Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Thunder

February 2, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

(On the game tonight): “A good win. As I said to the guys after the game, it’s amazing what happens when you play with energy. That’s what we’ve been looking for every single night. Just play with that type of energy and see what can happen… When you play with that type of energy, good things can happen, and we beat the best team in the league tonight.”

(On Kyrie Irving and the bench): “I figured he’d be a lot more focused and he was tonight. I thought our bench in the fourth quarter did a great job. I think they did a terrific job of getting us back into the game on the defensive end and just playing all out with their energy and effort. Offensively, they were getting some easy buckets and open shots. You try to stick with those guys as long as possible, but at around that five and a half minute mark, the only guy I really thought about bringing back in at that time was Kyrie because I knew he’d be nice and fresh and he’s a closer. That’s exactly what he did… The one thing about last night, he tried to take the loss upon himself and that it was his fault. It wasn’t his fault. We win as a team, we lose as a team but I think he takes it more personal, and he came out with the type of effort that he came out with tonight.”

(On Marreese Speights): “He played extremely well. He hit shots when we really needed it. He got some key defensive rebounds as well. I didn’t know he was that fiery I didn’t know he communicated that way on the floor. I didn’t know he played this style of basketball. From what I saw from him in Philly, he was primarily a catch and shoot big guy that can kind of stretch the floor but I saw from the first game we had him here, he was much more than that. He was a guy that can go in the post as well and a very good communicator on the defensive end. So I know a lot more about him than I knew when we got him and I love what I see. He’s a great kid around these guys, very vocal and that’s something that we need, plus his experience. He’s been in the league for a while.”

Kyrie Irving

(On the team’s energy and focus tonight): “It was definitely higher than these last two games. We obviously knew we had to come out with a lot more focus and a lot more energy. That’s what we did tonight.”

(On if he had a closing mentality in the fourth quarter): “Absolutely. Coach Scott put me back in and I just needed to be aggressive for my teammates and that’s what I did.”

(On if he expected the team to come out with such high energy): “I absolutely expected that. We’re playing the Thunder. I just wish we had this energy every night. It just shows that we can compete with the best and can beat the best.”

Marreese Speights

(On his energy level and having a big game for his new team): “I’ve got a lot of energy. Once the crowd got going, we were able to pull it out. The crowd was great tonight. Last night we lost to a Detroit team we should have beat and came back tonight and beat Oklahoma City.”

(On if coming to Cleveland has been a rebirth for him): “I came to a new team. A lot of people don’t know that I’m the one who signed off on getting traded. I came here because I knew they had a young team; great city; great fans and I always wanted to be here.”

Thunder Head Coach Scott Brooks

(On Kyrie’s performance): “We could have done a better job of controlling him, but like I said, he is one of the best in the business at it. Give him a lot of credit. They have really developed him these past two years and have improved his game. It’s a testament to their coaching staff to develop him and make him an All-Star at such a young age.”

(On concerns about the defense on the road): “It’s always concerning when we don’t play defense they way we are capable of playing. Is it going to be the end of the world? No, because we always come back to pride ourselves on what we do and stick with the basic fundamentals; that is guarding ball, helping off the ball and rebounding the ball.”

Kevin Durant

(On stopping the Cavs momentum in the second half): “We were up 12. We can’t just come in and play nonchalant basketball. (When) we are up 12 we have to put them away. They are home, too, so if they make a few shots they are going to get some momentum.”

(On Kyrie’s performance): “He came through in the fourth quarter for them. He hit some big shots. (He hit a) tough three over the top of (my) hand. He was getting to the rim on the pick-and-rolls. He’s a quick guy. Our bigs were playing one-on-one with him. As perimeter players, we have to do a better job of helping the bigs out on the pick-and-roll.”