Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Kings

On his impression of the win - “It’s amazing what happens when you compete. I told the guys before the game that, I know that I have been very critical of us the last couple of games. I just pretty much told them the three things I expect each and every night and the things they should do each and every night, no matter what our record is, no matter what the situation is. I thought we did that tonight for the first time in the last three games or so. We turned the ball over early and got into some trouble with that, but as far as playing hard and competing the whole game, we did that.”

On controlling the paint - “We talked taking care of the paint this morning and then at halftime we discussed it again because I didn’t think we were doing a very good job. But I think some of it was caused by turnovers. In the second half, we were just much more solid defensively and much more solid with the ball instead of being careless. We came out the second half and went right at them early. Got them in a little foul trouble, got to the paint and we got to the basket. We kind of turned the tables.”

On his team meeting his call to compete harder - “Very proud. We battled. We competed. We played hard. We are probably going to be oversized most nights. The only way we can negate that size is by playing hard, being ready and getting into the right positions.”

On switching in and out with Samardo Samuels and Luke Harangody - “I just wanted to spread the floor a little bit more and I wanted to put (DeMarcus) Cousins in as many pick and rolls as possible as long as he was on the floor. If we have J.J. (Hickson) and Samardo there, (Samuel) Dalembert and those guys can plug the paint up a bit more.”

On the physicality down low - “I don’t think the Kings were more physical, because Cousins is a bigger dude. Bigger than both me and J.J.. and Dalembert with his height, we were not going to out physical them. So we tried to outsmart them. Today, I didn’t have the best game on the glass as far as rebounding. I spent more time trying to box them out keep them off the glass instead of getting the rebound.”

Tonight’s game… “I feel like we let that one get away. We should have won that game. We went 23 for 51 in the paint. You have to finish the shots in the paint and we shot 38 percent for the game, but allowed them to shoot 51 percent. Whatever good things we did we couldn’t overcome that, plus the advantage of 30 attempts to 13 at the free throw line (in favor of the Cavaliers). We got to find a way to get to the line and we got to find a way to keep the other team from shooting so many free throws. I think it pretty much boils down to that. I don’t think the game came down to the wire. I don’t think it should have come down to the wire but then when it did things did not go our way. We may have missed, two guys go for the rebound and we don’t come up with it some kind of way. They end up scoring. That kind of stuff, if you let the game come down to the wire, that kind of thing can happen. They made some plays we missed some layups. It shouldn’t have come down to that.”

Change in the game… “I thought when we went to the bench we didn’t really come in with the same intensity and focus that the starters had and they made a nice run. I’m not saying that it’s all those guys, but in general we had some plays. We had some advantages on the break. We had some loose balls. We had some opportunities that we didn’t cash in on and let them hang around. I thought that was a time where we could have made a move and instead let them make the move.”

Player’s mood after the game… “I spoke to them and then came in here to talk to you. So I haven’t interviewed every player. I can’t really tell you. We feel like we let one get away.”

Last possession of the game… “We cleared the right side for DeMarcus (Cousins). He drove to the basket, got there, and the ball didn’t go in.”

On what happened at the end of the game - “They executed on offense and we didn’t execute on defense. When it comes down to the end of the game, we have to get better. We need to execute and come out with the win.”

At the beginning of game - “Shots were going down and then we gave them life. Toward the end of the first half, we gave them life. With that type of team we have to take the life away from the start.”

On what happened in the second half - “They came out more aggressive then we did. They came out and one time took the lead, so we were playing catch up.”

On losing the lead - “Yeah, it shouldn’t even have got to that point. I don’t know how the rest of the team feels, but I don’t take losing lightly. I take it upon myself to do things better, to better myself, and to better the team down the stretch.”

“To see that we played so well against Golden State and then to lose like this hurt. It hurts, but it’s the NBA. We have to put it behind us and get ready for Friday. We have a good Philly team coming in.”

“Even though they have a losing record, they have beaten key teams, just like we have beaten key teams. They are a good team. We can’t let the record tell how well they play or how hard they play. They beat big teams, just like we did.”

On playing with intense defense in the first half - “We probably relaxed a little bit on defense and they executed better on offense. It could go both ways.”

On losing the lead - “A lot of things played into them taking the lead. I am not going to sit here and blame this team. A lot of things had to do with it. We have to play through it and keep playing.”