Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Raptors


(On tonight’s game): “I thought we took a little bit of a step back on the defensive end after what we’ve been doing the last couple of weeks. I thought we had a little bit of a lack of trust and communication but it’s something that we’ll continue to work on that end of the floor. That’s the biggest thing to me. We have to continue to get (better) on the defensive end. That’s the bottom line.”

(On the Cavs rhythm throughout the game): “In the beginning of the game, I thought our flow was OK. I thought in the second quarter, we got a little bit out of rhythm. I thought they started making shots and we let that affect us on the offensive end. The second half, I thought we played a little bit better. We played harder. I didn’t think, in the first half, we played as hard as we’re capable of playing. I thought we came off a little soft the first two quarters instead of being aggressive and going after them. In the second half, I thought we did a better job of that. We can’t afford, as a team, to dig ourselves a hole, be down double digits and expect to come back. I told the guys before the game and after the game ‘It’s all the little things that we have to do as a basketball team. If we do the little things, we’ll be OK.'”

(On Kyrie Irving tonight): “He looked OK. For playing in what was probably his fifth game in a year, he looked alright. He had seven assists and one turnover. The only thing he didn’t do was shoot the ball well. Other than that, I thought he did a pretty good job.”

(On the second unit): “The second unit did a good job. I thought Sessions did a heck of a job. Alonzo (Gee) played really well. Tristan did a heck of a job. Our second unit played pretty well. They kept us in it. I thought they came out with much more of an aggressive attitude than our first unit did, and as we did as a whole. Again, that is something to build on. That was one of my big question marks, ‘how was our second unit going to play?’ and I thought tonight, they did a really good job.”

(On if he thought Gee really hurt himself when he fell): “I did. Especially the way he fell. It was pretty awkward. I think the adrenaline that was flowing is probably what kept him going. I think he’ll probably feel it tomorrow morning a little bit.”

(On Tristan Thompson): “The one thing (with Tristan) is we don’t have to run a ton of plays for him because he’s so athletic and he plays with so much energy that he’s going to be around the bucket and he’s going to be able to get some paint scores for us. I wasn’t really surprised. That’s the type of kid we thought we were getting: A guy that can go in there and play hard, play with a lot of energy, and play with athleticism. I thought he did a wonderful job tonight.”


(On what he learned from tonight’s game): “Well it’s just on to the next game. You know you want to play really well, with the world watching and you want to play well for your teammates, but it’s just a learning process for me. I’m just going to watch film tomorrow and just get better.”

(On playing his first road game of the season): “It’s the third time playing the Pistons in the last two weeks, so I’m looking forward to that. This is the real business now so I’m looking ahead and going to try to get better every single game.”

(On whether the pace of tonight’s game was different): “The first couple of times up and down the floor were, but after you get used to it, it’s easy breeze. I didn’t shoot particularly well, or as well as I wanted to, but it’s a learning process. On to the next one.”


(On his performance tonight): “I did some good things on the defensive ends, but I’m not satisfied unless we get the W, so we’ve got things to work on and we’re going to continue to work.”

(On if there was any miscommunication on defense tonight): “We had some times where we missed some defensive rotations and communication wasn’t there, so coach was right about our defensive breakdowns. We’ve got to go look at tape, see what we did wrong and improve upon that in practice.”


(On Tonight’s Game): “Everybody who stepped on the floor contributed in some way or another. I thought Jose (Calderon) did an excellent job of running the team. Amir (Johnson) did a great job, really as much as you can, against a great player like (Anderson) Varejao…I don’t want to get too excited on the wins, and I don’t want to get too upset on losses.”

(On the 35 assists): “That was huge. I always say ‘trust the pass’ and my guys did. They trusted each other, and found the open man.”

(On their defensive intensity): “We had a couple slip ups…They made runs, all teams in this league can make a run, but I thought we really buckled down and got back into it and made some stops. For us, that’s what we have to hang our hat on.”

(On Toronto’s rebounding): “It was huge. Amir (Johnson) had 13 (rebounds), everybody came in and did an excellent job on the glass.”

(On the system for this season): “No disrespect to last year, but this is not a democracy, offensively. We want to make sure our offensive players, who are our closers, get the basketball.”


(On them being able to close out games): “We have to lock down on defense, (and) that’s what we did tonight…Every team will go on a run, (but) it matters how you react to it. We did (react) well. We executed, and we got some stops.”

(On his mindset in the 4th quarter): “Just finishing. Coach called my name. He said ‘Hey, go out there and do what you have to do to finish this game.’”

(On ball movement): “It’s definitely helpful for us, when everybody can touch the ball, (and) if you have an open shot, coach always says ‘Don’t hesitate, just shoot it.’’’