Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Heat

On the Game:
“Like I told the guys after the game, I couldn’t ask for them to play any harder then they played. I thought they were terrific effort wise, thought the energy was fantastic, and I thought they competed for 48 minutes of the game. ”

“Andy (Anderson Varejao) was unbelievable. Boobie (Daniel Gibson), Mo (Mo Williams), Tawn (Antawn Jamison), AP (Anthony Parker) and all the guys [were], especially with the shortened rotation. That’s all we ask for, is for guys to come out and compete on that type of level.”

“Now I got to do a better job of putting them in a position to win games. If I can get that type of effort every single night, then the onus is on me to do a better job to get them in a position where we can win games.”

“If we can continue to play this hard, and with this type of energy every single night, then we are going to give ourselves an opportunity to win; that’s all you can ask. For the next 57 games, hopefully that’s what the guys will do and come out with that type of effort. If we do, then we will be in good shape.”

“The effort was due to us losing eight straight games. We wanted to win a game. I changed up some things in my rotation. We’ve been talking about just going out and competing every single night. We just wanted to win a game, and it didn’t matter who we were playing.”

“I was impressed with the energy that we brought and the competitive nature that we had tonight. I know we have it in us, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen it in practice and I’ve seen it in games. It’s just a matter of us pulling it out every single night.”

On Playing With A Shortened Rotation:
“Those guys are going to play heavy minutes like that. Tomorrow, they are going to go in, smell the gym and get some shots up. I can’t practice them, then ask them to play 37 or 38 minutes and play with that type of intensity.”

“I’m very well aware of the minutes that our guys played tonight.”

On the game:
“Tonight was a tough loss because we gave ourselves a chance to win the game, we played with a lot of effort. If we do that every night we are going to be fine. We’re going to get better as more games go on. Our defense was great, everyone did the little details.”

On the game:
“We have to bring energy and intensity every game. We were right there, [despite] our poor shooting. This has to be the standard going forward, in terms of our energy.”

On LeBron James:
“We did a decent job keeping him off the rim and making him shoot contested shots. That was the game plan.”

On the game:
“We got back to playing the way we are supposed to be playing. Tonight was a big step in the right direction. We got back our intensity.”

“We want to make our presence felt to opposing teams. We want teams to know that if [they’re] going to win, they’re going to have to take it from us.”

On the game:
“Well, first thing you have to give that team (Cleveland Cavaliers) some credit. They came in here and competed. They are playing very desperate. They made it tough. They were really moving the ball and attacking us off the dribble. They played a very focused, efficient, high motor game. They played extremely hard in this game, so you have to give them credit. To that end, we’ll take the win. There were certainly some good defensive plays and bursts that we had there in the fourth quarter. I think we all know that we can play better and be more focused and committed to a higher standard. Like I said, part of that was Cleveland. They played very well and made it hard on us.”

“We were in a little bit of a fog in the first half. We couldn’t get into a rhythm because we were taking the ball out of their net the majority of the half. They had 49 points in the first half. Our defense it better than that.”

“All of these experiences are good for our team. We don’t take the win for granted.”

“When you get into a competitive game like this, you do want to see how guys respond - how you respond on both ends of the court with a little bit of pressure, and learn how to close out a game on both ends.”

On the tougher schedule down the stretch:
“I think every real competitor - they want those types of moments. We’re striving for perfection right now, striving for greatness. Is that realistic every single minute on the floor – no, but even games like this, we can play better. The schedule ahead is tough and there are a lot of games coming up, but the only one that matters right now is in New York.”

On the foresight to see that this was going to be a tough game:
“I’m not a prophet and I don’t want to make this a self fulfilling prophecy, but I said it before, part of it is the human condition, you tend to relax. I don’t want us to focus [on the streak]. I understand. We got the win. We wanted 10 straight, that ultimately is the most important thing. I get it, but we also want to make sure the process that we’ve been talking about, whether we lost or whether won, that we’re playing to our potential and to our identity. Cleveland played very well tonight so I do want to give them credit. They competed, but I think we all know if we’re true to ourselves that we could have played a more consistent game from beginning to end.”

On the game:
“I expected to win. Games are always going to change day-to-day; sometimes you’re going to shoot the ball well and other times you’re going to be flat. You just have to have fight in you. I’m just happy we won. I know Spo (Erik Spoelstra) and he is going to look at everything and say ‘we have to do that’ and that’s understandable. As far as I’m concerned I’ve never won 10 games in a row so I’m happy.”

“It’s always good to have games be more realistic. I mean do we want to win every game by double digits? Of course we do. We want to look good every time we play out there. Every so often you’re going to have to pull wins out where you really just have to grind the whole game. When you’re playing teams like the Cavs (Cleveland Cavaliers), they’ve been struggling lately and those are the most dangerous teams because they’re a little bit more free because they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We had fight in us; we just grinded the game out and played possession by possession.”

On the game:
“It was a good game. We executed enough plays down the stretch to help us win. It never got to a gut check point where we were feeling the pressure of the score. We are happy that we are continuing to win and get better.”

“I didn’t shoot the ball particularly well. I did other things. I just tried to concentrate on rebounding the basketball, and doing other things to help us win. That is the luxury of being on this team. If you are not shooting the ball particularly well you have guys like D (Dwyane) Wade and Rio (Mario Chalmers), who stepped up tonight and shot the ball extremely well. That can take the pressure off of you.”

On playing against Cleveland:
“It’s still a little weird going against your old teammates. It wasn’t as weird as it was back in Cleveland. As the game went on, we were able to do the things that needed to be done to win the ball game. There was never a point where I was unfocused on our task. I was just happy we were able to get another win.”

On his wrist:
“It is sore. It is my left wrist so it is not going to stop me from playing the game of basketball.”