Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Clippers

On today’s loss:
“Our effort was much better today. We’ve just got to continue to play that way. The Clippers did a terrific job. [Eric] Gordon came out and played a good game and Blake [Griffin] had an extremely good game as well.”

On the play of the Cavs:
“I thought [the Cavaliers] played a great game offensively. It was our defense that we needed to work on. Overall I thought the team did a great job, but it was J.J. [Hickson] who really kept us in the game during the fourth quarter. J.J. [Hickson] got involved and tried to keep the Clippers off balance but then the team started to get in to foul trouble and I think that’s what really hurt us.”

J.J. Hickson
On the turning point in the game:
“I think we had a lot of turnovers. I had four myself and they came at a very critical time in the game where we weren’t getting any stops. If you pile turnovers on top of us not getting any stops down at the defensive end of the court, it will kill us.”

On learning from mistakes:
“These are the type of games where you learn from your mistakes. We’re going to go back to the drawing board and try to get better and see where we are as a team.”

On the win against the Cavaliers:
“We got a W. It wasn’t pretty. J.J Hickson hurt us; [Samardo] Samuels hurt us in the first half. It’s great to have Eric Gordon back obviously. I thought Blake [Griffin] had a solid game, not only scoring but having eight assists. I thought Craig Smith gave us a big boost. He got into J.J [Hickson] a little bit. That being said, we had a little more of a three-guard offense, it was a good solid team effort. We’ll take it after a couple of tough losses.”

On the Clippers defense:
“I’m not pleased they shot 48 percent. [J.J.] Hickson really hurt us with his jump shots and the penetration from [Ramon] Sessions bothered us too. But we got some big stops when we needed to; we held them to 14 points in the fourth quarter. I just wish we had that sense of urgency a little earlier in the game. The last couple of games we got back on our heels a little bit and I thought we found more energy at specific times during the game.”

On Eric Gordon’s return:
“Eric [Gordon] can score the ball. We run the ball through Blake [Griffin] and Eric the majority of the time; he’s going to score the ball. It was great the way he shot the three and he got to the line a little bit. He’s going to be aggressive because he’s strong, he can get by you with his strength. We definitely missed our leading scorer, there’s no doubt about that.”

On the Clippers' three-guard lineup:
“I think they play well together. It’s an extremely athletic backcourt with Eric Bledsoe and [Eric Gordon and Randy Foye]. It’s fun to see them push the ball and score. It’s fun to play with them like that so we’ll see if we can do that more. Not every game everyone is playing, but they gave it their best and it’s good to have other options.”

On his return from injury:
“It’s better than running and doing workouts two times a day with my trainer, that stuff gets boring quickly. You have a good feel for the game and just play off your teammates. Whatever I can take from the defense, I’ll take. ”