Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Knicks

On tonight’s game: “I don’t think our guys let the bright lights get to them tonight, and the second part is the fact that we were down 12 points with five or six minutes left in the game and our guys never quit – we just kept fighting. We got real tight on the defensive end. Offensively we did a great job with running our offense…setting screens and running our pick and rolls and guys were making shots. It says a lot about our team’s character that we were down, we weren’t playing our best, and we were playing against a team that has been playing pretty well and we just kept fighting until we got the victory.”

On Baron Davis: “I didn’t know he (Baron Davis) was a Knick killer. We’ve been saying for the past week since we made the deal that we made the deal out of making that trade and Baron (Davis) obviously tonight was big for us, hit the big three, did some real big things, directing the offense, still learning a lot but did some big things and our young guys are getting better.”

On the team’s young players: “Our younger guys are starting to understand what it takes to be professional athletes in this league. They come every night with that attitude. Samardo Samuels, Alonzo (Gee), Christian (Eyenga) and those guys are learning and getting better. From day one to now they’ve gotten so much better. We just want to keep working with those guys and the other guys on our team. We keep talking about getting better as a basketball team. We feel our future is bright with our young guys and the draft coming up and the picks that we have, we’re excited about it.”

On Samardo Samuels: “Samardo (Samuels) came up big on the defensive end, taking the charges with Amar’e (Stoudemire) to start the third quarter and then the two on Carmelo (Anthony) were big time plays and those were all the little things that we talked about before the game…trying to get better in all the little areas of our game.”

On Luke Harangody:“Luke (Harangody) coming in…I didn’t except him to play. I had him penciled out until Sunday, but he was very adamant that he was ready to play and obviously came off the bench and gave us 18 big time points and the two free throws toward the end so I’m just proud of the way the guys played.”

On the Carmelo Anthony charge at the end of the game: “I was watching the play the whole time. I was guarding Jared Jefferies so it kind of allowed me to roam around and help. I saw him (Carmelo Anthony) fumble the ball a little bit so I know that messed him up, so he had to do something real quick. His whole mind state was to get to the rim and it was a perfect opportunity to pull over and take the charge at that point.”

On the win tonight: “The victory is very sweet because there is a sense of a miniature rivalry brewing here and we just wanted to come on this road trip and take care of business. We just want to improve, we know that our record doesn’t speak to where we are as a team and we want to continue to come out and play hard and put ourselves in a situation where we have a strong foundation to build on.”

On the 4th quarter: “We did not get into the big shots. They (the Cavaliers) hit them. We had some shots but we didn’t make them. It’s a simple game but we did not get into them enough.”

On Baron Davis: “Baron (Davis) is good. We struggled to stop him. He is going to do what he does. He got 18 points. He can make big shots. We should have put them away earlier. We didn’t rebound. We gave away a 12 point lead. They get the ball when they want to. They make a good play. Jared (Jeffries) thought he could guard Baron Davis and keep him out of the pick and roll…did not work totally this time because Baron Davis is really good at it. You might see that more often.”

More on the end of the game: “A lot of times when you don’t close games out, you are at the mercy of other players, referees or bad luck. We did not have the consistency and tenacity at the end. We did not have big stops at the end to win the game.”

On Carmelo Anthony: “In the last quarter of the past 10 years, I think he is number one in percentage of making shots…that’s good. Amar’e (Stoudemire) having the ball in his hands is good. That’s not going to be a problem.”

On tonight’s game: “Every time we got up big they came up with some energy plays and once they got their momentum going, they are a very young team and you let them hang around, they can get hot and that’s what they did.”

More on tonight’s game: “I think we didn’t come with the proper energy we needed. We didn’t quite accept the challenge of beating these guys. The motto is to beat the teams we are supposed to beat. Tonight was a big game for us but we let that slip away.”

On the loss: “They are all disappointing. They all weigh even on the scale. Right now we are still trying to figure out our defensive strategies. We are still not sure about a couple of plays on how to execute defensively…we are still trying to figure it out but we can’t let teams have more energy than we have.”

On the defense: “We are not thinking about offense. We scored 115 points. That is the easy part. We know we don’t have problems scoring the basketball. We are just trying to figure out what we are going to do on the defensive end.”

On Baron Davis: “He was Baron. Even when he was with the Clippers he started playing well. He had those guys going. He hit that big, big three late in the fourth quarter. That was it…we were fighting from there.”

On tonight’s game: “It is a tough loss. I really don’t want to say it is embarrassing but it is a tough loss knowing we went out there in Cleveland and lost a game to them. Knowing how important it is to take care of home court. Losing tonight is a tough one.”