Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Blazers

(On the game tonight): "(It was) another one of those close ones. Just like I told the guys, words don't mean a whole lot. We don't take a lot out of moral victories. The last week or so, as hard as we have been playing, I told the guys it's not a matter of if we're going to win, it's a matter of when. We just have to keep playing that hard and when it comes down to the last four or five minutes, we just have to believe that we are going to win the game. We made some careless turnovers and we missed some easy shots. It has just been that snowball effect. I still believe these guys are competing at a high level and I think they feel they are getting close. We just have to keep pounding the pavement and we will get it done."

(On the mental impact of the losing streak): "Anytime you start losing close games, it's always a little mental. Mentally, it starts to wear on you a little bit until you can get over the hump. I think the biggest thing for us is to continue to press like we have been pressing. Our guys are competing every single game and that's what we have to continue to do until we can get over that hump."

(On the play of Eyenga, Sessions, Hickson and Harris): "All of those guys have been playing pretty well lately. All of them have been a very big part of what we are trying to build. We know our future is very bright with the progress and development of our young guys. Every day in practice we keep pushing those guys to get better and keep pushing our veteran guys to get better as well. Our young guys have come a long way in a short period of time and we expect them to continue to grow as players."

(On moving on from the record): "From a team standpoint, I hope our guys feel that we are that close and we just have to keep playing as hard as we have been playing and it is going to happen, as far as wins are concerned. As far as the record, I couldn't care less about the record. I care about our guys progressing and getting better as basketball players and as a basketball team. That is my biggest focus right now and hopefully they feel the same way."

(On if he feels like they are starting to get close to being able to win): "That's what Coach (Scott) said to us specifically. He said that the way we have been playing as of late, it's not a matter of ‘if', it's a matter of ‘when'. We have just got to continue to play the same way that we have been playing and things are going to change for us."

(On if the guys in the locker room are concerned with setting the record for consecutive losses): "You can't be. The thing about it for us is just winning the next game. You can't think about how many we have lost to this point. You can't. You just have to go out there focused…Whatever you didn't do to win the last game, you have to improve (on that) going into the next game and keep improving. That has to be our focus, it can't be anywhere else."

(On if the losses weigh heavily on the team's mind): "You just have to continue to work at it, and we have been. I think that's the part that is troublesome for these guys and for us because of the fact that we are putting in the work every day and we are just not reaping the results and getting the benefits. Don't think that the guys in this locker room have their heads down. We are looking forward to getting out there, going to the next game and trying to win."

(On if this season is tougher because of the success that they have had in recent seasons): "No, not for me. I think about it because I have had a lot of success being here. If you are a fan of the NBA and you watch the NBA, you know that every team goes through a period like this. No team stays at the top forever; at some point you experience this. I'm here, I'm glad to be here and I'm happy to be here. It feels like a bad dream, but at the same time, I'm willing to hang in here and continue to fight so that we get back to that level (the top). I know what it feels like to be there."

(On winning a close game and sense of relief): "It's always a tough game in a situation like that. Cleveland plays hard and in the first half, they shot the ball extremely well. We wanted to try to keep them on the perimeter, and they were shooting in the 50s (percent) and in the 60s from the three. We had to make some adjustments in the second half and we did a better job of adjusting. But, it's good to see the ball go in the basket for us. I think players always play better and get excited on the defensive end of the floor when the shot is falling."

(On second half adjustment to Cavs 3-point shooting): "We didn't want to give up open threes, but we did. We felt they were a team that really wanted to penetrate the ball, so we wanted to stop penetration first. I thought we gave them some open threes and didn't get out and contest them. The zone (defense) was good for us tonight and we got closer to them in the second half."

(On pressure of playing team with losing streak): "Yeah, you certainly think about it. We didn't want to put added pressure on ourselves. It was more than just being the team that lost to Cleveland first. We dropped two games on this road trip. We knew we needed to play better and that we could play better. I thought we did that, that we were going to have to come out here and play the game. They (Cavs) played well, I thought, in the first half. In the second half, we were able to knock down some threes and get some stops and that was the difference."

(On keys for Matthews and Batum): "The spacing was good tonight and we moved the ball with 27 assists tonight. The shots were falling for us. I thought we had good spacing and good ball movement. It was good to see those guys knock down shots."

(On Cavs): "We knew they were going to play hard. In the last couple of games they lost, I watched the Denver game and it was pretty close and last night, they had the lead in the third quarter. We knew they were going to play hard tonight, that's what they did, and it was pretty scary. But, ‘Dre (Andre Miller) made some big shots at the end. When you play a team with 23 losses in a row, it's scary a little bit. So, yeah, we thought about it, but at the end of the game, we just tried to play basketball to win the game. We needed this game."

(On keys to team's three-point shooting): "I think it was everybody. I was open every time and my teammates gave me the ball when I was wide open. When you watch every shot I made, I was wide open. We got the ball inside and they were collapsing and we moved the ball."

(On his shooting tonight): "It felt good. The warm-ups felt good and my teammates were doing a good job of finding me. I just tried to put the ball in the basket."

(On keys to Portland 3-point shooting): "We were just shooting the ball when we were open. They (Cavs) were doubling on L.A. (LaMarcus Aldridge) in the post and we just had to move. We created space and we were sharing the ball and we were getting rhythm shots.

(On his fourth quarter): "I was just trying to get some easy baskets. We got Wes under the baskets a couple of times. They were shots that I kind of fell into, I didn't want to force it too much. Guys were in a rhythm, so I just tried to continue to move the ball around and keep everybody involved. The play was for L.A. (Aldridge) and I would just normally cut and he hit me for the quick little floater. On the other one, they (Cavs) stayed connected to the shooters, and I had a 16-footer, so I had to take that shot."