Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Pacers

(On the game tonight): “The only way to sum up this game, two words, offensive rebounding. Simple as that.”

(On if this loss hurts more than most): “It hurts, period. When you lose games, its hurts, period. Especially when you give yourself an opportunity to win the game, it hurts that much more. We had an opportunity, but again if we would have taken care of business on the glass, I don’t think the game would have been this close. We did a lot of good things on both ends of the floor, but again, 16 offensive rebounds is way too many. We talked before this game started about how aggressive and how physical their bigs are, and we had to match that intensity from start to finish. We just didn’t do a very good job.”

(On the last offensive possession): “We had a layup; tried to get a quick one. I thought Ramon made the right play. He had a big coming to protect the basket, he threw it, but J.J. just lost the ball.”

(On if he wanted a timeout on the previous possession): “I told the guys in the timeout, ‘let’s push it.’ If we have something let’s take it, if not let’s bring it back out. Let’s spread the floor. Let’s run our high pick and roll and let’s see if we can get to the basket, or get a wide open look. That just didn’t work out the way we planned it. I thought AP thought he had an opening and went to the basket. I don’t know if he was fouled or not, but that’s not the play we wanted at that particular time. If we didn’t have anything, we really wanted to bring it back out and just try to run it down to the last second. (We wanted to) bring it in Sessions hands, bring J.J. up and keep the floor spread as much as possible.”

(On why he didn’t want a timeout): “I wanted to run it, I didn’t want them to set up.” (On the Cleveland Cavaliers Coming Out Energized in the Second Half): "We showed a little bit of the tape [during halftime], and talked about being much more aggressive and much more physical. I thought we allowed them to do that in the first quarter, and they were just kind of taking privileges. Then they were killing us on the glass. So we just challenged everybody to really do a much better job of being aggressive and being physical. I thought we came out that way, and we did a pretty good job."

(On Manny Harris): "He's been playing pretty good. He's still making a lot of mistakes, and he is still missing a lot of guys who are wide open on the perimeter, but he's a rookie. The one thing about Manny (Harris) is that he never stops playing. He just comes out there and plays as hard as he can, for as long as he's out there."

(On the close loss): “There’s no doubt that that one took a lot out of us. For me personally, it took a lot out of me. We felt like we came in and played well. They hit some big shots down the stretch. They played a great game, but we weren’t able to close it out. It was a tough loss.”

(On what they learn from pressure situations in close games): “It’s a learning experience, those kinds of games, for the young guys, including myself. Getting those minutes in crucial moments of the game; it’s big. Going into later on in the season and next season, those guys can say they experienced close games; not just being in the game when you’re up 20 or down 20. It’s definitely a learning process.”

(On if they are feeling pressure in the fourth quarter of close games because of their losing streak): “We are trying to win every game. It’s not because of the losing streak; we are not worrying about that. We are coming day in and day out trying to work hard and trying to get wins. There wasn’t any pressure. We just came out and played our game. They just hit some big shots down the stretch.”

(On the close loss): “We are disappointed. It’s frustrating to have those opportunities to win the game and come up short. Everybody looks at the last plays and what we could have done differently, but throughout the game rebounding was the key. We had a lot of possessions where we played good, solid defense and we made them take a tough shot, then they would get the rebound. You’re in a scramble situation and they are very good at finding open guys and capitalizing with the three-point shots.”

(On how they move forward after this tough loss): “We have got to get a win. In February, the schedule kind of turns in our favor to some degree; we have got a lot of home games and we have got to find a way to get it done.”

(On tonight’s game): “First of all, all of the credit to that team (Cavaliers). They played their hearts out. They are in a tough situation with everything, with LeBron, and with what they are going through. Byron Scott is one of the best coaches I have ever competed against. I just feel for those guys. They deserve to get back on the winning track. I am glad it was not tonight but a lot of credit to them. As for us, it was a huge win obviously. It came down to balance. We had six guys in double figures and a seventh guy, Josh McRoberts, who helps in so many ways that are not in the point’s column. It was a great team effort. We did it with poise down the stretch and offensive execution, which is an area of growth for us. It is an area that has failed us in games past and has prevented us from winning games like this. I am very proud of our guys.”

(On the team building off of this close win): “These guys are believing that everything is changing right now. We are changing our season around. We are changing our team around. They believe that we are on the way back. It means everything.”

(On the execution at the end of the fourth quarter): “It was just one of those games that we did not want to lose. We all felt like we had to come together collectively and win this game, especially on the road. Any NBA team can win and we knew what was at stake. They played hard and you have to give them credit.”

(On maintaining team poise throughout the game): “We have to take something positive from this game and we did keep our poise. We all understand that to win on the road we have to come (together) collectively and win big games and I think we showed that. For the most part they played hard. Being down on that team and knowing their streak is real hard at times but for the most part you want to take a win and build on that.”

(On hitting a big shot at the end of the game): “You just have to shoot it. Danny (Granger) made a good pass and I had the time to shoot it.”