Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Timberwolves


Opening Statement: "The first thing is, after the debacle in Toronto, I wanted to see how our guys would respond. I got an answer. They came back very focused tonight for the most part and did a lot of great things on both sides of the floor. I thought the second half, especially with the lead going into the halftime, the one thing I wanted them to do was to be aggressive on both ends of the floor, and to just try to keep that up as much as possible. I thought we were able to do that as well."

On their last three wins: "I'm pretty pleased. There's still a lot of room to improve on both ends of the floor and I think that at times we do tend to lose a little focus for whatever reason. We have to work on making sure that we keep that for the full 48 minutes. For a young team like we have, to close out the games the way we've been closing out, it's been a great learning experience for those guys and we've just got to keep doing it."

On Jamison and Varejo's chemistry: "They were great tonight. You knew those guys were going to come back ready to play tonight. Andy's line, 13 points, 12 rebounds, 5 assists, 4 steals, 2 blocks. You know, that's amazing. AJ with 22 points and six rebounds, those guys were able to lead us tonight. One thing that we tried to preach before this game is really looking at putting pressure on them as far as pushing the ball down the floor as much as possible. We did a pretty good job with the time."


On the teams bounce back: "This is definitely a responding game for us. We wanted to come out aggressive to prove a point. Last game, we weren't at our best at both ends of the floor so we wanted to come out and be aggressive on offense and on defense. I think we did that tonight."

On the teams control: "Coach just wanted us to push the ball and continue to provide opportunities for others. We made some defensive changes in the second half on Rubio, he did a great job getting in the middle and finding his teammates. It started to kill us a little bit, but once we made those adjustments I think it worked well toward the end of the game."

On playing against Rubio: "It was great to play against Rubio, but tonight wasn't about that. It wasn't about any of that; it was about a bounce back game for us and going out there, competing to win."


On the fact that he was the first person out at the shoot around: "I'm just a workaholic. I try to continue to get better, continue to be prepared for the games. I was taught that early and I think I'll maintain it as long as I play."


On Cleveland's constant pressure: "We came out and stressed the fact that transition was going to be key. We knew that they liked to get out there and run, but we had to play our style of game, and not get caught up in what they like to do. We pushed them to make some misses and I think that helped a lot."

On Cleveland being defensively different this year: "I would agree. We stressed it a lot coming into training camp. The guys that were there last year knew we had to get better on the defensive end. It's all about trust now. We know our guys are going to be in the right spot. When some guy's not, the guy that's in the back line, you know Andy or Antwan...The big guys, they're there. So far, so good."

On the pride of the Cleveland lineup: "Definitely. We take a sense of pride, as the second unit we come out there and try to push the tempo and take off from where the starting five left. Me, Gibson, Hollins, guys that were in the system last year. We kinda know how Coach Scott likes us to play."


Opening Statement: "I thought it was the first game we just really, they outplayed us. They did a good job on both ends, they attacked us on the pick and roll, they moved the ball. We’ve got to have more people play at a higher level, especially at the offensive end. We are just so hit or miss right now. We’ve just got to find a way and I told them afterwards ‘I’ve never said this is going to be easy and they are going to have to toughen it out and go out on the road and get a win and just keep plugging along.' You’ve got to give Cleveland credit, they shot it very well and they made the shots they had to make it. They played a nice game."

On their physical style: "Their whole team was physical and they got into us and we kind of caved in. Teams have done that do us; Memphis did that to us, same thing happened and you’ve got to fight through that. It's like I’ve said, it's not going to be easy and we’ve got to find a way to come out and match that and understand what they’re trying to do to us. Again, you have to have more than one or two people and you have to trust each other."

On the third quarter: "I was trying to find any group to play through it, we just were really out of sync. We had chances, we had one chance, I forget when it was, but we were down seven and got the miss three or four times and never converted. Whatever happened in the past, you’ve got to put it out of your mind, you’ve got to be really tough enough to fight through it. Even with nine minutes to go and we were down 15 whatever I told them you’ve got to be aggressive and take it to the basket and stop the clock and you just can’t settle for what they want you to take. I don’t think we really were aggressive enough to get to the basket on them."

On the team's shot selection: "If you’re not making them you’re counting too much on it and we’re not making them. We’re not making anything. We’re getting open shots sometimes; we’re just not knocking them down. They on the other end they seem to make the 15-17 footer or whenever they needed it and that was difference in the game."

"We’re not playing well enough as a team. We’re having to rely and I’ve said this before on too much pick and roll and sometimes we think we have to get something on that very 1st pick and we have to move the ball more and go from side to side and it's just one thing we do very poorly A guy comes off the screen and thinks that’s the only thing that’s out there and just fires it up or goes one on one. You can’t play that way, if they play that way you should have another option and we’re just not doing that right now and we’re going to keep harping on it until we get through to them and that’s the only way that we are going to break through."


On the game: "Coming out on a night like this, it’s just bad."

"I said before, we’ve got to have the same mindset every night. It doesn’t matter who we play against. Everybody is playing basketball, everybody is making shots. For us to think some games are going to be easy and some games are going to be not, we can’t do that. Every game is going to be the same for us. We’re not that kind of team where we can just come out and feel like we can get an easy win. We turned the ball over a lot. We missed a lot of free throws, me especially. It was just a bad night. The second half was a totally different story. We just came out flat. I thought we were going to come out in the third quarter and push a little bit, come back, come back and get a lead. But we got into a deeper and deeper hole."


On the game: "We’ve got another game coming up. We’ve just got to watch film, go to practice and try to turn it around. We can’t dwell on this and start running off losses in a row. But I think our mindset is focused on getting better, and I think it’s going to turn around quick."

"We were throwing the ball around, and not setting up the offense like we should have. I think really just comes with a lack of focus. If we just slow down a lot more and get into our sets we’ll be fine.

On playing down to competition: "You could say that. It’s noticeable we did that. We really need to have our mindset focused on the same thing every night, coming out and playing hard every night. If we do that I think we’ll be a tough team to beat. I think that’s proven the first couple games we played."