Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Knicks

(On tonight's game): "It is always so hard to win with this team because we are so young and we have so many missing pieces, but it makes it extremely hard to win when you have 23 turnovers. The other night it was offensive rebounds, tonight it was turnovers, it is always something. Tonight we were very careless with the basketball. We did a much better job in the second quarter, which got us back into the game but in the second half 14 turnovers is way too many because it gives them the chance to get in the open floor and get easy baskets. That was the biggest reason we lost the game."

(More on tonight's game): "We did some pretty decent things on the defensive end, but on offensive end we were just too careless with the basketball. At times our guys got too anxious and our spacing was not as good as it should have been. We shot over 50% for the game and they shot 48% and if you give a team 22 or 23 extra possessions, it is going to be hard to win."

(On the Knicks' defense): "You have to give them some credit because they picked up their pressure. Their guards did a really good job of getting into our guards, (Jared) Jeffries and (Amar'e) Stoudemire did a good job on the pick-and-roll and just really being aggressive and getting into us. You have to give them some credit, we were not just throwing the ball around, but they affected it."

(On the Cavaliers' season): "Not in my wildest dreams did I think we would have had this type of season. The injuries we had, or the turnover, as far as personnel goes, but you know like I said, I see a lot of improvement in our young guys and I know this team is going to be much, much better next year. With the health of Antawn (Jamison), Andy (Anderson Varejao) and Semih (Erden) the future is still bright."

(On tonight's game): "We got off to a slow start. We clawed our way back into the game which was a positive. We were down going into the fourth quarter by five or six and at that point we couldn't get the ball in the basket. A couple turnovers and when you are battling back from 22 down it takes a lot of your energy so execution is a huge part of it. The turnovers killed us."

(On Knicks defense): "They were scrappy tonight. They were a little bit more scrappier than they have been and they created turnovers but I think a lot of our turnovers came from the fact that we allowed them to speed us up. They changed the pace of the game. Once again, in the NBA the game is about runs and who can sustain the pace. We had them where we needed them and they started to speed us up and create turnovers, and then on the other end they hit big shots and kept that lead at double digits. Anytime you're trying to battle back again in the fourth quarter you need a lot of things to go right and you got to have the ball bouncing your way and I don't think that happened for us. "

(On clinching a playoff spot): "That was the first goal. It would be nice to have home court advantage…but we didn't do that. Other than that, this is as good as we can do up to this point now we have to keep getting better defensively, rebounding, all the little stuff which I thought in the fourth quarter we were better. Good stuff…we just have to keep getting better."

(On limiting the minutes of the players for the rest of the regular season): "We would like to keep getting better. You can't get better unless you play together so they have to play together. We will figure out about how many minutes we will cut it down. We will figure it out but we are going to play, try to win the rest of the games and move on."

(On Chauncey Billups): "Chauncey played well…shot the ball well. He had a terrific game…no doubt about it. Our defense was super. We turned them over 22 times…that is huge for us."

(More on Chauncey Billups): "That is a big key…no doubt about it. There are different keys but with him being aggressive he is a threat to get to the foul line or score and we need that. Hopefully he will stay aggressive like that. If he can keep his rhythm and stay aggressive that would be great."

(On clinching a playoff spot): "It feels great…that was the goal we set at the start of the season. The plan was to make the playoffs. We did a great job…that mission is accomplished and now it is on to the next one."

(More on clinching a playoff spot): "The one quality I wanted to bring was leadership and to help us, as a team, was to become a better and now to start affiliate ourselves with winning basketball. I think we did a great job of learning on the fly and accomplish our goal of making the playoffs."

(On Mike D'Antoni's praise to him): "I think he was very appreciative that I was strong enough to come here in a situation that wasn't looking great. Secondly, I took it as a challenge upon myself and as a team to speak so boldly at the start of the year about the Knicks are back. Now we are in a position to be in the playoffs which was the goal which we talked about with Mr. Dolan and the staff. Then we made a trade to bring in some great players and now we are in a position to do something special in the playoffs."

(On the team's chemistry): "I think it is a matter of all of us gelling and create some momentum out there. We are all focused on winning. If we keep playing hard and keep defending we are going to do good things."

(More on clinching a playoff spot): "This is exactly where I expected to be…here in the playoffs. This was the goal, this was the plan. The plan has come into full motion and now it is time to take the momentum into the playoffs."

(On making the playoffs): "Since being here, I know that it's been a while since this team has been in the post season. For me, it's kind of regular, but I am excited to be on a team that kind of put New York back in the post season and playing for something. I'm excited for us to continue to get better these last five or six games, whatever it might be and try to go into the playoffs with some momentum."

(On tonight's game): "We knew that this was a game that we needed to get. This team [the Cavaliers] has dominated us the whole season. That team is playing a lot better than their records looks like and this is probably the one team [the Knicks] that can say they can come in here and probably think they can beat…because of the three times that they beat us before. We knew that this was a big game for us to come out and we were trying to get into the playoffs…knowing that team has been successful against us just added fuel to the fire."

(More on playing in the playoffs): "The playoffs are all about quarter by quarter. It's kind of like four games within a game…win every quarter. That's always been my thinking in the playoffs. I will be sharing some of those stories and experience with some of the guys who have not been in the playoffs in a while, but we still have some getting better to do. We have some other games here coming up and we are looking to just get better."

(On making the playoffs): "I think everybody should be excited that Knicks basketball is back. Every year, this is something that we should be looking forward to…making the playoffs. Most of the credit goes to the guys who were here at the beginning of the season who laid the foundation and the groundwork for us to be in this position right now. I have never experienced that [not making the playoffs]. I have been blessed to be in the post season every year since I have been in the NBA so I can only imagine how it feels around here not making it to the playoffs…not having the New York Knicks in post season."

(On playing in the playoffs): "The intensity level is much higher. The energy level is much higher. The focus level has to go up. You have to bring it every night. Every play counts. Every possession counts. That is something that I have learned over the years by being in the post season."

(On the team's play): "I think that we are building on our confidence right now. I think we are starting to play better with one another. Some things we are starting to click out there offensively. Defensively, we are starting to click a little bit better. We are only going to get better at that."

(On tonight's game): "The game is fun now. Winning always makes it fun. At the same time, I have been telling guys since I got here that we need to start putting fun back into the game and that's what we have been doing over these past couple of games. We got off to a good start. We knew how good we were playing at the beginning of the game. They made a run just like any other team makes a run but we stuck with it, kept our composure, stayed relaxed out there and pulled it out at the end."

(On a potential playoff matchup with Boston or Miami): "At this point, it doesn't really matter. It's not going to be easy. Regardless of who we play…I'm not too concerned with who we match up with."

(On making the playoffs): "I'm blessed and fortunate to be here still. My goal when I came in here my rookie year was to make the playoffs and we did that already. Now that we are in, we have to make another go and take one game at a time, just like we have been doing the past three games…anything can happen from there."