Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Raptors

January 26, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Byron Scott

Big players make big plays That’s what they say and since we got one, that’s what they do. We had a quick little conversation and he said what should I do? I said we’re just going to clear it out for you, I said me personally, I’d go for the win. Don’t leave much time up there, just go for the win. He said that’s what I’m going to do, sounds good.

What did you say to Kyrie Irving after the game? I told him I’m glad you took my advice and went for the win, went for the kill. During the game, he’s still a kid. He’s just having fun, enjoying himself and he’s playing at an unbelievably high level right now.

Thoughts on (Marreese) Speights and (Wayne) Ellington: They’re veteran guys, they’ve been in the league for a little while so they have some experience. We’ve kept the playbook relatively simple. Most of the NBA sets which most guys in this league know, just terminology sometimes is a little different, but they’re both competitive. They both want to be here, they like our system and like the way we play and they’ve fit in, so right now they’re just enjoying it.


Were you surprised that Alan Anderson gave you that much room? Well he was at the three-point line; I was a little further back. Until I shot it, I didn’t realize how far I was back. He was playing the three-point line and I was lucky enough for it to go in.

Were you surprised you hit another game winner? A little, but that just goes back to down the stretch, my teammates and my coaching staff just having confidence in me. I am thankful for that and it just makes it easier in the fourth quarter for me to play my game.

Since Bryron (Scott) spoke to you about being aggressive in Utah, you have had 40, 35 and 32 points: Like I told you guys back in Cleveland, Coach Scott only had to tell me once to be more aggressive. So we are seeing a trend.

In the past you have struggled against Toronto, was it something you focused on to have a great game against them? Hell yeah. I wanted to get a win. It was personal for me. In a year and a half of being in the NBA I haven’t gotten a win against Toronto, so to hit a game winner and beat them on their home court feels good.

There was some pretty good talking going back and forth. Do you like that? Absolutely, my teammates were into it and I was into it. Two teams just going at it down the stretch. Plays were being made, big time plays and that makes the game fun.


Did you have any doubt that Kyrie (Irving) was going to take the shot and make it? I knew he was going to go for the win that is just his competitive nature. He wanted to end the game with no overtime. That was a tough shot; he took it not in front of the three-point line, but like 30 feet behind. It was a tough shot and that’s what leaders do. We have the upmost faith in Kyrie (Irving) and we know whatever play he makes is going to be the right play. We were ready for him to end the game and he made a tough shot.

How does having a player like that make you guys feel? We just feel good especially when the game is on the line and we know we have someone to turn to that is going to make plays, or make a shot, or create something for someone else. Especially with a young team it is definitely important, but the most important thing is to get back-to-back wins.

What adjustments did you make in the second half on Amir Johnson and Ed Davis? They got a lot of stuff off the rebounds and dirty baskets. Second half we had to make sure we boxed them out. It wasn’t really anything one-on-one; it was the little tip-ins and chips-ins. Second half we boxed them out and kept them off the glass.


Thoughts on the last play: I don’t know how far he (Kyrie Irving) was, I didn’t measure it, but he’s four or five feet beyond the three-point line. We wanted to push them, if they were going to make a shot, make a two. Get them off the three-point line, make sure they got it in penetration. I think he caught Alan (Anderson) off guard a little bit because he was so far out and hit a tough shot. Again, we had opportunities, two or three possessions there, I think Amir (Johnson) on the roll to the basket, Terrence Ross’ three, I think he could have attacked instead of settling for the three. Again, if, could of, would of, we put ourselves in that position. I thought in the start of the fourth quarter they went on a heck of a run that broke our back and that was with Irving on the bench. And so again, time-score situation, we’ve got to make sure we play every possession, not take a possession off.

Thoughts on the status of Kyle Lowry: His back tightened up. He had a tight back so he had trouble moving.

Thoughts on the play of Amir Johnson and Ed Davis: They’ve been playing well this whole stretch. As far as them hitting the boards, rebounding, doing all the things. We gave up 10 offensive boards and again when they go to help, we’ve got to help them as far as cracking down and taking their guy out probably with a smaller guy. Again, attention to detail, cleaning up the play once you do get a stop. We were getting stops but then they get tip-ins and put-backs and resets; so taking care of business once we do get a stop in those possessions.


Thoughts on the winning three-point shot: It happened in Orlando the opposite way so we know how it feels. We shouldn’t let it get to that point. We played good enough to win this game. He made a great three and it wasn’t the best decision with the last pass but still we shouldn’t let it get to that situation.

The importance on playing hard every possession: We have to play for 48 minutes. It’s the NBA and you can’t relax for any minute or they will make a run. It’s a tough one, we have another one on Monday so we have to bounce back and try to win that one. It’s tough to get into those 50/50 situations, sometimes it goes your way like in Orlando and tonight it didn’t.

On the play of Kyrie Irving: He’s a great player. He’s an All-Star and what are you going to do when you hit a three like that. We knew he was going to score a lot of points.


Thoughts on the winning three-point shot: Kyrie (Irving) threw up a bomb and made a heck of a shot. He pretty much facilitated the game, he was driving, making shots and we did our best to double team him. He just made some really tough shots. He made one at the end that was I don’t know how many feet away from the three-point line but he made it.

The importance on playing hard every possession: We had a couple of turnovers in the fourth quarter and we didn’t get back on transition a couple of times. They scored a bucket where we could have got a stop and that might have stopped that three point basket.