Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Pacers

April 13, 2012

"I thought the second quarter we had a few turnovers here and there and the third quarter we just couldn’t make a shot. We had about 10 open shots and we only made one of them. We couldn’t buy a basket in the third quarter and offensively they got going a little bit. We know what they are (the Pacers), we know what kind of team they are and we know that they’re going to go to the post with (David) West and Roy (Hibbert) and we know Danny (Granger) is going to get down there some too. I thought our defense in the first half, was especially good the first 20 minutes of the game. Them getting second chance points was killer; and 19 turnovers for 22 points was a killer."

(On how tough it was to hold off a bigger team): "It’s tough, I think it takes its toll and out guys start to wear down a little bit."


"They’re definitely bigger than us in size. But overall, Coach said he liked the way we competed. Tomorrow is another on."

(On if the team takes pride in not backing down): "Definitely I felt like we should have won here today. But we have two more. Hopefully we can win in D.C., and go back and get one against Orlando."

(On his strong play of late): "It’s been a little more consistent knowing I’m going to get in and play. I’m starting to do a better job. I’m not where I want to be, but it’s slowly but surely getting there. We only have a few more games left and I’m trying to take advantage of that."


(On if Pacers played differently from two nights ago): "Nope. That’s my honest opinion. The second half we had a lot of open shots and we didn’t convert on them. We had too many turnovers. They had 14-16 fast break points and most of those were off of our turnovers. That is about it. We weren’t aggressive enough in the second half. We did a bad job of playing 48 minutes. The third quarter is really what got us out of the game. But they didn’t do anything different. We knew the game plan coming in. They just stepped it up in the third quarter and we did a bad job of communicating on the defensive end."


"I challenged my guys to ramp up their defense because we’ve had some poor halves the last couple of games. They defended at a high level tonight. Obviously we struggled in the first half but we said all year, offense will come and go but defense will carry us."

(On clinching a playoff spot): "We haven’t accomplished anything yet. Nothing has changed for us. We felt for a while we would be in the playoffs but until we get home court advantage there is still work to be done. Larry Bird has done a great job bringing high character guys who can play. We don’t have a team of mega stars; but a lot of very good players at every position."


"It felt good to be out there among the players and actually playing. Game simulation is not real game. I feel bad about missing a dunk and maybe a couple other things but I really needed to be on the floor in actual game conditions. I thank Lou (Amundson) over there for getting six fouls and getting me in the game."


"I think my timing was better tonight, my spacing was better and we just got started on the right track and stayed on it. My rhythm is coming back and coming back at the right time. We need to continue to play with this enthusiasm and effort."


"We knew we had to bump our defense up. We knew we had to get better. We knew Cleveland was a good, good ball club and they would be a tough test for us tonight. We were able to keep our game at the level that we wanted it at. Coach has told us over and over about defense. We want to continue and get a good spot in the playoffs, mainly home court advantage. This was a step in that direction and only a step in that direction. We must continue."