Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Heat


(On tonight’s game): “Very simple. We just looked like we were scared to death, plain and simple. I thought they came out with great energy and great effort. We didn’t match it whatsoever, on both ends of the floor, some of the things that we’ve been talking about and some of the things that we’ve been doing. It just seemed like the lights were just too bright for a lot of guys. Simple as that.”

(On if he was surprised by the lack of energy and effort): “I’m surprised we didn’t come with a better effort. I’m surprised we didn’t come and take the fight to them. Just like I told them after the game, it’s one game. It’s over with. We had a goal for this home stand and we still have an opportunity to obtain that goal with these next three games. I’m not telling them to forget about this game just like that and just discard it because it’s tough to accept the fact that we just didn’t come out ready to play.”

(On not being aggressive): “We weren’t aggressive from the start and that’s what we talked about doing and being. Being an aggressive, physical team and go right at them. Don’t back down. I thought from the start we didn’t look like that team.”

(On having slow starts this season): “I think most of the time it’s because we just didn’t come out ready to play. That’s the only thing I can really attribute it to. We had some of those games where we got down in the first quarter and we were able to come back and win a few. We were able to get it close and lose some games at the end. Being able to do that, it just gives you that understanding that we can come back and make this thing close or maybe you just have the fact that you think you’re just good enough to get behind and then turn the light switch back on. I don’t think we’re anywhere near that. That’s why we always rely on coming out with the intensity and energy for 48 minutes and when we do that, we’re a pretty good basketball team.”


(On the team’s slow start tonight): “We just didn’t give any resistance. We started the game off really slow and they’ve been one of the leading teams in the NBA in fast break points. They showed it in the first and second quarter. It was hard to get back. They just have a great team and it’s tough.”

(On the difference between tonight’s game and their first two meetings): “I have no idea. We just started off really slow. When you don’t give that much resistance in a game like this, it’s tough. In Miami we started off really well and we had a competitiveness, but tonight they hit first and we just couldn’t recoup.”

(On making sure this game doesn’t linger to Sunday’s game): “It’s on to the next one. That’s the attitude that everyone has. We’re going to review film tomorrow and go over it and then we’ll go from there. We can learn a lot of things from this game. We do want to be above .500 on this home stand. We still have the opportunity to do that and I’m just looking forward.”


(On the difference between tonight’s game and their first two meetings): “I think the biggest thing was that we knew we had to limit them in transition and they got it going early. We couldn’t get the ball to go in for us offensively. I think a little bit of that transitioned to us getting back and actually executing on the defensive end.”

(On going down by a large margin early): “Defensively, we had no communication. We didn’t get back and they took advantage of that. We could have done a better job as far as moving the ball and putting them on their heels. They did a great job defensively; limiting us to one shot and took advantage of their numbers on the break.”

(On making sure this game doesn’t linger to Sunday’s game): “The most important thing for us is to remember that we have three more games before the all-star break and if we come out and do what we did the other night (against Indiana), we’ll put ourselves in a position to win. We have to take it one game at a time. We have to watch as much film on this game as possible, learn from our mistakes, make sure it doesn’t happen again, and show the type of character that we have as far as bouncing back from a tough loss.”


(On the win): “It was a good end to this road trip and our guys were really looking at this nine-day, six-game road trip as an opportunity for us to take another step forward as a team…We accomplished one thing that we wanted to and that was to take a legitimate step forward as a team and improve.”

(On Anderson Varejao being out): “They missed him quite a bit; not only (Anderson) Varejao, but (Daniel) Gibson and (Anthony) Parker. That changes their team. Varejao does so many of the little things, similar to our Udonis Haslem. He hurt us last game with his effort and offensive rebounding.”

(On Cleveland’s future): “They have a very bright future here in Cleveland. I said this before the game, they have quietly done a terrific job of building this team with young talent but also (with) some veteran stability. They have a lot to look forward to and that future could be now.”


(On playing vs. Cleveland): “It’s special coming back here. I know these fans, they know me. They know how competitive I am. I just try to go out there and lead my team to victory every night. I try to do what I can offensively and defensively. It’s definitely special every time I come back here.”

(On how the HEAT are playing lately): “It’s hard to say. We did have a stretch last year, I think it was December (2010) through January (2011), where we won 22 out of 23 or something like that. (However), I think the way we have won the last five games is very impressive. “

(On his play in the third quarter): “I definitely tried to make a statement (in) the game and I definitely did that in the third quarter. My teammates kept finding me and I kept knocking down shots. It makes me feel good.”


(On the crowd): “They were ready! They were ready. It was good. We love fans and what they bring to the game. At the end of a long road trip, I think it was good that we ended here because we knew there was going to be a lot of energy in (the arena). If we did anything wrong, they were going to be on us so they made us sharp and kept us sharp.”