Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Bucks

(On tonight's game…): "Obviously a tale of two halves. I thought the first half we didn't come ready to play, didn't look very motivated. In the second half, almost kind of issued a challenge to the guys if you don't want to play let me know and if you do, raise your hand. In the second half we were much better. If we had played that way the whole game it might be a different outcome."

(On factors that led to the loss…): "We just didn't come out with the energy and the intensity we needed to play against this team. When you play against the Bucks you've got to come ready to play. The one thing you know about them is that they're going to play hard and if you don't match that then you're going to be down 20 like we were in the first half."

(On finishing the season stronger…): "We're all competitors and once you step out there on the floor you're going to compete, if you're a competitor. We have to figure out how to finish this season the right way because the end of this season will say a lot about our plans for next year."

(On their offensive flow…): "We got off to a good start and John Salmons in particular got off into a good start. The guys moved the ball well again, found the open man and knocked down some shots."

(On their second half defense …): "Our defense was soft pretty much the whole game. Their point guards really hurt us, their penetration really hurt us; but we were able to score tonight. When we needed baskets, we got baskets. Drew Gooden was very good and John was exceptional."

(On Drew Gooden …): "He was very good tonight. He rebound the ball, passed the ball and shot the ball; he was active. I mean he was active in the previous games and tonight he was at a different level."

(On his first career triple-double …): "That was huge. I guess the stars just lined up for me and my team to come out with that win and the icing on that win is to have the triple-double."

(On coming back from his injury …): "It was tough for me to watch this whole season being in a suit and tie and not being able to go out there and play. It's been a tough season overall and we just want to finish on a positive note, playing hard and to keep doing what we're doing.

(On his shooting performance …): "God is good. Got myself going early and was able to continue hitting shots throughout the game. Got a good flow going and got into a rhythm and just made shots."

(On finishing the season strong …): "We definitely want to continue to play hard. These games don't mean anything as far as making it to the playoffs but we still have to have some pride and play hard."