Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Raptors

(On the game tonight): "Every time I think we're taking a step forward, we take two steps back, especially on the defensive end. We just have to figure out a way, every single night, to have that type of effort that I know we're capable of. Like I told the guys, we're going to keep working. That's the bottom line."

(On why J.J. Hickson didn't play tonight): "He missed a mandatory practice."

(On how Toronto scored 62 points in the paint and shot 57% from the field): "That's a good question. A lot of it means, to me, that we're not ready to defend. When a guy catches the ball, now we're trying to get down into a defensive stance (and it's) too late. Our weak side defense, which we work on almost every day, are caught watching their man, instead of knowing exactly where the ball is on the weak side, so we can take away dribble penetration to the basket. We just didn't do a good job of guarding anybody on that floor…it has to be our staple and guys have to understand that. We have to take it personal. When you're one-on-one with a guy, it has to be personal. I don't think, at least watching the game, when those guys scored…it didn't hurt. It has to hurt. It has to be painful."

(On why other teams are shooting well from three-point range): "We're not doing a real good job of running guys off the line, but the biggest thing, we have what we call "C-fense" and containment is one of the biggest things in there. When you get beat off the first or second dribble, number one, it's very hard to have good help side defense there. It goes back to individuals being a little bit more aggressive defensively and taking more pride. That's all. We just have to take more pride in our individual defense and we have to do a better job. Simple as that. It's not rocket science…It's just guys being a little bit more aggressive, guys having more pride on the defensive end to make sure when my man has the ball, I'm going to guard him to the best of my ability…we knew from day one it was going to be a progress of steps that we have to take and every time I think we take a step to get better, we always take a step back. We have to get to a point for the rest of the season where the steps continue to be forward and not backwards."

(On Eyenga tonight): "I thought Christian was good. I thought he took the challenge defensively. We switched him out on Jose (Calderon) and I thought he did a pretty good job, but again, he's still young. He made a couple of mistakes. The more experience he gets, the more game time he gets, the better he's going to get. We saw flashes tonight. I'm very happy with Christian. He's come a long way and he's continued to get better. He works his butt off and he's going to be a good player."

(On their struggles defending the three-point shot): "I've been in the league for a while and to have so many teams shoot so well against you on the three-point line, I don't think I have experienced the way teams are shooting the three-ball against us. I don't know if teams playing us have a lot of confidence or what. (The coaches) preach to run guys off the line and in all honesty, it's common sense to know certain teams are really going to shoot it and certain teams are not. There have been instances with a couple of teams (where) we have been there and they just couldn't miss. It's hard when teams are knocking down as many three-pointers that the teams we are playing are knocking down. It seems like a stop here or a stop there makes a difference, and that's when a three-pointer or whatever really puts us behind. We have just got to do a better job of, like I said, communicating and listening to the schemes because I know the schemes are great schemes. We are just not doing a great job as far as executing them."

(On if they have to display a strong sense of pride to buckle down and stop their losing streak): "There has to be. That's one thing; a majority of these guys are used to success. These guys know that in this situation, we need everybody communicating and we need everybody contributing. It's not going to be two or three guys on the offensive end or a certain guy defensively that can do it. Coach preached during training camp that we have got to outwork teams night in and night out. Not only to not let teams outwork us, but we all have to be on one accord. We know the sense of urgency, guys are frustrated, but we need to be frustrated when teams score as easily as they do on us or when we have breakdowns and we are not in the correct positions. That's when we need to be upset, not because of missing shots on the offensive end. Offense is not the problem. It's just defensively you have to have that pride. You have to find it in yourself to not let your teammates down and just really go out there and make a difference. Right now, I don't think, as a team, everybody has that notion or has that as their top priority. We have got to find a way to have the guys out there playing on the court to have that priority that defensively we need to start playing better and realizing the reason we are in this situation is what we are doing on the defensive end."

