Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Grizzlies

April 23, 2012


(On the team’s effort): “I was very pleased. I think our guys are continuously competing at a very high level. As I pointed out to them after the game, the game was so close with three minutes left. We go the next two minutes, 1-for-6 at the free-throw line, and it’s a one-point game at that particular time. I’m very satisfied with how hard we’re playing and especially how well we played tonight.”

(On the Grizzlies): “I thought the second unit did a much better job in the second half than they did the first half. I thought in the first half they looked a little helter skelter out there on both ends of the floor. In the third quarter and the fourth quarter especially I thought our guys really hung in there and did a real good job making sure we stayed in the game. It was one of those situations where I was able to bring Kyrie (Irving) and AJ (Antawn Jamison) and those guys back to see if we could get the W. It just didn’t work out that way.”

(On Tristan Thompson’s missed free throws): “He was 5- for- 6 at the time that he went up for his first two and I know he went 1-for-4 in the last couple of possessions. I thought they all looked good. He shot them pretty well. He’s kind of upset that he missed them, but I think it’s good for him to go through that type of experience. It will help him in the long run. Free-throw wise, his free-throw percentage has gotten so much better. He is shooting with so much more confidence. He was a little upset that he missed them, getting in that situation and having the opportunity to knock them down. Sometimes failing is good and I think he will be even better for it.”

(On Tristan Thompson): “I can trust him, but I think he still needs to get a little better. He had another game where he went up there and knocked two down. Tonight just wasn’t his night, as far as the free-throws are concerned. I would say that to a guy that’s shooting 85 percent. I can trust, them but I still think they can get better and Tristan’s no exception.”


(On the game): “I’m really happy with the effort of our guys the last three games. They’ve really competed and most of the games have come down to the wire, with the exception of the Spurs that got away in the fourth quarter. But here, we really competed for 48 minutes, and it’s just that type of game where the two rookies go 1-of-6 from the free throw line. It just happens. It’s part of the game, and now onto the next game.”

(On missing two late free throws): “I picture myself in my backyard, and it just didn’t go my way. The thing about those two misses, they were both long. So I just had to pull back a little bit. It’s just two misses, but like I said it’s part of the game of basketball. You win some, you lose some.”

(On being aggressive in the opening quarter of the game): “I was just taking what the defense gave me, making simple basketball plays and feeding off my teammates. It’s kind of what I do every single game. It is one of the best quarters that we’ve had throughout the season. We’re definitely in games when we play competitive teams such as a Memphis or San Antonio. We need to have good first quarters, so going forward we just want to have an aggressive mindset.”


(On the late game missed free throws): “Going 1-of-6 in the last three minutes and myself, personally, going 1-of-4, they’re situations you want to be in. It helps you grow, especially as a young player. So use it as a learning tool and just go up and knock down the free throws next time I’m in that situation.”

(On whether Kyrie Irving’s free throw misses affected his): “After missing my two I was like ‘dang.’ I was like ‘shoot.’ I followed up with another performance like him going 0-for-2. It’s situations young players embrace, especially having veterans like (An) Tawn (Jamision) and them trusting us to make plays and get fouled. It means a lot. They’ve got the confidence in us, so we’ve just got to go up and knock them down.”


(On Tony Allen): “He played well last game as well. I thought our defense in the second quarter was really good. Tony led the way. He wound up having a franchise-record eight steals. He’s just standing where he’s supposed to be getting steals. He got some big rebounds down the stretch as well.”

(On the game): “I thought that in the fourth quarter the group that was in there did an outstanding job, including when I put some of the starters back in the game. I thought we played well. The first quarter was just a bad quarter. We gave up 32 points, and we finally got in a rhythm of playing and playing hard. In the third quarter, we kind of did the same thing. We played and let up and played and let up. Finally the quarter ended, and we got back to playing aggressive basketball.”

(On Quincy Pondexter’s injury): “They told me he’s going to get an MRI on his knee. It doesn’t matter how he feels. He could not have any pain, but he’s getting an MRI tomorrow, and they’re going to tell us what’s wrong.”

(On their schedule in April): “We’ve had a really good month. We’ve won 12 games, which ties San Antonio. We’ve played well at home, and we’ve played well on the road. Obviously, the games haven’t been dominated, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve played well enough to win all of these games. I think that we’re still playing, which bodes well versus a lot of people who are sitting out guys and not playing.”

(On Zach Randolph): “I just hope he continues to get better. I don’t think he has a switch to turn on. He played the whole third quarter, and the first half he got three fouls. I took him out. I didn’t want him to get four fouls and be in that situation. I started him in the third quarter so he could get all the minutes. It’s difficult when you’ve missed part of the season. Hopefully, he’ll keep getting better and better from an offensive perspective as well as a defensive perspective.”


(On resting players before the playoffs): “It shows how deep our team is. Some guys rest, some guys play a lot of minutes. Coach knows what he is doing so he is just getting us ready for the playoffs.”

(On the Clippers): “We are going to watch film on the Clippers. Come to practice, get focused, and go through some of their plays.”


(On staying focused on the last regular season game): “I need them personally, and I know the other guys are polishing their craft up going into the post- season with these games as well. We cannot worry about what the other teams are going to do. All we can do is control us and see how the chips fall. For the most part we just have to get these wins and worry about us.”

(On the win): “We definitely put the pressure on them (the Clippers) by winning. With another win Thursday, we’ll definitely put the pressure on them as well. Like I said at the end of the day we can only control what we do and just sit back and watch what they do.”


(On the team): “Right now we are heading into the playoffs and I think we are doing a good job winning the games. We are playing the best basketball right now especially defensively. When we do that you can really see the face of this team when we are really into it.”

(On any concerns): “I am sure everyone will give their best effort once we start the playoffs. It is a little tough because your head is anxious about getting there and getting that first game of the playoffs so it is normal.”

(On rest and wins): “Everybody is getting confident and that is going to be big for us in the playoffs because you never know what could happen in the game and all of a sudden you need a guy that hasn’t played in a long time. Everybody is playing right now so everybody is fresh.”