Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Heat

(On the game tonight): “Good win. Again we have been talking about this all year long and we talked about it the last five or six games. Defensively, our guys are starting to understand what we need to do. Even our turnovers didn’t cost us as bad as they could have. Again, (against) a team like that that is high-powered offensively, and can get up and down the floor; we only gave up 11 fast break points all night long and we were pretty solid on the defensive end.”

(On the play of Ryan Hollins): “I think we started it off right away. We talked about it all season long, not allowing teams to get into the paint and get easy layups, making our presence felt; and I thought he started that off right away and that pretty much set the tone for us defensively. He was a presence out there tonight. Three blocked shots and he did a good job of blocking people off the glass. Our guys did a good job of coming in and cleaning it up. He really played well tonight for us. We always felt that he was capable of this it was just a matter of him going out there and doing it. Tonight I thought he did a real good job of keeping his composure, keeping his head and doing the things we have been talking about. He was a presence down there in that post position and on the defensive end.”

(On the significance of beating the Heat): “It wasn’t anymore special than any other one. I’m sure it’s probably special to a lot of other people. It’s a good win against a very good basketball team. We have had a few good wins against some teams especially here at home. Our fans have been unbelievable all season long and I thought they were fantastic again tonight. It’s a real good win.”

(On losing and regaining the lead): “I congratulated the guys for keeping their composure through the tough stretch that we had. I thought we started to play the game not to lose instead of playing to win. We got tentative on both ends of the floor, but to be able to come back and gather ourselves and get back aggressively on the offensive and defensive ends says a lot about the guys in that locker room. We could have given the game away, but we didn’t. We held on, made some big baskets and got back to guarding them on the defensive end.”

(On the noise from the fans showing their support tonight): “That was such a great feeling because I thought the first time we played them here, we were embarrassed and they took a little bit from us. This was the night that we wanted to get that back. For us, but more so for the fans. They have been so great for us all year. That was the great feeling; getting it back for them. Tonight they were great and they’ve been that way all year.”

(On if he realizes how much this win means to the fans): “Yes, because we saw the other side of it. The first time they played us here, it meant a lot. After that game, it took us a while to get back to where we were before then. Getting this win means as much as it did when we lost here the first time to the Heat. It was a pretty gratifying and satisfying win.”

(On the win tonight): “We felt like the first time they played us here at the Q, they took something away from us. We went on a 26-game skid (after that game). It felt good to come in here and get a win and compete above anything.”

(On what the team’s mentality was coming in to tonight’s game): “Our attitude in the locker room before the game was that we had nothing to lose. One of the main things that coach said was, ‘We are playing for ourselves. We were not playing for anyone outside of this locker room. We are not playing for any accolades. We are just playing for ourselves and our pride.’ With that statement, we came out and we showed that we were playing for ourselves and we had a little pride.”

(On the fan support tonight): “Our fans have been great all year; not just this game, but every game. They come out every game and support us and I have got to thank them for that. Not just tonight, but any game, they deserve a win just as much as we do. I have got to thank them for that and they are definitely our sixth man.”

(On tonight’s game): “The process of losing this game started two games ago. That’s the reality, but this was coming to us and the majority of time in this league you get what you deserve and we got exactly what we deserved. They played harder than us, they came out with much more desperation and a sense of urgency, and this pattern really started two games ago. We are a little confused what our identity is. We shot poorly tonight. That will happen from time to time, but that’s why we have spent so much time drilling our defense to be able to fall back on tough nights offensively; to be able to grind it out and give yourself a chance to win. We really didn’t have a great chance in this game because we didn’t defend. They came out scoring easy buckets and that pretty much held course for the majority of the game, except for our seven minute pocket there. You do have to give them credit, but our identity is a little bit lost now. For three games, where we think we are going to beat teams offensively and we have made so much progress offensively that that can be a bit a bit danger. Now when you have an off night and you don’t defend and a team shoots 56%, you get what you deserve.”

(On how concerned he is over this loss): “This is a disappointing loss. It’s concerning from the standpoint from three games ago that we are not playing to our identity that we are capable of.”

(On having a triple-double during the loss tonight): “It’s all about wins for me so a triple-double means nothing. It’s all about wins and we have to regroup. The best thing about this league is that we have another one in less than 48 hours, less than 24 hours in this case, so I am looking forward to it.”

(On the crowd and atmosphere tonight): “The atmosphere is always good here. Even when I played here the atmosphere was great. The fans are unbelievable and I’ve always said that and it was great for their team tonight.”

(On the game): “We did a good job. We came out and executed the game plan today and we got another good win.”

(On what the team was able to fix during the game during their comeback): “Contesting shots and making them take tougher shots, rebounding the ball and getting out (on fast breaks) and getting into a flow a little bit. We didn’t know that we were going to make it that far but we knew we had a run in us. Our goal was to cut it by ten by the third and we tied it up. That’s what we wanted to do, but they just continued to keep coming, made some plays, and had some guys step up.”