Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Knicks


On tonight's game: "We gave up 71 points in the second half. I think you have to give them (New York Knicks) all the credit in the world. They came out more aggressive and we melted."

More on tonight's game: "I saw a team over there in the white uniforms that were a lot more aggressive and a lot more physical. We had two turnovers at halftime, 16 in the second half. We didn't do a good job taking care of the ball and we didn't do a good job of attacking. If they're going to be aggressive like that, we need to be aggressive back and I don't think we were."

On team's errors: "I think most of that was all physical. Anytime a team takes liberties, the way they were guarding and banging and grabbing, you have to do your best to get them off of you as well. You can't succumb to it and I thought we did that. The whole second half, 24 minutes, we played on our heels."


On the first half: "We had the upper hand and they came out in the second half with higher energy than us and we couldn't sustain them with the same energy that we had in the first half. They did a great job in the second half."

On Steve Novak's performance: "It's definitely demoralizing. You try to make a comeback and they make big three's. The crowd is into it and it is definitely hard to make a comeback."

On the team's performance: "I was making passes to my teammates, we just weren't finishing. That happens every once in a while. I try to do it as much as possible, but when we're not making shots I take it upon myself to initiate as much offense as I can, try to make plays and we just weren't finishing."


On tonight's game: "We didn't match the energy. We never matched. We did a great job in the first half but you can't give them 33 and 38 points in the third and fourth quarter. Offensively, we did a good job in the first half and in the second half we missed shots would normally would make but you still can't let that carry over defensively."

On Kyrie Irving: "You have to be surprised because he is 19 years old. He is the face of the franchise. For him to come and play at a high level and be successful you have to be surprised by that because a lot of veterans can't handle the situation. For him to be humble…he wants to be great."


On tonight's game: "We haven't had that many practices. Things can be coercive. We just did a good job of sharing the ball, trying to stay wide, keep our spacing. When we did do that, good things did happen. It just makes the game really easy."

On the bench: "We hope that is the normal case scenario if that is possible and to be honest the last couple of days in practice that group has kicked our first group's butt. They have been playing that way. Guys have to understand their roles…some nights they have it. They are going to have to embrace the team concept and cheer for the guys that are out there. No excuses. You have to come in ready to go. They have to have the mindset that when they come in, it is full out, 100% ready to go."

On the first half: "I think it was a matter of rust…we just talked about the spirit and effort we needed in the second half. (Steve) Novak and that second group came in…and he was just ridiculous."


On tonight's game: "It was definitely feeling good tonight. In the first half we came out kind of flat. In the second half we all went out warmed up, we knew that we had to get it in, and we knew that if defensively we got it going, our offense would happen and that's what happened."

On Baron Davis: "You can see he's getting better. He's only been playing a couple games so I think he is only going to get better and better but the way Tyson (Chandler) and Amar'e (Stoudemire) are rolling down the middle drawing the middle drawing the defense, it makes Baron's job easy, it makes my job easy. So that's a big part of it staying open, staying spread and making the defense choose whether they are going to take away the middle or the perimeter."


On his comeback: "Those two practices really helped me as far as getting me more accumulated with the guys. Same with J.R (Smith). To go out and play without any practice with the guys makes it really difficult. These last two practices have allowed me to get some kind of rhythm."

On the second half: "Just energy. Our starters got us on a run and what we always talk about on the bench is just upping the ante. (Steve) Novak got hot. J.R. (Smith) got steals which translated to buckets. That got us the lead."


On the second half: "We came out from the beginning of the second half, buckled down on defense and came out in transition."

On the bench: "We are a very deep team. I think we are doing a great job of utilizing all of our assets out there."

More on the bench: "It was fun. To see Baron (Davis) making his way back and start to get his confidence back. J.R. (Smith) and (Iman) Shumpert on the wings…they are having a lot of fun. (Steve) Novak…when he is shooting the ball…it is fun to watch."

More on the bench: "Right now we are a very deep team. Our bench will be a big part of our success. They are taking that challenge."

On tonight's win: "It was big. It is big to control and take care of home court. We have a couple of days of practice, fine tune some things."


On the second half: "We just talked about how we had to come out and play hard. We came from the All-Star break, and a lot of times, you can come out rusty. We had to come back on defense and we were able to do that. Our defense turned into transition shots."

On tonight's game: "These games are important. You have to win as many games as possible especially at home."

On the bench: "It was terrific. It shows what this team can be made of. We fed off their energy."

On Baron Davis: "He is getting better and better game by game. He is starting to move…getting to the hole, getting more comfortable finishing. The better he gets, the better the team will be."

On Steve Novak: "Every time he hits the three we enjoy it. He has been on fire."


On the second half: "I think our second unit did an awesome job. Baron (Davis) and (Steve) Novak. We've been talking a lot about that and tonight we were definitely able to see the depth we have can be a strength of ours."

On rebounding from Miami game: "Coming back from the Miami game, the only thing I was focused on was making sure my approach was the same in terms of aggressiveness, but to a better job taking care of the ball."

On his play in the second half this season: "I'm not going to argue with the numbers, but I guess maybe I'm more comfortable in the second half. Sometimes the break I have in the second half is shorter, sometimes I don't get a break in the second half – that might have something to do with it. In the fourth quarter, I try to be very aggressive."

On playing 33 minutes tonight: "I think that 33 minutes is good. It just depends on the game. It might be less than 33 minutes. I don't know. It just depends on how the game is. If I'm feeling great, some days it might be 40-45 minutes, especially if we don't have a game the next day. If Baron's (Davis) clicking and the second unit is going like they did today, it might be 25-30. So, it doesn't matter too much today, but I understand that our team is so deep that we need to utilize that and let our second unit go to work."