Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Bucks

(On tonight's game…) "We stopped playing. We stopped playing the defensive game, we stopped playing offensively together as a team. We just seemed to lose our minds and just tried to play individual basketball. We allowed our offense to affect us defensively. We stopped making shots and all of a sudden we stopped guarding. You can't win that way, especially against a team that plays as hard as Milwaukee."

(On the effect Earl Boykins had…) "He came in and made shots but I thought he got up into us defensively, he was a little bit of a pest. He did some real good stuff as far as getting us to alter our offense. We didn't really have anybody to guard him."

(On Earl Boykins…) "I think he changed the tempo of the game. He slowed it up when he wanted to, he pushed it down when he wanted to, got into the paint when he wanted to, shot whatever jump shot he wanted to shoot. He just got everybody involved."

(On tonight's game …) "Our defense wasn't as good tonight but we were able to, especially in the second quarter, is where we got the space. The second unit guys came in, Earl (Boykins) came in and got a hot hand. We moved the ball well again tonight, we made shots and we were able to have another 20-point win."

(On the ball movement …) "One of the things we've had the tendency to do is, each guy appears sometimes to be searching for themselves, their hot hand. Make one, maybe make another one, and then all bets are off. ‘I'm coming down and taking a shot.' That's one of the reasons we have the record we have and we talked about it at halftime, came out and did a much better job moving the ball."

(On the players off the bench…) "Earl (Boykins) got a hot hand, Earl played really well, that whole second group (played well). That's a big quarter (the second quarter). We have to play with that type of separation. We came out in the third and the starters got back into it. We did a really nice job."

(On the players off the bench …) "They gave us a big boost off the bench. Earl (Boykins) came in right away, was aggressive and hit some shots. (Keyon Dooling) came with energy, (Chris Douglas-Roberts) came in and got some baskets for us. Everybody played hard, it was definitely something we needed from them today."

(On tonight's win…) "That's a struggling team (Cleveland) over there but you can't discount any wins. It feels good to win games, we just want to do that and continue to peak at the right time of the year."

(On his individual performance…) "I definitely feel very fresh at this point of the season. This is probably the freshest I've ever felt at the end of a basketball season. My legs feel good and it's just a matter of going out there now and playing and just getting wins."

(On closing the season …) "I think it's important that we beat the teams that are behind us and we have to win home games. That's been our biggest problem. If you take care of business at home, the road usually takes care of itself. But we haven't been able to win games at home, that's why we're in the situation we're in now."