Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Raptors

March 13, 2012


(On tonight’s game): “I have no answers. Like I said before, certain teams just have your number. I guess they have our number. I didn’t think we played with the same intensity that we played with the last three games. I thought we tried to turn it on, then we got back and then we relaxed. That’s just something you can’t do. They played pretty well.”

(On if the Raptors offensive rebounds were because of effort or the Raptors were in the right spot): “I think it was a combination of both. Some I thought were just sheer effort, them just going after it. Some I thought was just the ball bouncing their way. You give up 14 offensive rebounds and allow them to shoot 50%, its going to be hard.”

(On if Irving is tired): “He’s 19 years old…I don’t know. Maybe it’s hitting him a little bit. I know he’s kind of getting tugged all kinds of different ways right now. I know this morning and yesterday he had a bunch of energy. He was real lively in practice and things like that. I’m not sure. This game kind of puzzles me as well. I thought we came out okay to start the game. We had our little lulls again where we didn’t really get after them for 48 minutes. We did it for probably 37-38 minutes and that’s not enough.”

(On Jamison having zero rebounds): “It’s very unusual, but I also think a lot of that is contributed to the fact that he’s guarding Bargnani who’s 20-25 feet from the basket most of the time. That was one of the few things that I looked at and was kind of like wow, it’s probably the first time in his career or first time in a long time that he didn’t have a rebound in a game.”

(On if the team was too comfortable after a three-game winning streak): “I think something can be said for that. I’ve said this before, I think when we’re at home, we do get too comfortable. When we’re on the road, it’s us against everybody. When we’re at home, you have so many other things that are going on. As players, you have family and you have other things that you’re dealing with so sometimes you have distractions as well. I don’t know if that was the case. Maybe it’s just the fact that they just have our number. That’s the bottom line. Sometimes that is how it is in sports.”


(On losing to Toronto for the third time this season): “They create so many mismatches for us and to have a stretch five like that, it kind of goes back to why we’re productive on the offensive end because we have (Antawn Jamison) to stretch out the defense. It makes it that much easier and opens up the lane that much more.”

(On personally struggling against the Raptors): “I just struggled with my shot tonight and some shots that I normally make just weren’t falling. It wasn’t anything they were doing defensively; it was just me not hitting shots.”

(On hitting the ‘rookie wall’): “I think I’ll hit the ‘rookie wall’ when I stop shooting and attacking the basket. The whole ‘rookie wall’ thing is a myth and I haven’t hit it yet. It’s tough, especially these last two games, and I’ve struggled with my shot a little bit. I’ve just got to get it back. The confidence is still there, but it’s the last thing on my mind.”


(On losing to Toronto for the third time this season): “It’s tough. (Jerryd Bayless) made some tough shots, (Leandro Barbosa) played a hell of a game and in the first game we played them at home, they outrebounded us on the offensive end. (Aaron Gray) got some rebounds, which gave them some momentum and then (Ed Davis) got them some second chance opportunities. Every game is a different game, but for us, we’ve just got to close it out and get rebounds.”

(On the second quarter): “In the first quarter, we forced six turnovers and in the second quarter we forced zero. We just let them have their way in the second quarter and that’s the ballgame for you.”

(On facing Milwaukee tomorrow night): “Every game counts. Milwaukee is in our division and they’ve got a couple more wins than us and we’re tied in the loss column. It’s a big game for us. We’ve got to come out there and forget about tonight and control (Brandon Jennings), (Drew Gooden), all of those guys.”


(On the game): “I thought we got our defensive focus back tonight. We did a good job of holding (Kyrie) Irving to 14 points. He’s been one of the hottest point guards in the league. I was really happy to see (how well) Jerryd (Bayless defended Kyrie Irving) and also with (Gary) Forbes. Overall, I thought everybody played a solid game…I liked our focus. I liked our effort. We’re still a work in progress. There are a lot of things we did good and there are a lot of things we still need to continue to improve on.”

(On how well they’ve defended Kyrie Irving): “I can’t explain it. I just know we were prepared for (him). He was my biggest nightmare. I woke up last night thinking about him going to the basket. I think he’s going to be one of the bright, young players in the league. Jerryd (Bayless) did a good job of containing him, but the future is bright for the young man here in Cleveland.”


(On his game): “I was just trying to facilitate the ball and try to get everybody going, especially early (in the game). And I was just trying to play defense. Sometimes there are going to be nights like that and you have to understand that. We got the win and we have another (game) tomorrow. I think I’ll be ready to go tomorrow. I understand they were going to try and double-team me and come at me. Every time I saw (the double-team coming) I just tried to pass it and let us knock down shots. We did and it paid off tonight.”


(On how Raptors have been able to slow down Kyrie Irving): “He’s a good player. I just tried to keep him in front of me and make him make tough shots. If we can make him shoot tough shots, then hopefully his (field goal) percentage will drop throughout the game. I can’t say enough about him. He’s a really good player. I’m sure sooner or later he’ll have a good game against us. He plays against good guys every night and he’s a good player, like I said. I don’t think anything I did really affected him.”

(On the Raptors ball movement): “I was trying to get Andrea (Bargnani) going. That was my main focus tonight. He played well tonight. We need Andrea (Bargnani) keep on looking to score because that’s what he does and he’s great at it. That was my main focus, to try and get (Andrea Bargnani) going and DeMar (DeRozan) as well.”