Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bobcats

April 10, 2012


(On tonight’s game): “Good win. I thought our guys came to play, obviously, from start to finish. We had a little bit of a lull in the third quarter, to start it, but (we) really picked it up. The second unit, I thought, was fantastic.”

(On if he planned to play the second unit as much as he did or if he just left them in because they were playing well): “(I) just stuck with them. I had no idea they were going to play as well as they played when they came in. I think when they came in, as a unit, we were only up one going into the fourth quarter. They just played great. They played great together, shared the ball. Lester made some big shots, Omri hit some shots, Semih did a good job of rebounding the ball. They did a real good job. I was hoping they’d would hang in there and close the game out and they were able to do that.”

(On if being able to rest the starters and win was just what the team needed): “It was perfect to give those guys rest, Anthony and AJ especially. It was perfect to win the game this way and have those guys sit in the fourth quarter.”

(On Lester Hudson): “The young man is playing great basketball and he’s kind of doing it all within the system, which is great. He’s not taking bad shots or anything like that. He’s not forcing anything. He’s doing an excellent job on the defensive end as far as rebounding the ball for a guard. He’s really getting in there and helping out our bigs. Obviously, tonight again, he got it going offensively and made the best of the situation.”

(On if he’s surprised by Hudson): “After you see it for the second game, you don’t really get surprised the third and fourth and fifth game. I know what he is. I know what type of player he is. I know he can put big numbers on the scoreboard given the opportunity. That part of his game I know. The other part is trying to get him to understand (that) on the defensive end he has to get better and I thought tonight he was better. So that’s another step in the process of him staying on this level and I know that’s exactly what he wants to do.”


(On his fourth quarter performance): “It started with our defense. We started getting stops on every possession and we started getting out in transition and put pressure on their defense.”

(On the team’s defense in the fourth quarter): “The defense led to our execution on offense. Our second unit was great for us tonight and it was a big win.”

(On his last three games): “I have confidence in myself to score the ball. Three games in a row with 20-plus points is great, but I just want to go out and play as hard as I can and help my team win.”

(On winning two of their last three games): “When you play well and win, it makes each one more enjoyable. The games are more exciting and more worthwhile.”

(On how much fun he’s having): “I’m having fun. The big thing (Antawn Jamison) tells us in the huddle is to go out there and have fun. We try to win every game we play and just want to have fun.”

(On the team’s communication with one another): “We just communicate on and off the floor. We ask each other about plays that we don’t know and what spots we like the ball. I think that’s what’s gotten us together quickly and why we’re performing well on the floor.”


(On the game): “(D.J. Augustin) really did (help). He settled us down and we executed a lot better with him being in there. Then we made a couple of substitutions and were right in the game. (The Cavaliers’ lead) went down to 10 and then they put their second unit in. We were going under the picks and they were shooting threes. (The Cavaliers) shot a lot of threes, they made them and that was the difference in the game…Our rebounding was not good tonight. (The Cavaliers) rebounded offensively against us. We had guys that would normally get a lot of rebounds for us and didn’t…At least there was a big improvement from last night.”


(On the game): “I think we fought hard out there and fought to the end. We made a good run toward the end and we were in the game the whole (time).”

(On playing with Gerald Henderson and Kemba Walker): “We’re all guards out there, so we were able to play off each other. Each one of us can drive and kick to each other. It’s fun playing with those guys.”

(On getting a double-double after coming back from injury): “It feels good. It just feels good to be out there playing again. When I sat out I saw some things and I just tried to bring that to the game tonight.”

(On Lester Hudson): “He’s a great player. He deserves to be in this league. He’s a hard worker and I have a lot of respect for him.”


(On D.J. Augustin being back from injury): “It was cool to have D.J. (Augustin) back. We really missed him sometimes because he sets us up. He had 11 assists tonight and he scored the ball well too. It was good to have him back, especially on the offensive end.”

(On the Cavaliers second unit and Lester Hudson): “They hit a lot of open jump shots. They got offensive rebounds. We weren’t getting back on defense and when we turned around it was a 12-or 14-point lead four minutes in the fourth quarter. I think guys have seen (Lester Hudson before). (Hudson) has been in and out of the league, but he’s a player. (The Cavaliers) have a lot of guys who have been in the D-League. They played hungry. Those guys played really hungry. We knew coming in it was going to be a dog fight.”