy tonight with our effort. I thought we could have played a lot harder and smarter. I don’t think we are playing with a purpose. I think we are playing basketball, but not with a purpose. We are not playing to achieve the final result which is obviously to win the game. We are just kind of playing basketball, we not playing with the energy, tonight at least and the sense of urgency that we need to play with. We are going to keep working on that. I think it all hails on the defensive end and that is what we are talking about. We always talk about taking middle penetration away. We had sixteen tonight which is way too many. We always talk about staying on our feet, and we had eight when we left our feet which caused us to get beat to the middle. Again defensively we just want to keep working on it because that has to be our staple.”

(On consistently focusing on defensive improvement):
“We can’t stop working on it because it’s not sinking in to everybody at this particular point. You would hope after a week of training camp, preseason and all of that, by this time everyone would be on the same page, but that’s not the case. From a coaching standpoint, we just make sure we keep working on those things and make sure sooner or later it clicks. It has to as a team. That is the foremost thing that we are going to continue to work on. Being on a team that has won championships, I know how important it is to start to establish that as your foundation. No matter what our season has brought us this year with injuries and all that, we still have to start from the ground up. We have to establish ourselves as a defensive team. When we do that we will start getting better and better.”

(On J.J. Hickson’s injury.):
“I saw where his finger was and the direction it was pointing and I almost thought it was another Antawn thing. First reaction, you kind of have a little smirk because you don’t want to start crying out there in front of the crowd. When Max told me that he was okay and that it wasn’t a fracture I thought maybe some of the good luck is starting to turn our way. It did scare me when he first ran off because the first thing that came into my mind was you have got to be kidding me, another one goes down? Luckily he was okay.”


(On what they have to play for the remainder of the season):
“Pride. I think everyone in this locker room has some type of pride. Hopefully we can get a couple of wins to get some momentum going for next season.”

(On how his dislocated finger is feeling):
“It’s good. The doc popped it back in place. It’s a little sore right now, but I’ll get through it. I’m still playing tomorrow.”

(On if he thought of Antawn Jamison’s injury when he saw his finger):
“The first person a thought about was Antawn. Like I said, the pain then kicked in and I kind of forgot about him. The doc just popped it back in place and I have got to get it taped up before I play. I’m playing tomorrow and hopefully we can get a win.”


(On having more confidence as a team):
“Overall as a team, we have to do a better job of putting ourselves in a better position to win and believing that we can win no matter who we play. Even in games like that when the offense is not really opened up and teams are packing the paint, we have to take shots and have the confidence to make shots. Like coach was saying, we have to play with a purpose. We are playing hard, but we have to definitely play with a little more of a sense of urgency and more purpose in order to pull out these games. We are right there; it’s just a matter of us doing the little things to push us over the top.”

(On playing with a purpose):
“Playing to win… (We can’t) let the other team dictate the flow and dictate the tempo. I thought that once we got down 10-12, we started fighting our way back and applying the pressure on them, but we can’t wait for that. We are a very young team, we start a lot of young guys and rookies and we have to use that to our advantage. We have to use that energy, that enthusiasm to our advantage and we have to make winning plays early and often throughout the game.”

(On his assessment of the team’s defense his first three games here):
“We have the ability to play great defense. Defense is a commitment, but you also have to use your brain a lot and play with a lot of smarts and aggression. Sometimes as a team, we don’t have all three consistently when we are out there playing. Sometimes we have some mental letdowns. You’re going to do that, you’re going to miss some assignments. Overall, we have to use our youth and our enthusiasm to make up for mistakes that we make on the defensive end.”


(On the defensive effort):
“The thing that I am finding out more and more as I coach, I knew already as a player. What you emphasize you have a stronger belief to carry that out… I thought throughout the streak we have been in, we have gotten away from a lot of little things on drives to the baseline, someone coming to help and someone closing out there. So we just broke it down yesterday and they were not really happy. They had a good practice, but I thought we were a little lethargic this morning because we did have a pretty good one (practice) last night.”


(On being happy with the possibility to finish the road trip 3-4):
“After losing the first two, for sure. We came in with high hopes and high expectations and we did not start off the trip the way we wanted. To get three, hopefully tomorrow, get the last one and finish the road trip nicely. That is the only thing we can control right now. We have to go into tomorrow with a lot of energy, it is a back-to-back, and play well.”


(On the defensive practice paying off today): “I thought our effort defensively was pretty good. We played a great first quarter as a group. We had a good first quarter and I thought we played better from that point on.”

(On responding to the Cavs cutting the lead to four in the fourth quarter): “They were at home and they are a team that plays hard and does not give up so we knew that they were going to make a run and we just countered back with a little run of our own and we finished the game out and we got some stops down the stretch.”