Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Nuggets

(General comments about game): "It's pretty simple, too much Denver Nuggets and not enough Cavs. Mo went down and that just really ate us up for the rest of the night. The young guys, I thought, played hard. They really put out a great effort. I thought A.J [Antawn Jamison] put out a great effort too, playing against Utah and coming in here playing back-to-back. I think it finally got to him as much as he has been playing. The effort was great. Again, we played a team with too much fire power. As short-handed as we are now put us in a bad position."

(General comments about game): "We had some guys playing out of position. We are not out here complaining. We are going to play hard, but they were the better team tonight. (Tough to keep a fighting spirit) It's tough. Anytime you lose, what is it, 21 of last 24, but that is why we are professionals. You have to show up to work every day, continue to work hard and go out there and give it all you got. "

(Mo Williams injury): "I haven't talked to him. I don't know what the injury is. I know it has been bothering him for a while. Mo is a tough competitor, so I know something was up for him to sit out that game."

(General comments about game): "They had too many easy baskets in transition, we turned the ball over early. Offensively it wasn't too bad. We took a couple bad shots, but we have to do a better job as far as not letting them get so many easy opportunities. We talked about that before the game and unfortunately we couldn't get back in transition, really didn't clamp down and make them take tough shots and not get points in the paint as well. "

(Personal performance): "It was one of those games. You are going to have games where things go in and everything felt pretty good, but it just didn't go in. When things like that happen you just have to do other things to contribute to the team. A couple rebounds here and doing a better job defensively would have helped out, but you learn from your mistakes and improve next game."

(Win): "We took care of business, we kept a good attitude during the game, we didn't get bored during the game. We got a little sloppy at the beginning of the fourth but the second unit fought back and got in the right groove. Chauncey was pretty incredible. Arron was solid and Nene was a force in the paint. Al made four threes early in the game. I thought we had a sense of consciousness in the game. We stepped forward against a team that has been struggling; there is no doubt about that. They are having their troubles. "

(Nene): "He gets a lot of penny points and a lot of catches. He is very important to us. We need him to be a role guy that catches and finishes for us. I think he has been getting better at catching and finishing. I don't know how many three-point plays he had tonight, but he had a least two or three. It was a big night for him."

(General comments about game): "I think they are a little banged up coming in on a back-to-back. We just wanted to hop on them and take advantage of the situation. (Change in team) Guys are just playing together, moving the ball, defensively guys are active, just locked in and tuned into what is going on right now. This is what we are capable of doing. I am not saying win by 30 every night, but just playing well and playing together. We are capable of playing like that. "

(Banding together despite outside talk): "Yeah that is probably what we are doing. We really don't spend time talking about that; we spend time talking about how to win a game and if that is what happens in the mix of it whatever it is is looking good."

(Turn around): "The last three games we have done a good job of sharing the ball. Honestly, I think it stemmed from our defense. I think we have been more aggressive defensively getting out in the open court and just getting a nice little flow for us. "

(Consistent D): "I love the results. The way we are winning is how we want to win: score a lot of points, but still play good D. When we can get a good combination of those two on a consistent basis then we are really good. "

(Team scoring a lot of points): "There is a lot of opportunity when you play defense as a team. I mean, you can see guys getting lay-ups and the passing becomes contagious. Guys start making shots and from that point it is not so much a mental thing as far as the offensive scoring. It kind of is just going out there and playing; it is fun."