Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Magic

April 15, 2012

(On tonight’s game): “Obviously, it’s hard to win games when you have 18 turnovers for 23 points and it’s becoming a broken record as I told the guys (in the locker room). We just have to do a better job of taking care of the ball. Sometimes we get in the habit of trying to make these home run passes and we just have to make the simple play…That’s 18 opportunities we didn’t have to shoot the ball. That’s the biggest thing for tonight’s game. I thought, defensively, in the first half, we did a pretty good job. In the second half, they got a little hot. We just can’t continue to give a team 18 more looks than we get.”

(On if he thought the team was tired): “I thought so. I told our coaches in the second quarter ‘I think the third game is taking its toll’, which is understandable. I also thought our guys tried to fight through it and keep playing hard and keep competing and that’s what it’s all about. I’m very proud of them from that standpoint. Maybe that has a little bit to do with turning the ball over as well. You, all of a sudden, have a little bit of a lack of focus when you’re tired. You know us, we don’t use that as an excuse. Every team has had to play three games in a row, including us. It is what it is.”

(On the team’s first half shooting): “We couldn’t buy a basket and at that time they were shooting in the upper 30’s. That’s what really kept us in the game. In the second half, they got a little hot, made some shots and ended up shooting 46 percent…Even with all that going on, I still think the turnovers are still the biggest issue for us right now.”

(On Donald Sloan): “I think Donald has played well. I think he’s getting adjusted to having to guard some of these first-tier point guards. He’s a pretty bright young man. I think he’ll learn as he goes along. Some of the things we’re asking (of him) on the defensive end, as far as applying pressure to some of these guys, obviously, leaves him vulnerable at times, but he does have to do a better job of keeping guys in front of him and I think as he grows in this league, he will. I’ve been very happy with the way he’s played.”


(On the turnovers ratio tonight): “I think guys were just trying to make plays. Guys are just looking to get to the basket or they’re looking for an opportunity to get it to a guy. They just got their hands on (the ball) which led to easy baskets. I don’t think the turnovers were non-aggressive turnovers, they were just forced. Our guys were just trying to make the right reads and tried to get it going.”


(On playing three games in three nights): “It was a learning experience and definitely something to remember. Unfortunately, we didn’t pull it out tonight.”

(On the team’s slow start): “We didn’t make shots. I missed plenty of things around the rim that the night before I would of made or that I’ve made throughout the season. Same thing for (Antawn Jamison, Anthony Parker, and Alonzo Gee). Sometimes there’s just a lid on the basket and we just have to keep playing.”


(On playing three games in three nights): “It was something that most of these guys hadn’t experienced before. We had a lot of turnovers tonight and just missed shots. It was tough, even though I didn’t play, I was still winded. I can’t imagine playing Friday, Saturday, and today, but everyone goes through it and it was our time to go through it. We wanted to put ourselves in the position to make some noise, but between our turnovers and (the Magic) converting on our turnovers and us not finding a rhythm offensively, it’s hard for us to win the game.”

(On the team’s fatigue): “I was telling the young guys that right now it’s all mental. Everyone’s body feels beat up and is tired from the season, but it’s about mind over body. We have to challenge ourselves and mentally try to push through these last couple of games. That’s what I stressed before the game today and it’s one thing to say it and to think it, but we have to go out there and do it. We played hard, defensively, we did some good things, but we had too many turnovers and just didn’t get into a rhythm offensively.”


(On bench players stepping up): “It was great. The guys in (the locker room) are really happy for Daniel (Orton) and Earl (Clark), especially Daniel because this was really his first big opportunity and he really came up big. Blocking shots, he was great defensively. It’s great to see a team that gets happy for guys like that. I just thought it was a great team effort.”

(On the game): “Jameer (Nelson) was fabulous. He was fabulous. Everybody that played contributed. It was a really, really, really good win for us. I understand (Cleveland is) banged up too. We’re their third game in three nights. I know the whole deal, but still a great win for us.”


(On his game): “I feel good. I’m happy to geta win. We needed this win. It feels good to get a win. I’m playing more and confidence comes (with it). You start being comfortable being out there and you just start figuring out what to do…I always try to get blocks, but the five steals kind of surprised me out there. I’m just trying to play good defense. That’s one of the things (coach) Stan (Van Gundy) asked me to do. It’s a great feeling to know you have a team behind you and that the team has your back. To have guys like these, teammates like these, that enjoy moments like this and are proud of you and happy for you, it feels good.”

(On learning on the fly because of the shortened season): “Playing games is our practice. With the shortened season, there aren’t many practices. Every learning opportunity we get in practice and on the court, we have to take.”


(On clinching a playoff berth and the game): “It’s big for us. I think everybody stepped up. I think we played team basketball tonight. Guys who haven’t played a lot minutes played great tonight. Daniel (Orton), obviously, was kind of the story. He played great and we’re really proud of him. He stepped it up tonight. We haven’t had the best of luck with injuries. It’s great for this team. This was a great win, a great team win.”

(On the Magic playing well despite multiple injuries): “That’s why everyone is having such a great time. It’s an emotional win. Glen (Davis) dumped a pitcher of water over Daniel (Orton’s) head when he walked in (the locker room). It was a fun win because it was a team win. We have a lot of guys down, a lot of guys banged up. It was just good to see the guys that haven’t played as much this year really step it up and play great.”