Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. 76ers


(On tonight's game): "Tough one. I thought the energy wasn't there from the start to the finish of the game. I kind of expected that just watching guys in the locker room when Andy was there. Like I told the guys, this is the NBA, guys get hurt. It provides opportunities for other guys and you just have to be ready to play. Hopefully, we'll get over this little hangover tonight and be ready to play Wednesday."

(On the second quarter): "I thought effort-wise in the second quarter, (Philadelphia) amped it up a little bit. They got every long rebound, every loose ball. They started getting up and down the floor. Defensively, they started putting a little bit more pressure (on us), being a little bit more aggressive. I thought we took steps back. We didn't look to attack it head-on like we had been doing. That quarter was basically the quarter that decided the game. We played pretty good for the (other) three quarters, but that one big quarter that they had in the second quarter was the deciding factor."

(On the 76ers): "I like Philly. I like the fact that they have a bunch of athletes at all different positions. They cover a lot of ground. They get up and down the floor defensively. They take their time. They really run their offense. They're very patient. I think they have scorers at almost every position."

(On who will start at center on Wednesday): "Looking at Indiana with Hibbert at 7-feet, I think that's a pretty good matchup for Semih. I'm going to stick with it and we'll see what happens."

(On what he wants to see from Tristan moving forward): "Just to kind of get back to where he was. Being really active and agressive on the boards. I told him the one thing he has to do a better job of (is) when he offensive rebounds the ball, if he can't go right back up and dunk it, he has to bring it out. Three things can happen and two of them aren't very good. Being a young player, I think he'll learn that. Andy does a great job of that. That's the one thing that Andy would do. He keeps it alive. He gets offensive rebounds. He gives us another possession. I just want Tristan to continue to grow and get better as a basketball player. No specific things that I want him to do, I just want him to do a little bit of everything right now."

(On if the three days off is coming at a good time): "Right now it is. We need the rest, number one. Not only the three guys that we have out, we have a bunch of other guys that are banged up. We definitely need the rest and need some time (to) get some treatment and adjust because we know our lineups are going to be a little different, It gives us a few days to work on some other things on both ends of the floor as well."


(On tonight's loss): "It was a weird game. Not having Anderson and stuff like that. We talked about it before the game and we know we're professionals. It was a tough loss yesterday in overtime, but that's no excuse for playing the way we did. I felt like we did a poor job today and our energy wasn't there."

(On the second quarter of tonight's game): "They were getting more confident and were making shots. Everyone they had come in made shots. It was just tough for us."

(On not being able to make a comeback tonight): "It's tough. It's kind of hard when we'd go on a 6-0 run and they'd come back and make two big shots. They're a good team and we're a good team also, but without some pieces playing, it was tough."


(On the second quarter of tonight's game): "They had more intensity throughout the whole game. With a good team like Philly, you can't really lack on any possession. There were a few of those that we had and it cost us the game early."

(On the team's energy going into tonight's game): "This is our fourth game in five nights, but no one is going to feel sorry for us. Losing Andy was tough, but the rest of the guys have to step up. The NBA is about opportunities, so some of the guys who don't play big minutes now get a chance to step up. It was one of those nights. They played hard and deserved to win."

(On Philadelphia's defense): "They're one of those teams that has a lot of small guys out there at times, so they can switch a lot. They get their hands on a lot of steals and have a lot of guys that are really active. Thaddeus (Young) is at the four and can guard ones and twos, so they're real active on the defensive end."


(On the game): "We got off to a bit of a sluggish start. (The Cavaliers) hit the offensive boards and we were concerned about defending the paint. They had 30 points in the paint in the first half but we did a much better job in the second half. Of (the Cavaliers) first 14 points, they had 12 in the paint. Then we subbed and we got more active…We were efficient. We moved the ball and finished with only six turnovers. It was just a real professional effort."

(On winning on the road): "This season has just been a grind. This is our sixth road win. Now we get a day's rest and then we have to (go to) Charlotte on Monday…Our goal was to get 20 wins before we got 10 losses and so if we can (win our next game) we'll be 20-9."


(On the win): "It was a big bounce-back game for us. We had to have it. It was as much of a must-win as we've had this season. We've lost two tough games in a row, so we wanted to win this game."

(On the bench play): "It bodes well for us having a bench like that where guys can come in and score and play good defense. Lou Williams with his scoring, Thaddeus (Young) with his scoring, it's just been great all season."


(On the Cavaliers): "Those guys played hard. I think we just imposed our will on the game and didn't let them impose their will. We just came out and played hard, played physical. We were trying to get them into the paint, force them into bad situations and force them to make jump shots."

(On how they played the Cavaliers without Kyrie Irving): "We just played (Ramon Sessions) as we do any other guard. We pretty much try to keep the ball out of his hands. Ramon (Sessions) is a killer when he gets into the paint. We just tried to keep him out of the paint and keep him under control. He got away from us a little bit and started imposing his will a little bit, so we changed the coverage and kind of slowed him down."