Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Nets


(On the game tonight): “The second half was a lot better than the first half. I thought in the first half, our guys just didn’t seem like they had the energy. That’s the one thing we talked about at halftime. There was a lot of talk about winning this game, but just like I told them at halftime ‘talk don’t mean a whole lot if you don’t go out there and put forth the effort’. I thought in the second half, we did just that and got a good victory.”

(On the defensive effort): “I wasn’t real happy about our effort and the way we were playing. I thought they were outworking us. They were just playing harder than we were and it looked like we were just telling ourselves that we could just turn it on when we wanted to and we’re not anywhere near that point yet. We just have to keep working as hard as we can for 48 minutes. Lucky for us, we did it for 24 minutes (in the second half) and were able to kind of shut them down on the defensive end and get some easy shots.”

(On being a ‘three-point shooting team’): “I think we’re better (than last year). I’m still not convinced totally that we’re a three-point shooting team, but I think we have some guys that are capable of knocking down some three’s on a consistent basis, but when we do it in the flow of the game. When we just try to take it upon ourselves and do it, we’re not very good. When we just let the ball find the open guy like we did in the second half, we’re a pretty good three-point shooting team.”

(On the defensive effort in the second half): “That’s what we talked about at halftime. We just had to do a better job defensively. We had to be more aggressive, start to get after them. We had to come up with our own energy and some life out there and I didn’t think we had that in the first half. In the second half, we did a much better job.”


(On beating his hometown team): “It’s a great win for our team. We have another big game on Tuesday against Charlotte and I’m looking forward to that.”

(On Tristan’s activity level tonight): “He definitely brought a different energy. I think we came out pretty flat and we weren’t hitting the shots we normally hit. There were definitely some contested shots that we could have knocked down and we had a few defensive lapses that carried over to the second half. When Tristan came in, he brought a new energy, started running the floor, and blocked a few shots. It feels good to have another rookie contributing off the bench.”

(On his three-point shooting tonight): “It felt good to finally get my first NBA three. In the preseason I wasn’t knocking down anything for a while, so it feels good to be on the board in the three-point column.”


(On what Coach Scott told the team at halftime): “He just told us straight up, either we’re just going to go out there and play or we’re going to play to win the game. We came out with a changed attitude on the defensive end, which made our offense a lot easier because we were able to get out and run.”

(On his defensive play this season): “I’m definitely in tune with Coach Scott’s philosophy on defense. He just reminded me that every time I come in, there’s never a guarantee how many minutes I’ll play and that I need to just dog whoever I’m playing against. So I just try to make it a miserable night for whoever is in front of me. I’m going to try to do that all season long.”


(On defending the 3-point line): “In the second half, they got hot from the three point line. They shot 60% from three. They had some guys really struggling from the three point line coming into this game, and they caught fire...We didn’t do a good job of running them off the line.”

(On layups): “(We) didn’t do a good job in the second half on finishing our layups. We were thirteen for thirty on lay-up shots in the paint.”

(On the rotation): “You have to try and give it a chance, and like I told you, we are continuing to evaluate our starting lineup. We know, moving forward, it’s going to be difficult to continue starting both of our point guards.”


(On the second half of the game): “We had a tough second half…We were a little late on our defensive rotation, we gave them easy fast break points, and hopefully we learn from it…They (Cleveland) came in with a lot of energy (in the second half).”

(On the upcoming game): “The (Pacers) are playing good basketball. They’re a great team, and hopefully we can get a W in front of our crowd.”


(On team chemistry): “We haven’t had many practices together, so we’re still trying to figure each other out. We did a great job in the first half, so we just have to continue to build. We are still (learning) when to shoot, when to drive, and trying to figure things out.”

(On his learning curve): “I’m pretty much still a rookie, and didn’t get to play (much) last year because I broke my foot, but I’m (still) trying to figure things out. Coach believes in me, and the things I can do.”