Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Wizards

October 13, 2012

(On tonight's game): "I thought we played pretty good. I thought that at the beginning of the game, it looked like we were stuck in the mud a little bit. (We) addressed that at halftime. (We) talked to our players about the style of play that we want to play and what we want to continue to get out of it. I thought that in the second half, we did a little bit better job. Rebounding is still hurting us. On the defensive end, obviously the last few (rebounds we didn't get) on the free throw line was a killer."

(On Tristan Thompson and Anderson Varejao): "Tristan played well. (He had) a lot of energy. I thought Andy played really well. They were doing exactly what they're supposed to do. Just really crashing the glass and being aggressive and physical. Tristan had his best game of the preseason…He's gotten a lot stronger, but I don't think it's hurt his athleticism or speed. I think what he did this summer was really good."

(On Kyrie Irving's game tonight): "He's trying to find his way with everything that we're doing. He's putting so much emphasis and energy on the defensive end right now because he knows that we need him to get better at that end of the floor. I think he's trying as hard as he can, and he's doing a much better job at that end. So right now his offense is kind of suffering, but I have no problem with him missing shots right now because I know Kyrie. Once he gets it going he'll be fine.


(On his preseason shooting thus far): "It's gotten a little frustrating out there, but I'm glad I'm having these kind of nights in the preseason and then getting my rhythm back. I just have to realize that I basically had the whole summer off and I'm just trying to rush everything back. I just need to get my game back and get acclimated up to game speed."

(On how he tried to get himself going tonight offensively): "I was just trying to make plays for my teammates; I can always change the game with the ball or without it. I'm just trying to affect the game on both ends of the floor."


(On how his added muscle is helping him): "Definitely on the rebounding side. I've been able to create more space, especially on the defensive side and have been able to set better screens while taking contact."

(On trying to replicate Anderson Varejao's energy): "I'm just trying to learn from what he's doing; it's obviously a process and I'm trying to compete with him for the boards."


(On the game): "(Tonight was) a good example for our guys; just through playing hard, staying in the game. We didn't do all things right but we played hard and with our heart and determination. We gutted a game out. These are the games you look back on and say "Wow, we shouldn't have won this one, but we did." This was a learning experience about staying in the game."

(On reserve Shavlik Randloph): "I thought he came in and battled his tail off for us. [He] probably ran out of gas and got some fouls."

(On front-line injury bug): "I was worried leading into the preseason how I was going to get everybody minutes at the bigs. Now I can't find a big to get minutes."


(On personal performance tonight): "Since I came into the NBA right out of Duke that has kind of been my role, to be a guy that has to stay ready and provide energy, rebounding and hustling when I come in. That's no different than what my role was tonight. I try to stay ready and when my number was called made sure I went in and provided energy."

(On eagerness to return to NBA roster): "I'm pretty eager. Last year I was in China and signed during the lockout and came close to coming back with a couple teams close to the end of last season. I've worked really hard this past summer and I hope I get an opportunity to come back."

(On win tonight): "The preseason is the preseason but you don't want to go 0-for. You don't want to not win any games. I think it was great. The young guys got great experience. They (Cavaliers) were playing their main guys tonight and trying to win that game and we were too."