Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bucks


(On tonight’s game): “A very disappointing loss. Our guys continued to battle, played their butts off, so it’s just a disappointing loss.”

(On Varejao’s injury): “From what we just talked about and what I just heard, it’s just a sprained right wrist for right now. I guess we’ll know a little bit more tomorrow about it.”

(On the Bucks coming back): “That’s the type of team they are, a lot like us. They’re not going to quit. They’re going to continue to battle and fight. In the second half, l thought we did a pretty good job of moving the ball and getting shots. We held them to 40% from the field, so we did a pretty good job defensively. They hit some big three’s. They got a couple of layups on some miscommunications and some defensive breakdowns. We knew the game wasn’t going to be over just because we (had) double-digit leads. We knew they were going to keep fighting and that’s what we expected from them.”

(On the fourth quarter): “Not having Andy out there hurts big time because one thing he does, besides rebounding on the defensive end, is he gives us extra possessions on the offensive end too. You have to give them credit too; they did a good job defensively in the fourth quarter. I thought we started to play the game not to lose instead of playing to win. When you do that, sometimes it bites you in the butt and I thought that’s what happened to us at the end.”

(On free-throw shooting): “Obviously, free throws hurt us. (When you) shoot 56% from the line, that’s kind of tough. It means you have to play extremely well as far as field goal percentage and three-point percentage goes. It is what it is. We didn’t make enough. If we don’t have some of the possessions on the offensive end where we made some tough shots, we probably don’t even get to that point.”

(On going away from Jamison late in the game): “That was more of their defense. We really didn’t try to go away from him. We really tried to get him the ball. They did a pretty good job of fronting him, trying to be physical with him. We tried to give him the option of posting up or coming out and setting the pick and roll just so he’s involved in every play. Like I said, you have to give them some credit.”


(On tonight’s overtime loss): “We feel like we put in enough effort and felt we played hard enough to win, but we came out on the other side. It’s tough to swallow, but we’ll learn from it. It was our first overtime game. We’ll learn from it and grow and we’ll be better from it.”

(On losing the lead multiple times during the game): “That’s the nature of the game sometimes. When you get a lead, you try to hold on to it as opposed to doing the things that got you that lead. Sometimes that happens, but I thought we played hard and I felt we stayed together. I just thought, in the end, they ended up making a few more plays than we did.”

(On playing shorthanded): “This team is a resilient bunch. We’re going to fight regardless of who’s on the floor. Whatever player is on the floor is going to play his heart out. If anyone is down, the next guy is going to step up. The guys are still cohesive and still working together and we have to continue that.”


(On tonight’s overtime loss): “It’s tough, but at the same time it’s the NBA. Guys are going to get hurt, so you have to learn to adjust on the fly and that’s what we’re doing. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the win tonight, but we’ve got tomorrow. It’s a quick turnaround, so we’ve got to be ready.”

(On losing Anderson Varejao tonight): “He’s one of the leaders on our team. He definitely brings energy and definitely helps offensively and defensively. Especially on the defensive end, playing hard and going after loose balls. Whenever you lose a guy like that, it’s definitely hard but guys have to step up.”

(On how he felt physically tonight): “I feel good. My ankle is doing great. I’ve got to give all the credit to our (athletic performance) team for getting me back on the court. Without them, who knows where I’d be right now.”


(On the win): “Guys battled for it in the fourth (quarter) and in overtime. They made a lot of big plays to get (the win)… Normally when you win a close game several things are happening; you get a couple breaks and you take advantage of those breaks…they took advantage of what was given to them tonight.”

(On the technical foul): “I felt like it might get us going a little bit. Sometimes you do that and it works; sometimes it doesn’t. I’m not saying it (worked) tonight, but I’m happy the guys were able to hang in there.”

(On the Cavaliers missing Anderson Varejao): “Without (Anderson) Varejao’s activity, they were having a tough time once we got Antawn (Jamison) a little bit under control late in the game.”

(On overtime): “In an ideal world, you would like to get a four point lead…hold the other team off and we were able to do that. We had some nice sequences of execution and Drew (Gooden) made some nice plays.”


(On making big baskets in the fourth quarter): “I was feeling it. I’m glad my teammates trusted me and gave me the ball at that particular moment…We did it as a team down the stretch.”

(On coming back from deficits): “We kept fighting. Coach stood up for me because he thought I got fouled and that gave us some momentum. Coach (Jim) Boyland did a phenomenal job of maintaining our composure and maintaining the mood…He called some good plays.”

(On moving up in the standings): “We’re trying to creep up to the .500 mark. We’re going to have to get road wins and we got two of them on this trip.”


(On defending Antawn Jamison): “He’s a good player. He has an inside-out game and it’s always tough switching on a guy like that who’s playing well. I was just trying to make it tough for him. He was a big part of what they were doing offensively and we figured that if we stop him, we pretty much have (the Cavaliers) under control.”