Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Raptors

Thoughts on Baron Davis: I thought he was big down the stretch. I thought he was big to start the game, really got us into our offence, got guys easy shots, easy buckets and that got us on a pretty good little roll offensively. In the second half, in the fourth quarter the last five or six minutes, he kind of took it up on himself to make some plays and get the lead back up to double digits. That’s what great players do.

Thoughts on Baron Davis leadership: That’s the one thing we talked about when we made the deal is the experience and his leadership. He’s a natural born leader. He’s going to get on guys, get guys where they need to be. He called a couple of huddles just to get guys straight on what we were doing on both ends of the floor and that’s invaluable. Those guys respect him big time. It didn’t take him long to really be able to interact with our guys. I thought from day one they knew he was going to be the starting point guard here and they knew he was going to be the leader. He’s kind of taken that role and I think he’s really enjoying it as much as he’s been playing with these younger guys. I think he’s enjoying the fact he’s kind of the older statesmen right now and he’s able to lend some of his expertise with those guys, and like I said, they listen.

You really set the table for the guys tonight: It’s fun. It gets them doing the things that you need as a team to win. That’s rebounding and manning that interior. The big guys, they played hard and set picks and the easiest shot in the game is a layup or a dunk. I know that they love to dunk and that’s what they do in practice a lot. If I can set the table for them it opens up a lot of things for our team.

Was the game a statement of what you can do once you get healthy again? Oh yeah, most definitely that’s what I am looking forward to, that and being able to mix it up. Just because I am limited due to injuries and just due to the way that I feel there are a lot of things that I can’t do out there that’s frustrating that I want to do. I just have to be patient with myself, use every game as an opportunity to get better and kind of re-discover parts of my game that I haven’t been able to dive into over the past couple of years. I am just learning, learning this offence, learning this team. I think my best is yet to come.

J.J. Hickson
You seem to be finding a comfort zone: I am just getting better that is the only thing that I can think of. I am never satisfied with the way I play, like tonight I am not satisfied with the way I played. I am going to get on the plane and review the game, see everything that I did wrong and go back to the lab and try and get another win.

How much does the video review and constant talking to the coaches help? It helps a lot because you never really see yourself play, so when you see how certain teams play and the way they rotate you have to take what they give you. Just continue to get better and learn the ins and outs of NBA basketball.

Thoughts on Baron Davis: I think Baron (Davis) has been one of the top guards in this league for a long time, for his whole career I think. He has some injuries and I think when he is 100 per cent he will be even better. He just seems to amaze me how he is playing now.

Thoughts on the game: They packed the paint on us and we didn’t make jump-shots. Baron Davis controlled the game from start to finish from the point guard spot. He made sure everyone got their touches and got (J.J.) Hickson the ball. Hickson was good, Davis was good, and they ate us up in the first half of the game. We tried trapping them and he made good plays getting it out and that’s what veteran point guards do.

Thoughts on the offence and defence: When you miss shots and the ball doesn’t move, guys are running back but they’re not as engaged as we want to be. If you score you get a chance to have your defence set up. We’re still pretty young as far as guys getting back and getting locked in. When we have our two starting forwards out and our best scorer off the bench out, it’s tough to manufacture points. Guys who have stepped up lately for us didn’t score the ball well for us and we’re not that hard to figure out. If you look at our roster and you don’t have Andrea (Bargnani), you take DeMar (DeRozan) out of it and they leaned all over him. They made it tough for him to get catches and made it tough for him to score. We just didn’t have enough guys score early in the game.

Thoughts on your offensive output tonight: I just do my best to play within the flow of the game. We had a lot of players out. I’m not saying that was my mentality at the start of the game but it just went that way. I was just being aggressive.

Thoughts on the play of Jerryd Bayless over the last four games: The way he played against (Derrick) Rose, Rose is Rose, he is the MVP, but he showed great signs of toughness and not backing down. That’s just the start of it. He’s been playing really solid, being aggressive and getting a couple of fouls but that’s a good thing that he’s being aggressive. I think he is doing a solid job just trying to run the team.

You’re getting more of an opportunity now and you also don’t have to worry about if you make a mistake there is someone right on your back: Yeah, that’s definitely what it is. The NBA is about opportunity so right now I am getting a great opportunity and I am just trying to take advantage of it.

How difficult is it to make sure you sustain the kind of effort and production in these remaining games? Well, honestly, I’m just trying to finish this season as strong as possible…I’m just trying to finish off the season positive and just play hard and have fun with it. We obviously aren’t going to the playoffs so we’ve just got to make the most of it. We have just got to try to win games and we can’t do what we did tonight.

Coach was talking about how these games are learning experiences as well. Is there anything that you are able to pick up from these games? Yeah, it’s our starts. I think it’s been kind of a repeating thing this year. Sometimes we just come out and we start slow and I think any team in the NBA is capable to beat any team so we put ourselves in a 25 point hole in the first half and it is tough to come back from that.