Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Hawks


"I thought this week coming up was going to test us. We'll see how these guys can handle it after the last two nights. Sometimes it takes hitting rock bottom to learn, but I don't think we're anywhere near rock bottom yet. Last year we lost 26 in a row, so hopefully we won't see that streak start again. We'll find out really soon what kind of guys we have in that locker room. We had 20 turnovers, which gave them 30 fast break points, and they were obviously playing a little bit harder than we were tonight. When you're a young team the one thing you have to count on is hustling and playing hard each game. You have to do that every night, and our margin for error is not that big, so we have to play solid on both ends of the court. We have to move the ball better and play better defensively. When we do that we're a much better team."


"This is just a learning experience for us the last two nights. The Hawks did a great job tonight. They competed for 48 minutes. They gave us their best shot and showed what kind of professionals they were tonight. We didn't get any of the stops we needed, and I turned the ball over more than I should have. A lot of poor decisions on my end. We just have to move on to Tuesday against the Miami Heat. Each night I'm learning. I'll come in at half and try to figure what teams are doing and then adjust as best as I can for the second half."


"This was a playoff caliber team we played tonight. We struggled to execute against them. I think right now we're worse than we were last year. The way we've performed the last two nights is disappointing. We need to put ourselves in a position where we are trailing by so much to give us a better chance to stay in games and win them."


"This team has responded to touch stretches. When we have games where we've had tough losses, we've bounced back from it. And tonight, I thought, from start to finish, we were in an attack mode. You can see the aggression, you can see the energy. We finished the game with 31 assists. I thought, defensively, we followed and executed our defensive game plan. I thought our energy level was high. At halftime, I threw the challenge out there. The last couple of ballgames, we've gotten off to very slow starts in the third quarter, and they responded to the challenge tonight in the third quarter, and extended the lead, and never looked back."

(On the assists): "When we move the ball like that, we become tough to defend. We share the ball, we have guys that can make shots, we have guys that are good off the dribble that can create. We're just a totally different ballclub when we move the ball, and tonight we did a really good job with that."

"We came out and played hard, played together, and just played the whole game for 48 minutes. That's what we wanted to do. That's something we'll have to continue to do on this road trip."

(On the ball movement tonight): "That's one thing I've known about this team, even before I got here. A lot of guys are willing passers, and that becomes contagious – when guys are making extra passes and knocking down shots. It's a beautiful sight to see."

"I think I'm starting to get more and more comfortable. I know where my shots are coming from, picking my spots and being aggressive, trying to be a playmaker, and just getting more and more comfortable with the guys. They trust me with shooting those shots, and it gives me confidence."

"I know we let ourselves down in the second half (last night), and everybody around this locker room knew it. Coming into tonight's game, we understood the importance of winning before we went out on a five-game road trip. We were able to close this team out."