Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Bobcats


(On the game tonight): "It was a good win. I wanted to play a little bit better defense and I thought we got off to a slow start for whatever reason. In the second half, the guys picked it up on both ends of the floor. Like we said the other day, we wanted to make sure that we won these two at home before we hit this road trip."

(On fewer turnovers tonight): "I think every day we just continuously work on the offense and moving the ball and keeping our spacing and trying to flow into our offense. I think guys are getting a better understanding of what we're trying to do and what we're trying to get out of it; not trying to make the home run pass all the time. We have a term ‘hockey assist.' Sometime you make the easy pass and that guy makes the scoring pass. I think we're getting better at it."

(On Kyrie Irving tonight): "I think each game, Kyrie is getting more comfortable. Tonight, he looked the most comfortable I've seen. I just hope he continues it and looks this comfortable and gets better. Obviously, we saw a glimpse of some of the things he can do with that basketball. He makes everyone around him better with the way he can pass it. He draws attention because he has the ability to get to the basket as well. Hopefully, he just continues to grow as a basketball player and if he does, we're in good shape."

(On if the team is having fun): "I think they are enjoying playing with one another which is great. Chemistry and camaraderie are so important. I've always said give me a team with good talent and great chemistry and camaraderie and we'll win. I think we have a team here with that great chemistry and camaraderie…It's just a matter of these guys playing more basketball together as this season goes on."

(On Tristan Thompson tonight): "I thought he was very active…He's just getting more comfortable each and every game. He's starting to really understand his role and what he can do in this league. We knew he would be a good weak side defender and he's been that. He's been active on the boards. We know around that paint area, he can be pretty effective. I was very impressed with the way he played tonight."


(On the growth of the team): "I think it goes back to what Coach Scott has preached in the locker room on a consistent basis, and that's playing great defense and getting out in transition. We were clicking on all cylinders tonight, with a lot of talking, and you could tell we were one group tonight."

(On playing Toronto): "It's another challenge for me and another challenge for our team, playing against the Toronto Raptors. I'm looking forward to it; especially at their house because we owe them one. We're going in there with a new attitude and looking to get a win."

(On the long road trip): "You really don't know until you experience it yourself. The most important thing is to take care of your body, getting as much treatment as possible, especially when you have down days."


(On his personal comfort on the floor): "Every game I'm getting more comfortable, especially tonight. We're playing a lot of games and we're letting our veterans rest with a back-to-back tomorrow. Being in the game rebounding, blocking shots and getting some dunks is helping me out a lot."

(On returning home to Canada tomorrow night): "A lot of emotions are going to be flying, but at the same time we have a basketball game to play. Toronto stole a win from us in the home opener, so we're going to go there and get payback. We've got to come into the game with the mindset to get the "W" and lock them up on defense."


(On their problem areas): "Well, our pick & roll defense was not there…We didn't come with enough energy…We're not talented enough to not play hard all the time…We didn't get back on defense, and they must have made about 15 points, early on, from layups. You just can't give those away."

(On keeping the team focused): "It's very difficult. We work on things in practice, and the last couple days we worked on our offense, our defense, and when they get out there it just doesn't happen…If they're not going to take onus on themselves to really work hard at what we design then it's on them."


(On his game tonight): "Yeah, I was looking forward to having a rebound game after Miami…But it doesn't count when we don't win…I'm going to watch film tonight on the way to New York, take some notes, and hopefully have a better game."

(On the pick & roll defense): "We just have to be more aware…When it gets loud, it's hard for the guards to hear, so we just have to yell it louder…I just have to watch film and get better."

(On Tristan Thompson): "He's good; he's definitely a good player. He's a physical player down on the block and deep in the post."