Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Heat

(On the Game): "We played pretty good in the third quarter. I thought they took it to another gear. They have the type of team that can do that. They came out after that timeout, after getting it pretty close, and they buckled down a little bit more on the defensive end and they got it going a little bit more on the offensive end. You have to give them a lot of credit. They just want to come out and put the game away, and at that point in time I thought they got more aggressive on both ends of the floor."

"We did a better job of moving the ball [during the fifteen to two scoring run]. I thought when they [the Miami HEAT players] got a little bit more aggressive, we got stubborn. We didn't find the open guy and we took some bad shots – when we took bad shots they were off to the races. Against a team like that, you have to be pretty patient, you have to execute on the offensive end, and you have to take what they give you. We tried to force some things, and we took some bad shots. When you do that against them, they are going to make you pay for it."

"We keep talking about staying disciplined enough to stay focused for 48 minutes. I don't think we did that tonight. We had some spurts where we played pretty well on both ends of the floor, and then we would get a stop and then give up an offensive rebound. They would get a tip-in, or something like that, and then we come down and take a quick shot; they get it right back."

"We just have to be smarter on both ends of the floor. Our guys are competing and playing hard. To put it together for 48 minutes it takes some smarts too, and we have to be a lot smarter on both ends of the floor when we are playing these games."

(On the Cleveland Cavaliers Coming Out Energized in the Second Half): "We showed a little bit of the tape [during halftime], and talked about being much more aggressive and much more physical. I thought we allowed them to do that in the first quarter, and they were just kind of taking privileges. Then they were killing us on the glass. So we just challenged everybody to really do a much better job of being aggressive and being physical. I thought we came out that way, and we did a pretty good job."

(On Manny Harris): "He's been playing pretty good. He's still making a lot of mistakes, and he is still missing a lot of guys who are wide open on the perimeter, but he's a rookie. The one thing about Manny (Harris) is that he never stops playing. He just comes out there and plays as hard as he can, for as long as he's out there."

(On the game): "We had it within three points, and then over two or three minutes, they went on a big run. That has happened to us a lot."

(On guarding Dwyane Wade): "It (guarding Dwyane Wade) is tough. You play off of him (Dwyane Wade), and he knocks down the shot. You play too aggressively, and he gets by you. It is something you have to learn from as a player."

(On LeBron James talking to him after the game): "He told me to keep getting better every day and to respect my game. It means a lot."

(On the game): "We tried to do the right thing, for the most part. Things didn't go our way for a stretch. It is unfortunate because we fought so hard to get back into it."

(On the Game): "Everybody is ready to go. We want to build on the last two games. Tonight, the focus is on having a complete game. We want to get to a complete 48 minute game, which we are capable of. We feel we have a higher ceiling that we can reach. Guys are excited about that."

(On Mike Miller): "He (Mike Miller) has always had that knack for being around the ball. He has unique size for being a perimeter player. He sticks his nose in there. He is a magnet to the ball. That is an instinct you can't teach."

(On the team): "We are making progress. Guys understand that another level for us to go to will be that trust. We have to focus on our habits, consistency, and our level of trust. Guys are buying into that. We need to have more people involved and more threats."

"Now, all of our support players know the ball will move, and if they are open they have confidence to take it. We want our guys to be aggressive. That makes us a more dangerous threat now."

"Everybody on this team is a rotation player. It has been proven already, so far."

(On Eddie House): "You can't rest in practice when you're guarding Eddie House. This year, he has made Dwyane Wade work. He won't let Dwyane relax in practice because he wanted to keep his timing and stay sharp."

(On Joel Anthony): "Joel is a very diligent, smart player who has earned everything he has gotten in this league. He had to sweat, grind, and work for it. He is one of the most dynamic athletes in this league."

(On the game): "I was just trying to make it through (the game). My shots were a little short. I felt I missed a few easy ones. That is all part of getting back in shape."

(On his injuries): "It is day-by-day. I know I need to pace myself, because being out two weeks I just can't hit the ground running like I want to. I felt like I wasn't a part of the team. Hopefully, very soon, we'll all be 100 percent."

(On the game): "I think every team that we play we will get their best, it doesn't matter what their record says. We're a better ball club, and we knew what we were doing wrong. We just had to continue to wear them down. We were able to stretch the lead in the third quarter, and these guys were able to put it away in the fourth quarter."

(On LeBron James' sacrifices): "For me, I think, just playing off the ball a little bit more (is my sacrifice). I dominated the ball a lot in my Cleveland days. I'm not saying it was a bad thing because we were and I was, very successful. Having the caliber of players, and having the options we have here, I play on the ball a lot, but not as much as I did. I now just focus on what I can do to help this team when I'm not handling the ball."

(On Lebron James pulling Manny Harris aside post game): "I've known Manny since high school and all the way through college at Michigan; I think he's a very talented young player. I just told him ‘no matter what is going on with the team, he has to continue to play well, continue to have his confidence and don't let any distraction on or off the court stop him from being a really good player in this league."

(On his injuries): "We're all kind of day-by-day. We're going to try to play at 100 percent, even though our bodies may be banged up."

(On playing the Orlando Magic): "We are looking forward to the challenge. We can't just sit here and say it is any old game, because it's not. We love the competition, and playing against the best."

(On the game): "That's just the way the flow has gone (coming out aggressive). Just coming out and just seeing your opportunity, and just taking them. With our team as we've seen, any one of us can come out and get a great start to the game. Tonight, I was just trying to be aggressive. I wanted tonight to be one of those wins where we didn't have to do much in the fourth."

(On the game): "I was very aggressive. My teammates look for me when they see I am in a zone. I got a lot of opportunities, and I made the best of them. We had a goal, and that was to come out and get a dominating performance. We pretty much did that for the majority of the game."

(On Mike Miller): "Mike (Miller) is a very good rebounder. That is something he has been his whole career. We knew that when we were going after Mike. He is playing well. Now he is comfortable playing basketball."