Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Nets


(On tonight's game): "Obviously not happy with the way the game went. It started from the beginning of the game. I didn't think we came out with the energy that we needed. In the last quarter, we played with tremendous energy…but we can't play that way. That's way too late. If we don't come out and play aggressively and with that type of energy from start to finish, we're going to keep having these up and down type games."

(On if he was "enthusiastic" with his halftime speech): "No. I was real enthusiastic about my end-of-game speech, but not halftime. I was a little bit more mellow. Just told them what we had to do. I don't think we came out with the right frame of mind, for whatever reason. I don't know if the guys think that we've arrived or can't stand prosperity. Whatever the case may be, we better understand that every night, we better come out ready to play because every team in this league can beat us if we don't."

(On what New Jersey did different from their first meeting): "Nothing really. I thought Deron was a little bit more aggressive. They played harder than we did for a longer period of time; bottom line. We got what we deserved."

(On if Kyrie took a step back defensively tonight): "I don't think so. I just think that you have a guy in Deron Williams that sees a rookie point guard and he's going to go at his throat. Deron Williams is a quiet assassin too. He's one of those point guards that is just going to come at you and if you don't accept the challenge, he's going to tear you up and he was good tonight."

(On if it was a learning experience): "(It was) a learning experience for all our guys…they played harder much longer than we did. We waited till seven minutes left in the game to start to pick it up and play hard and aggressive. It's too late. We can't play that way and expect to be successful."


(On the team's play in the last seven minutes of the game): "If we would of played with the same assertiveness that we played with in the last seven minutes of the game, it would have been a totally different turnout for us. We gave this one away."

(On his play tonight): "There was a lack of energy on the offensive end and I wasn't really asserting myself throughout the game. I felt like I was taking some plays off and not being as aggressive as I normally am. During the last seven minutes, I was just trying to be aggressive and create for my teammates. We've got to change and have to learn from it. We have a big game against Boston, at Boston on Sunday."

(On whether one good quarter can make up for three poor quarters in a game): "No, not at all. Especially against a New Jersey team that just beat Philadelphia It was a big game for them and they came in together. We were lacking a lot of energy. We came out flat and I think we just lost, honestly. It definitely showed us what we need to do going forward."

(On the team's lack of rhythm tonight): "It just goes back to the lack of energy on our end. We weren't getting stops in the first quarter and we were down for the rest of the game. Going forward, we have to limit their opportunities, especially when Deron Williams and other great players get going like that. You have to limit their touches and play more aggressively on the defensive end."


(On the win): "The guys played hard and came out with a lot of focus early in the game. I think we set the tone for this game in the first quarter. The first few minutes of the game we moved the ball, got stops, executed our game plan and made it tough on them…I'm really proud of our guys…Overall, I was really pleased with our (play) defensively."

(On Deron Williams): "He's got great energy, great focus...He's getting in sync with everybody again."

(On Anthony Morrow): "He had the big three (pointer) to stop the (Cavaliers) run in the fourth quarter. He really competed on the defensive end. He took his shot and he made his shot. Even though he was two for eight from three, that one (in the fourth quarter) was a big one for us."


(On being a presence in the paint): "I was just trying to go out there and take charges, block shots and be a physical presence down low…It's been my game since day one. Every time I'm on the court I'm going to play with energy, be physical on defense and rebound the basketball. That's something I try to bring every game I play."


(On the win): "We wanted a win streak badly and we got it tonight. It was a good team victory. Aside from the last couple minutes of the game, we played really good basketball. We defended them really well. We made things tough on them and got out to a really good start for the second game in a row."

(On being aggressive offensively): "My teammates have really encouraged me to be aggressive (on offense) and told me I need to score for us to be successful. I'm just trying to do that early (in the game). I got some good looks…Coach was calling some good plays."

(On the team improving): "We're playing better as a team. Now we're consistent. We were making a lot of mistakes, and it seemed like nothing was going right for us…My spirits are a lot better now and we're playing with a lot more energy."