Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Clippers


(On Kyrie Irving): “Before the game, I was informed by our doctors that (Irving) came in this afternoon complaining of a headache and he complained last night to (trainer Max Benton). The first I heard of it was about 40 minutes before the game. He went out and warmed up and said his head felt like it was on fire. They gave him a concussion (evaluation) and we will continue to re-evaluate him each and every day to see how he’s doing. He says he’s doing fine, he feels good. Our policy is to never put a player at risk or put him out there when we feel anything is going on with him. We didn’t want to put him out there and risk it even though, even before the game, he was feeling terrible about not playing. I talked to him about how we’re not going to put (him) out there when we think there is a possibility that (he) have some symptoms of a concussion. It was our doctor’s call to basically say we’re going to sit him down tonight.”

(On responding with Irving out): “You can respond one of two ways. Obviously, you can feel sorry for yourself and say one of our best players is out and go in the tank, or you can respond like we did. I told (Sessions) just before the game ‘You’re starting’. (I) didn’t tell him why, just ‘You’re starting. Let’s go out there and play. We’re at home and let’s take care of home’. No matter who has the uniform on, the objective is still the same and I thought our guys came out and did that for 48 minutes.”

(On the team being resilient): “They’re a resilient bunch of guys. The Dallas game was pretty much the same way. To come home after a loss last night on a back-to-back and ask guys to play the way they played, I thought it was fantastic.”

(On Sessions tonight): “I thought he did a good job defensively and so did (Gibson). Those were the two guys that guarded him most. Alonzo had a little bit of a piece of him at times, but I thought Sessions played fabulous. I thought offensively and defensively, scoring, moving the ball, getting guys involved, he just had one of those games where he took the challenge. His name was called before the game to be a starter and he responded with a great game and that’s all you can ask for.”

(On Varejao tonight): “Andy is one of the toughest guys in the league: plays hard every single night, doesn’t take plays off. There’s not really a whole lot more I can say about how well he’s played for us and what he means to the team. Again, one of those nights, 15 (points) and 11 (rebounds), just playing outstanding basketball.”


(On any adjustments he made for tonight’s game): “Not necessarily any adjustments. I’m just being ready. When I’m not starting, I can see what’s going on and how teams are playing. You’ve got to be ready from the jump and I felt like I was ready for the most part. We just tried to run their team at first and took what they gave us.”

(On the physicality of tonight’s game): “That’s what coach tells us; get the first hit. It was definitely a physical game, but I felt like we manned up and we got a good win.”


(On Ramon’s performance tonight): “Phenomenal. He put the pressure on them offensively with pick and rolls and he was able to drive and create shots. He had some big shots. Defensively, he made it tough for Chris Paul. This is what he’s capable of doing and it’s great to see that when his time was called, he was ready to come in and pick up the slack at a high level. Those are the type of guys we have.”

(On the team’s physicality tonight): “Tonight they did a great job as far as starting the first quarter, but we held our composure. We stood our ground. We’re a team that will fight back. Nothing dirty, but we’re not going to let you push us around. We do a good job as far as playing physical basketball, but also do it the right way.”


(On the fans’ appreciation for his play): “Since I got to Cleveland, the fans have taken to me. I didn’t speak any English, but every time I would get in a game, I felt like I had somebody behind me, helping and motivating me. The fans did that for me when I got here. And now that they know me, I just want to thank them for everything they’ve done for me.”

(On being a Clevelander): “I feel like my football team is the Browns, my basketball team is the Cavs, and my baseball team is the Indians. That’s all I know. I feel like I’m from here.”


(On the loss): “We had no aggression tonight…We thought we were going to move the ball (easily) and make plays. (The Cavaliers) got some confidence and made a run in the second quarter…We were not tough enough tonight…We did not execute the game plan…Give Cleveland credit.”

(On Kenyon Martin): “He’s just trying to get his feet under him…He gives us athleticism. He made some good plays at the rim…He’s going to give us more depth up front.”


(On if there were any positives from the loss): “None whatsoever. We came out flat. I couldn’t make a shot. We didn’t defend well. This is definitely one of our worst showings.”

(On Kenyon Martin): “(He is) amazing. The energy he brought on the offensive and defensive end is something that we are definitely going to need. I’m happy to have him.”


(On the Clippers lack of fast break points): “We came out with a lack of energy. (The Cavaliers) made a lot of shots and we didn’t get many steals.”