Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Timberwolves

November 13, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

(On tonight’s game): "They beat us in transition; they beat us in the half court. They cut harder, they played harder, they were more physical. Give them credit for winning the game."

(Are you concerned with the team after this?: After a performance like that you are concerned. It was a good team, on their floor, you get concerned about a performance like that. Again, I thought we fought, we didn't finish the game in Chicago but I thought we fought. We had our chances down the stretch with it being a one point game with 5-6 minutes to go. We are nine games in and keep on going forward and we're going to keep playing D, we're going to keep moving the ball until we figure this thing out.

(What did you take out of the game tonight?: "I saw some things that make me think that this team has some fight and some character. I saw it tonight. I saw some stuff on the court, some stuff on the bench, listening to guys talk and how they feel. We like some of the things that were being said, things that were said on the bench, some of the things done on the bench by most of the guys."

(Had you heard this prior?: "You hear some of it but this was a different situation because we were getting our behinds kicked so now you are getting your behind kicked and you are looking for guys that are going to keep on fighting, fighting together, fighting for one another."

(Jarrett Jack pulled the team together in the 4th, is that what you mean?: "Yeah, that's a great example. Jarrett was into it the whole time, Kyrie was into it, it was great. They were supporting whoever it was out on the floor and trying to get those guys together. You can take that and keep moving forward and take it that there could be something positive that comes out of this."

Jarrett Jack

(On the game): “It was one of these nights, you normally have about two of these a year, where you just come out in a funk and you know you don’t have it. And you try to put that in the rearview mirror as quick as possible and focus on the task we have coming up, which is Charlotte. Not to excuse the performance that we put out on the court. I’m sure the coaches feel the same way. We weren’t at all satisfied. It’s something we have to put it all on our shoulders. It’s not like we weren’t prepared, we were prepared for this game, for this team. But this falls on the guys, myself included”

(Mike Brown had a lot of positive to say about the bench talk): “I mean through the good and bad times you always try to remain who you are and remain a teammate. You don’t want to get consumed or worry about an individual’s performance or the score, at the end of the day we are all teammates. And we root for each other. No matter if we are up 10 or down 10, you need to keep that constant atmosphere. We don’t want to be one of those few good teams where when we are winning we are high-fiving and smiling and when we are losing everyone is going their separate ways. You can’t be a chameleon in this league. The journey is so up and down that you have to stay as even keeled as possible,”

Kyrie Irving

(On the game): “You just have to come together as a team. There are things we can approve on obviously. Review film and have a good practice and get ready for Charlotte”

(Bench talk): “Things that we just have to get better as a team. Things that happen on the bench, lots of talk that stays in the locker room would be beneficial for the team.”

(When will talk become action): “You can talk about it but things we aren’t doing out there are things that need to be addressed in the locker room and are and will continue to be addressed in the locker room. Try to get better from there”

Timberwolves Head Coach Rick Adelman

(On tonight’s game): ”Terrific game for our guys, came out from the start and they carried it through, the first three quarters especially. We moved the ball around the court, had a lot of energy, 34 assists and low on turnovers. That’s huge.”

(On starting Brewer at the two): “We wanted to put Corey on one of their guards anyway. He’s been playing so well, he’s 5-for-5’s on threes and he was all over the court. But I like the way everyone played, we followed the game plan. We really moved.”

(On the Cavs' performance): “At the end of the half we cut it back to 23 but then they made it to 19 then we just kind of opened it up. Which was good because they were talking about it on the bench, we don’t stop playing and we felt the only way they were going to get back in the game is if we turned the ball over, took quick shots, and stopped defending. Because they came out more aggressive in the third quarter, they tried to get more involved in the game and our guys responded.”

(On Love’s performance lately): “No, he’s just been playing great. The energy he plays with is carrying over to everyone else. I thought Ricky played really well tonight he had a nice handle and a nice flow to the game. J.J. came off the bench with seven assists. It was a nice game to watch, to see those guys having fun. They were playing together.”

(On Rubio): “We wanted to keep him pushing the ball but pushing the ball doesn’t mean you’re going 100 MPH at a time trying to attack, attack, attack. It’s using the flow or sometimes you push it up and you get us into something. I think he’s done a really nice job with that. Again, it always helps when you’re making shots and tonight we were making shots.”

(On Rubio's defense): “He did a nice job on Irving and the big guys did a nice job of containing him. He’s really tough to contain, he’s really quick. Our guys really followed the game plan.”

(On Rubio's shooting): “I don’t dwell on the shooting as much as you guys do. Of course when you’re playing good and the team is playing good it’s a lot easier to do things. What he’s been doing is giving layups and picking and choosing when he goes out there. It’s going to be a process for him, but I know how hard he works. The more confidence he gets the better it is. I thought tonight he had a really good feel on how the game was going.”

(On Robbie Hummel): “I think he did great. I said from the very start that I was tempted to put him in the group, in the rotation at the start. But tonight I felt number one when we wanted to move Corey up to guard one of their guards. I played with Robbie with the starters, he does all the little things you don’t notice at all, he makes open shots but he does things like he did tonight. He was helping Pek and he helped Kevin out, always in the right spot defensively. He is just kind of like a glue guy. He doesn’t need to do anything to help the team because he does all the little things that people don’t notice. With Kevin out it gave us a chance to play Corey at the guard spot defensively, and it gave us this shooter on the floor because we were going to miss Kevin’s shooting. I knew he was going to fit in with the starters. I had a lot of confidence that he was going to do well. He wasn’t going to hurt us at all he was going to help us.”

Kevin Love

(On the game): “Great start again. All played well and all rebounded well and Ricky was awesome.

(Corey and Robbie’s game): “Corey was awesome. I thought Robbie was great. Corey really picked up the energy”

(Playing well in the first quarter this season): “I think a lot of it is effort. We aren’t always going to get off at starts like that. In the time we can make runs like that. It’s something we haven’t had in the past. We are playing both sides of the ball which we like to see.”

(Corey’s energy): “That’s Corey. He’s always had a tone of energy, he always brings it. He’s been giving us a lot in transition. When he cuts most people find him”

Ricky Rubio

(On the game): “We make runs and it’s a great system, fun to play in. When we make shots it’s an unbelievable thing. We are moving the ball and that’s a big part.”

(Assists): “I mean they are making shots, they are helping me to look good. I’m just trying to run the offensive team. You need to know where your teammates are. They are shooting very well”

(Shooting): “Shooting I am feeling more comfortable something that has to come. In the beginning of the season it’s tough to get your rhythm but as the season comes it gets easier.