Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bulls

Friday, March 2, 2012


Byron Scott

(On tonight’s game): “When you play against a team as good as they are, and they are definitely one of the best teams in the league, you can’t have the unforced turnovers that we had. You can’t make the defensive mistakes that we made, some of the lapses that we had defensively. That kills us. You have to play, I wouldn’t say perfect basketball against them, but pretty close because they are that good.”

(On how much of it is because they have more talent): “That’s obvious. If you look at our team and you look at their team, they do have a very talented bunch of guys and obviously that’s a big part of it. You need talent in this league to be successful and the Chicago Bulls have a heck of a lot of talent.”

(On what they can to do stop Derrick Rose): “Not a whole lot. Like we said before the game, the one thing that you want to try to do is to get him to shoot jump shots as much as possible, clog the paint. When you’re coming down in transition, he’s just one of those guys that has an unbelievable ability to get to the basket and make shots, even with contact. You have to give him a lot of credit. He is a special basketball player. That’s the bottom line with that.”

(On how concerned he is with the defense): “Concerned enough where we’re definitely thinking about making some changes. That’s how concerned I am.”

(On the turnovers on inbounds): “Lack of focus. It’s that simple. Sometimes we tend to think about what just happened. You might have given up a layup or you gave up a wide open three so you’re still upset about that so you just take the ball out nonchalantly and the point guard is just standing there nonchalantly and you turn the ball over. We addressed that at halftime. That’s just a little bit of lack of focus and…we can’t afford to have those type of turnovers in games like this, especially against teams like this.”


Antawn Jamison

(On tonight’s loss): “We’ve got to come to the realization that we can’t let teams out work us. They’re a championship caliber team. The coaches stressed throughout the day the importance of matching their energy. They execute and you know they’re going to play this kind of basketball for 48 minutes.”

(On the amount of turnovers tonight): “I think at opportune times, they really hurt us. We were trying to make runs and were trying to stop their runs, but we had costly turnovers. That was by far the minimum of the things that really put us in this situation tonight. We’re just disappointed with the effort for 48 minutes, knowing who you were facing and knowing what took place the first time we played them.”

(On the Bulls defense): “They try to take you out of the things you like to do. For us, it was going under our pick and rolls and really trying to limit. They do a great job in transition, they like to turn the ball over and they’re a physical team. These are the things that I think everyone in the league knows. Their coach does a great job as far as making it their identity and for us, when you’re playing against a team like that, you’ve got to come out there and match the same kind of energy as those guys.”

(On stopping the losing streak): “We’ve got to get a win. Tomorrow is a very important game for us. After that we’ve got Utah here, we’re at Denver, and Oklahoma City. It doesn’t get any easier. I know the guys in the locker room are disappointed with the last game before the All-Star break and these last couple of games. We’ve got to find a way to stop the bleeding. Instead of losing four in a row, we need to win four or five in a row and pick up some ground.”

(On returning to Washington): “I was disappointed that I didn’t get an opportunity to play last year, but I’m healthy and it’ll be good to go to my old stomping grounds and perform in front of the crowd that gave me so much support for myself and my family. It’ll just be good to just play in the building, but most importantly, I definitely want not only myself, but for the team to play well and get a win.”


Tom Thibodeau

(On the game): “The ball movement was great. The ball didn’t stick. Everyone was conscious of making the extra pass to the open man. In the second quarter, Kyle (Korver) got us going. We had good ball movement, inside-out. He had some good looks at the basket, so that gave us a little bit of a cushion.”

(On Richard Hamilton): “He moves so well without the ball, it helps to create good opportunities for us and the poise that he plays with. He’s hard to guard off the screens. He reads things extremely well.”


Derrick Rose

(On the game): “I just played aggressively throughout the first half (and) getting guys into the game until we got the lead. I was picking my spots. The second (unit) came in and did a great job and made sure we held them off.”

(On Ronnie Brewer): “(Ronnie Brewer) changed the game with steals, huge steals. Playing defense (and) knocking down his shots. He has a lot of confidence in his shot now and we just need him to keep playing like that.”

(On wanting to play against Kyrie Irving): “He’s a good, young player. I was watching him all the time at Duke. I can’t wait for it. You can see that when he’s not out there and their first option isn’t there, they wouldn’t take the shot they want to take. And when he is out there and the first option isn’t there, they can give it to him. He’s a great playmaker. He’s a great scorer and he makes the game easy for everyone.”


Carlos Boozer

(On the win): “We just take it one game at a time. We come in here and try to execute our game plan. (Our game plan) changed a little with Kyrie (Irving) being out, we thought he was going to play. (Ramon) Sessions is very different from Kyrie, but he still had a very good game. Honestly, we just try to focus on our game plan and whatever happens out there happens.”

(On Ronnie Brewer): “The game changed in the second quarter when Ronnie started being aggressive. He was like an octopus, he was everywhere. He was getting his hands on every loose ball, steals, blocks shots. He was amazing defensively.”