(On the challenge of the upcoming west coast road trip): "Nobody is going to feel sorry for us. It's another challenge. We are playing teams who really like to push the ball, (run) a lot of pick and rolls. With the things that are really hurting us, we are about to play teams who really are good at what they do at that particular part of their game. It's another challenge. We have just got to buckle down and have, like I said, a sense of urgency, pride and just try to find a way to get things done. It doesn't have to be pretty, but we need to start finding a way to do a better job defensively and correcting the things that are really hurting us."

(On Raptors defense after first quarter): "We just got on our guys a little bit at the end of the first quarter. Thirty-eight points was way too many to give up in that quarter. Our contest rate was 19 percent, and it's got to be in the 40s, which it was in the second quarter. I think we just started getting after it a little bit more. They (Cavs) put all their firepower out there to start the game, guys who can shoot from the perimeter. They did early, and we were much better from the second quarter on."

(On what 19 percent contest rate means): "A little lethargic. I'm not sure if it's back-to-back (games), some of it is the personnel out there right now. Our bigs have to be up with guys like Jamison, who can shoot the ball if you get dragged away because of the point guard. Then, it's too long of a trip to get back to that shot. If our bigs are up, it shortens the distance back. They (bigs) were not up to start with and that put us in a hole. That quarter break, I didn't even write a play on the board. I just put, '38 points' and they responded. They got after it. They get 38 points in the first quarter, and 42 in the second half and that's a big difference."

(On Raptors bench): "Our whole bench was good. You can look at the guys on the bench and not find a guy who didn't play very well. Barbosa came in and scored, Ed (Davis), I'll take eight (points) and seven (rebounds). In his minutes, Julian Wright was outstanding. High energy and hustles, he doesn't quit on plays, he passes the ball, he rebounded the basketball, he gave us a very big lift so much so that we didn't go back to some of the starters because of it."

(On Jose Calderon): "It's different out there when you have a point guard running the show. Jose makes sure everybody is in the right place all the time. He's a passing point guard who can knock down shots. Not to take away from Jerryd (Bayless), he's more of a scorer, and Leandro (Barbosa), when he plays he's more of a scorer. You could see tonight, it was a world of difference with a point guard out there running the show."

(On Raptors three-point shooting tonight): "It makes a big difference when Jose and Andrea (Bargnani) are in the lineup. Now, all of a sudden, we have a lineup where our top three-point shooters are healthy and playing a little bit more."

(On his return from injury): "I couldn't play yesterday. I wasn't mad about it because it was sore. I wasn't ready. I was ready for this one. I really concentrated, and like I said before we came out, this is a fight. It doesn't matter how we play, this is a game we have to win. Everybody contributed. It was a bad first quarter, but after that, everybody gave us something."

(On his 17 assists): "They (Cavs) tried to go small, so when they went small, I just tried to look for the man (Bargnani). We didn't get the reading at the beginning, but like three or four times in a row, he scored every time. They couldn't stop it, so that's why I looked for him. Julian (Wright) was doing all the little things for us. LB (Barbosa ) was hitting threes and every time they came to me, I knew Andrea was open. Everybody was in the right spot; it was easier for me to get those assists."

(On team improving as game developed): "We were more aggressive, especially on the offense. As we were doing a great job on offense, the defense started working too. They started missing a couple shots. I think everybody was feeling great and everybody did a great job."

(On his role after first quarter): "I was just trying to talk more on defense and I think that's next step for us. When we talk, we hold ourselves accountable. We had to definitely help each other defensively. We were speaking our coverages out loud and talking. I think that intimidates the team in terms of letting them know that we know what we're doing out there."

(On his performance after the first quarter): "Sometimes it happens that you don't score in one quarter. You just have to keep playing your game. I wasn't worried, I just kept playing. Sooner or later the offense is going to come."

(On the win): "Today, everybody did something very important. Everybody did something huge in the game. It was a game that we really needed."