Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Lakers

On the loss tonight:
“I hope the guys in there feel like I do. I thought that was embarrassing…guys look scared, looked flat out scared. You’re playing against the world champions. Instead of just competing and playing hard as you can, you guys look scared, you look scared to death. That was my take on it. As simple as that.”

On if he was surprised his team lost like they did:
“A little surprised. Like I said we’ve been pretty much competing and playing hard. We’ve just been competing and like I said, as simple as that we just looked like we were scared.”

On what he could say to his team after this loss:
“I pretty much said it at halftime, ‘you look scared.’ You know, and if you’re not going to come out and compete, this is going to be a lot worse than it is at halftime which it ended up being.”

On if he anticipated a tough game because of mismatch problems the Lakers posed:
“Oh yeah, no doubt about it. Again, you’re playing against the best team in basketball, they’re the world champions. So yeah we knew it wasn’t going to be easy. But to come out and just not compete? There’s no excuse for that.”

On the loss and how to move forward:
“It’s tough. You know it’s always tough to lose the way we lost. Just get back in the lab, watch film, go and over our coverages. That’s why you play 82 games. We’ll try to bounce back and get a ‘W’.”

On the team psyche:
I think everyone’s really upset about this loss but at the end of the day it’s only one loss whether you lose by one or how we lost.”

“They’re the back to back champions as soon as we saw the ‘Lakers’ on their jerseys, man, I don’t know, but it’s definitely, by far one of the most embarrassing moments that I’ve been a part of as far as the game of basketball.”

On if this is rock bottom:
“It can’t get any worse than this. I don’t know how much of this I can take but this by far is rock bottom.”

On what it’s going to take to bounce back:
“We have to do some soul searching quick because no matter who we play right now they feel like they can beat us. If we don’t have a sense of pride and just play for yourself or something. [If we don’t] this might be one of the worst teams to go through a season. The frustrating part about it is I know what we got in us. I don’t know, but something has to change.”

On tonight’s game:
“I don’t know what to say about a game like that. Sadly, our size was a dominate factor in that ball game, both defensively and offensively. And we had an opportunity to do what we like to do on a back to back, and that’s a game where players play short minutes and we have an opportunity to win and move on to the next contest.”

On breaking the franchise record for opponent low points tonight:
“I think that’s maybe 10,000 games that the Lakers have had our something, so it says something. It’s a decimated team, obviously the Cavs are playing with a lot of their regulars out, so they were hurting a little bit tonight. But, they stayed with it and they tried to play, and gave an effort and we were there to meet it.”

On the team’s focus:
“They’ve been pretty focused lately. You can really see it in their step - their defensive stance, when they’re attacking the ball, and being aggressive defensively.”

On staying focused in the game with such a big lead:
“We set a goal, we set a goal at half time. We like to have goals at least that try to be attainable. We didn’t want to run and gun. We wanted to play, use our offense, and execute without trying to do things at a high tempo. We also had a defensive goal, we wanted to try and limit them to as few points as possible.”

On if a game like this hurts or helps the team:
“I don’t know how it could hurt [the team]. We played well, we got better…and that’s what you need, that’s what we look for.”

On if he feels for Byron Scott:
“Absolutely. Absolutely. It’s a tough situation to be in. He’s like an older brother to me, so it’s always tough to see him go through something like that. “

On the 3rd largest margin of victory:
“You don’t ever imagine something like that. You just go out there and do your job and we did it for 48 minutes tonight.”

On what the challenge is tomorrow against the Golden State Warriors:
“Just rely on our principles, keep doing the same thing…supply help for everybody and see where it takes us.”

On the difference in tonight’s game in comparison to other games:
“I think with the practices that we have been having, they’re a little bit more intense so we’re a lot more in sync…offensively, has something to do with it…”

On playing the depleted Cavs:
“They are going through rough times. They have a lot of injuries, but it is what it is. Sometimes, it happens. It’s unfortunate. Fortune is not on their side right now as far as staying healthy.”

On holding the Cavs to 57 points:
“They didn’t shoot the ball well. We sustained our effort on the defensive end pretty well throughout the game so that’s probably why they only scored 57.”

On the Cavs playing so short-handed:
“You can’t really worry about who’s playing…It’s our job to beat our opponent and it’s our job to even beat them playing badly. So we are just trying to continue to get better and better, and work on our defense and try to get it down pat.”