Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Pistons


(On the game tonight): "The "L" is really not important at this time. I think we did a lot of good things, especially on the defensive end. Offensively we got a little impatient in the fourth quarter, one pass and shot. When we got back to getting some ball movement, we got wide open shots. I thought we made some progress and we need to keep working."

(On emphasis of defense entering training camp): "I don't know if this is any indication but they (Detroit) shot 38 percent. (from the field both games) That is pretty good and we have definitely improved. This is something that we have talked about all preseason long and will continue to emphasize. I think where we are today compared to where we were last year (at this time), we are further along; that is a good sign."

(On Kyrie Irving's performance thus far): "I thought he did a really good job. As a young point guard in the fourth quarter he got a little impatient and took some questionable shots. It's another learning tool, another learning process. He got better from game one to game two and I think he will keep improving."

(On feeling comfortable with the team's progress): "I do. I feel pretty comfortable there are a lot of guys on both ends that know what they are supposed to do."


(On what he's learned through two preseason games): "The most important thing I've learned is to change my pace up. I have to be more decisive coming off of screen and rolls and looking for my teammates more. So what I did was I went over and looked at a lot of game film with the coaches and they did a great job of telling me what to improve on the offensive end."

(On how he lowered his turnovers tonight): "Slowing my pace down. When I played at Detroit there were a lot of jitters going in, my first preseason game. In this game I changed up my pace. I just slowed the game down like I did at Duke. I had to make quicker decisions, which will be one of my biggest transitions to the NBA."

(On the season opener ): "I'm really looking forward to it. It's the day after Christmas and I get to spend it with my teammates and my family. Out here on the court, Coach Scott's training camp doesn't end until the end of the season, so we're still practicing every single day, giving 100 percent effort and we're going to get ready as best we can for this game coming up Monday. I know my teammates are going to be ready and I'm going to be right along with them."


(On the team's progression): "I think we've learned a lot. We've made huge progress since day one of training camp. It was great for us because we're a young team and we're learning. The coaches gave us a lot of information for us to learn. Especially for me, a new guy on the team. I think we've made great progress, but still have things to work on."

(On the amount of turnovers tonight): "It's something we've worked on a lot in practice. We're trying to learn each other. New team, new guys learning to play together and share the ball. It's something we're working on."


(On tonight's game): "It's always good to get a win. The encouraging thing is we won a game shooting 37% ....We had a really good first seven minutes and then it kind of declined….Turnovers are deflating. Right around that 9:50 mark in the fourth quarter, we were down eight, we turned the ball over and they got a lay-up. We took a timeout (and I said) ‘we have to get back in the paint.' We start to get open shots, we start to put together three consecutive stops…Then we got a key turnover that led to Austin getting the two free throws, which he made."

(On Brandon Knight): "Brandon struggled to start the third quarter and I give him a lot of credit in that he stayed with it. He gave us a huge lift. It's not easy when you're struggling and you're able to move on and have what we call ‘instant amnesia.'"


(On getting the steal late from Hollins): "I was just trying to be aggressive. I don't think he was expecting me to try to take that from him. I was just trying to be aggressive and go after the ball."

(On the steal at the end of the game): "The main thing on that possession was to stay on our man, no switching. Coach said ‘We're going to get a five-second call right here.'…I just tried to tip it away without getting a foul."