Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Rockets

February 1, 2014

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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(On the game): “Houston played a very good basketball game and you have to give them credit. One of the things we talked about was we had to try and slow them down in their transition game, but with the way at times when we turned the ball over, with the poor floor balance, Houston was able to get out and get some easy baskets in transition. Twenty-nine points in transition and the fast-break points were too high and that was one of the biggest disadvantages that we had tonight. You have to give credit to their two guards, Patrick Beverley and Jeremy Lin. They played a heck of a game between the two of those guys, twenty-one rebounds is phenomenal. They just kind of got after it and went after every loose ball and rebounded and you have to give those guys credit for what they did. Also, give them credit for the eighteen assists for the two of them. A guy like Patrick Beverley effected the game, although he did not score. Jeremy Lin’s triple-double was big for those guys because you know your hands are full with Dwight (Howard) and James (Harden). For those guys to step up the way they did, you have to give them credit.”

(On Dwight Howard and his play): “He’s playing very well. He’s obviously an all-star and he might be one of the all-time greatest to play the game and when you have a guy like that that you can just throw the ball into the post and command a double-team or know you’re going to get a decent look, that is a bug time luxury.”


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(On the Cavaliers’ play): “One thing I felt is that we were communicating better and we weren’t just out there watching each other. I thought the guys did a better job of communicating and talking to each other. We gave ourselves a chance, we competed today. I don’t think we did that in the other games. The biggest thing is just staying positive. Sometimes, a guy might mess up out there, but as a leader, you have to somehow highlight what he’s doing better. We talked about that in the locker room and sometimes, you’d be surprised when you talk to your teammate how far that goes.”

(On the Cavaliers transition defense): “We have to do a better job of balancing the floor. I thought on the one, two, and three, we didn’t do a great job in running back to make sure they played half-court basketball. They pushed the ball and got easy baskets.”

Kyrie Irving

(On starting at the two position rather than the point position): “We’ve done that before this season and having J-Jack (Jarrett Jack) out there and having his positive energy at the beginning. We put ourselves in a hole, but going into the second quarter, our sense of urgency the rest of the game. Once we started getting stops, we got back into the game. They were just making bug plays and the game got away from us. Coming into the game playing off the ball was something I’m used to already so it wasn’t really to big of a change.”

(On the Rockets’ guard play): “Patrick Beverley is a tremendous on-ball defender and he hits the boards. There were two plays in the beginning of the game when I was like, ‘He flew right by me’ and I was like ‘I have to box this guy out.’ He’s a great player and Jeremy (Lin) puts them into transition and is very aggressive on the offensive end and he definitely makes them deadly.”


(On his play in the second quarter): “I just took what they gave me. I took what the defense gave me and I made shots and tried to get my teammates involved. I was just trying to make the extra pass. At the end of the day, tough times don’t last, people do. We have to stick with each other and when we’re going through things like this mentally, you have to be on your toes. We are going to get out of this. We have to bring the same intensity that we brought tonight. We looked totally different out there, the ball was moving, we were talking. Houston just made shots and they had a little momentum swing. They made their run, and we made our run, but ours was just not good enough to win tonight. I’m happy with how we came out, talked, and we have to keep taking steps. Nothings going to change over night.”

Rockets Head Coach Kevin McHale

(On second-quarter play): “We had no concentration or focus. Break down? I think you have to have something before it breaks down. Our first unit wasn't very good tonight. We started off the game okay, but we got them back in there at the end of the second (quarter) and start of the third (quarter). They had no juice, they had nothing.”

(On Jeremy Lin's performance): “I thought Jeremy and D-Mo (Donatas Motiejunas) came in the third quarter and changed the game. They came in and gave us energy and gave us just good plays, but also, they gave us (defensively) what we were looking for. They actually did our schemes and were diligent. We weren't getting any of that earlier.”

(On Jeremy Lin and Pat Beverley's play): “We had 18 assists between Jeremy and Patrick. They were fantastic. Jeremy had a really good game. We really needed it. He came out and brought good juice. Jeremy just had a good positive vibe going, playing hard, wasn't losing his mind if something happened. He played and had a nice vibe going. That group (starters) out there that we had was traumatic. It was just too much of that, so Jeremy came in and did a good job. D-Mo stats may not look like their great , but I thought D-Mo had really good minutes with that group.”

(On not going back to Chandler Parson in the second half): “The other guys I thought played very well. We were looking for some combinations that would click.”

(On Pat Beverley and Jeremy Lin complementing each other): “I like those two. I thought earlier in the year they were our best combination on the floor. Those two guys together, they have a nice symmetry between them. They both enjoy playing with each other. They like each other. They're very respectful for each other and they work to help each other.”

Jeremy Lin

(On his triple-double): “I'm just thankful. I never really thought about that (triple-double) until everyone was telling me it was about to happen, so I didn't know. I'm just thankful. I am really thankful to God. It's just humbling to think about the whole journey and now this. It's another cool thing.”

(On his accomplishing this within the Rockets offense): “I think anytime you get on the floor, you have a chance to do it, just make an impact. I was just trying to be aggressive and thankfully it happened, but it's not really something, I mean it can always be done. Once you get on the floor and once you get a chance to play, it's just basketball.”

(On the Rockets getting contributions tonight from many players): “Today, different people, D-Mo (Donatas Motiejunas) and Omri (Casspi) gave great minutes off the bench, They played really well and Dwight (Howard) and James (Harden). A lot of different guys contributed.”


(On Jeremy Lin’s play): “He was making the right play and I told him at the end of the fourth quarter with about five minutes to go, ‘Its like you’re searching for a triple-double, just go out there and do what you’ve been doing what you’ve been doing all night. Just play and the ball will find people in the right spot to score.’ Once we relaxed and did that, he got his last two assists and he got a big rebound so I’m very happy for him.”

(On his play in the post): “I was just trying to be aggressive. I knew that when I caught the ball that they were going to double team on the throw in, so I tried to catch it deep and tried to make a quick move to get to a hook shot, but they came down. I just tried to pass up to guys open for threes and I know that Patrick (Beverly) missed a couple, but those shots will fall the more we do that.”

(on): “Well we talked about it. We talked about what we were doing wrong, how we were coming down, jacking up shots and not using the shot clock and that worked to their advantage. You know we don’t have a break, we have to learn how to execute in the half court no matter if it’s a post up or if it’s a pick-and-roll we gotta to be able to execute in the half court to be a successful playoff team and that’s something that we’re working on.”

James Harden

(The play of Pat Beverly): “Unbelievable. That’s what we need, that’s the type of effort we need from guys throughout this entire team. He (Beverly) didn’t score any points, he went 0-of-5 from the field, he had 10 rebounds, 8 assists, 5 steals. He just played well.”

(On how his thumb is feeling): “It’s alright. It didn’t get any worse and that’s the good part about it. Guys did a good job tonight; I think a lot of guys contributed in a positive way. Obviously Jeremy (Lin) came off the bench and did a tremendous job and played an overall good game and got a triple-double. It’s a good accomplishment”

(If Jeremy Lin knew about his stats): “He knew, he knew. It sounds good. No I’m just playing, I don’t know if he knew. But like I said, it’s just a great individual accomplishment for you to be able to get a triple-double, that means that you are doing everything well and I’m just happy for him.”