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Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Wizards

February 7, 2014

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

On tonight’s performance:
“I thought we came out a little slow. We didn’t execute, especially defensively. I mean I thought as the game went along, the guys were talking about getting stops, getting stops, getting stops, and that was big. You got a guy like Kyrie [Irving] with the ball in his hands for a lot during the basketball game; to have 12 assists, getting to the free throw line 13 times was a phenomenal game. I mean he helped make his teammates better tonight, that was fun to see. We got a great performance obviously from Dion [Waiters]. Dion came off the bench and sparked us. Hit big shot, after big shot, after big shot, and I thought more in that the way he ran the floor and I thought his presence on the defensive end of the floor was huge. Cause when his group came on, I felt we were starting to get some stops, stringing some stops together throughout the course of the game, even though it was a high paced game.”

On ending a six-game losing streak:
“I thought we did a nice job collectively on the glass. Like I said Alonzo [Gee] had a couple of put-back dunks that were huge throughout the course of the game. For our guards, try to get them to mix it up and we’ve been talking to them all year, ‘Hey you guys go to rebound the elbow areas,’ and they tried to do that tonight. It showed in the stats.”

On if the recent front office activity impacted tonight’s effort:
“I don’t think so. Chris [Grant] doesn’t play any games for us or anything like that, so our guys just went out and executed on both ends of the court and we got a win.”

On defending Bradley Beal:
“He’s a very good young player on his way to being a great player. We just wanted our guys to make him work, so we just tried to keep a body on him at all times. I thought Deli [Matthew Dellavedova] was really big coming of the bench guarding him. Jack [Jarrett Jack] guarded him some, Alonzo [Gee] guarded him some. I think Kyrie [Irving] did. We had a lot of different bodies on him throughout the course of the game and we just tried to pay special attention to him. He’s a special shooter and he happened to miss some shots and it worked out in our way.”

Kyrie Irving

On feeling under the weather:
“I’m alright. To go out there and for my teammates to have the effort that they had tonight, it was great. We need that from them every single night. It was a great win.”

On the bench play:
“Some of our guys on the bench have been starters before they came into this role, so for them to come out, and I mean they have been in that position before just come in and give us a lot of effort on both ends of the floor. They definitely stepped up. Our bench played amazing”

On his relationship with John Wall:
“I’ve known John since I was a junior in high school, so I mean you know it is always fun going against one of your friends. It is always a pleasure. He is a great guard in this league, you definitely want to hold your own against another fellow All-Star guard. He deserves it, to be an All-Star and his team is playing amazing. He’s having a great year and I wish him nothing but the best.”

Dion Waiters

On breaking the losing streak:
“We needed a win. We knew how important it was to come out here and play with a sense of urgency and play hard especially against a good team.”

On the difference tonight vs their past six games:
“The energy was different. You guys knew what was at stake, after going through a situation like what we went through. So we knew we had to come out here and play hard, and face adversity, and it was not the first time for us, but at the end of the day we came out here, we played hard, played for one another, and we got a big win.”

On clicking with Kyrie Irving tonight:
“Yes. The ball was moving. We played off one another. Once we do that, it is kind of hard to stop us. Especially if we are clicking on all cylinders. Alonzo Gee coming off the bench and giving us that boost. Anthony Bennett is starting to come on, Tyler [Zeller], CJ [Miles], the whole team. Everybody out there just contributing.”

Washington Wizards head coach randy wittman

On their performance:
“Lack of desire. We just think sometimes we can just show up.  ‘Maybe tonight will be an easier night, and I don’t have to exert as much energy tonight.  Let’s see if we can get away with that.’  Give up 67 points in the first half and you’re in a dog fight…We can get all caught up in .500, and like I told you guys what that meant, nothing… We wait until the last four minutes to fly around and try and decide to play defense…. For 44 minutes we didn’t give an effort and that’s what is disappointing.  I’ve got to figure it out.” 

On the team’s performance (continued):
“Until we are willing from a minimal standpoint to say,‘You know what, we‘ve got to do this every night,’ then we’re going to be win two, loose two, win three, loose three.  That’s what we’re going to be, and I think they can be better than that.  But not with that thought process going into games like that.”

On the loss:
“It was as bad of a performance from a defensive standpoint, had nothing to do with making shots.  It had a lot to do with how they got those shots that they made. The effort we put in to defend it.  And when you try to do that, you take that part of the game off, because you think you might be able to get away with doing that, and not having to exert on both ends of the floor.  This is what happens. And we’ve talked about it.  I’ve got to figure something new out obviously, that falls on my shoulders.  We’ll try it.”

On underestimating Cleveland:
“We told them what that organization is going through right now.  Tough times with the firing of their GM.  They’re going to be desperate, always happens no matter who it is that gets fired.  And without any of that happening, they have guys on that team that can score points.  And if you can score a lot of points, you can win a lot of games.  If we let them go out and do that, we’re going to get beat.  I don’t have any answer for why that happens.”

Trevor Ariza

On the loss:
“We could have played a little tougher instead of lackadaisical. I felt like that’s how we played all game and when you give a vulnerable team life, that’s what happens. You lose. We didn’t do our job. We didn’t come out aggressive. We didn’t play aggressive throughout the whole game and they beat us.”

On their approach to the game:
“I don’t think anybody just comes out here thinking we can just show up. Sometimes coach tends to think different things, but all we’re gonna do is stick together, work hard tomorrow and try to make this one up.”

On the team’s effort:
“All we’re here to do is play and play to the best of our abilities when we’re on the court. Tonight, personally, I just don’t feel like we gave 100 percent. We were lackadaisical out there and that’s why we lost.”

On playing well against OKC and POR, but not against BOS and CLE:
“I feel like it was one of those nights where I think it just wasn’t a good night for us defensively. We shot the ball pretty well, but on the other end we slacked off and we can’t do that. We’re not a team that can do that.”

John Wall

On the game tonight:
“We just didn’t come out and play. We didn’t come out with our defensive concepts and come out and play hard. They played harder than us in that first half and even when we were down four, we didn’t come out with that same effort. You just give credit to Cleveland. They came out and played harder than us tonight.”

On Coach Wittman’s comments:
“If you’re a good team, you play good those last few games against the best three teams in the West… He (Coach Wittman) came back and told us on the off day, the day we came in to get shots up and stuff, this is the biggest game of the year, to see where you stand against this team and see if you’ve taken the right steps forward. We are nowhere close to taking those steps forward because we didn’t improve and you can’t take anything away from Cleveland. They played harder than us and played a better game than us. We didn’t come out and play with that same intensity that we did those other three games.”

On your frustration after tonight’s game:
“It’s very high. When you are playing against an Eastern Conference team, you have to take it seriously. You never know if they get on a hot streak, it could decide the season series, they get the eighth spot and we don’t. Those are things that you got to look at and get frustrated about…You want to set your own destiny and go out there and win those types of games. I feel like this is the worst loss for us this season because of the way we played those last three games and coming back and having a chance to go back over .500 and you just fall back down.”