Game Quotes: Cavaliers vs. Pistons

October 17, 2013

Cavaliers Head Coach Mike Brown

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(On Sergey Karasev and Jermaine Taylor playing major minutes): “I’d like to start this thing off by talking about two guys that had to step up and play big minutes for us. C.J Miles and Dion Waiters were obviously out so I threw two guys in the lineup, Sergey Karasev and Jermaine Taylor. Those guys were the beneficiaries of those two guys being out. I was impressed with the way those guys played. They kept the game simple. They moved the basketball. They communicated defensively, played great D and ran the floor. Jermaine was terrific. Once we controlled the loose ball or the rebound, he just got out and ran the floor, got easy baskets and put pressure on our opponents. When we get stops and we get out and we run the way we did tonight, it makes the game fun for everybody and it gives you a chance to continue to be re-energized so that defensively you can keep bringing it. I applaud both those guys for the performance they had tonight. It was really good.”

(On how he feels of Sergey Karasev’s overall understanding of basketball): “He’s got a confidence to him that most guys at his age don’t have. He has an older veteran confidence. Most guys his age would have more of a cockiness than a confidence. He’s got a confidence in his game that makes you open your eyes. You got to respect it and you got to pay attention to it. Sometimes you forget that he’s 19-years-old.”

(On the second half): “In the second half, we challenged the guys at halftime to keep the game simple, move the ball but turn it up, defensively, and I give all of our guys credit. They tried to do it. I think at halftime, Detroit was shooting 48 percent from the floor and by the time we took our starters out, it was around 41 percent. I applaud our starters for going out there and trying to play the right way in the second half. Then our second unit kept it up. What surprised me is looking at what Detroit shot the whole second half, which was 28.6 percent. Detroit is a better team than that, obviously, but I thought our guys tried to play the right way, defensively, by communicating with one another. They helped one another, they trusted one another and it was fun to watch.” 

Kyrie Irving

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(On the team defensively in the second half): “Our second unit going into the second quarter did a hell of a job containing (Detroit). The first unit came back in and their shooting percentage went from about 38-percent to around 47-percent; that can’t happen. We have to take it upon ourselves and (Coach Brown) did challenge us at halftime and we got it down to 42-percent.”

(On Sergey Karasev’s performance tonight): “He does it in practice every day; he shoots the crap out of the ball and just defends. He’s light as a feather right now, as you can see. But coming into this league, if you can (defend and shoot), especially in the preseason against their starters, that’s big time for us. ”

Anderson Varejao

(On how he felt tonight): “I felt great tonight. I felt fresh. I had a couple days off. I was in the weight room and it did good for me.”

(On how the team is doing on the defensive end): “We’re still learning. There are a lot of new players and a new system. I really think the effort is there, but sometimes we’re out of position. Having the effort there, covers everything up. I really think everyone is trying hard and trying to learn and do well. It’s just a matter of time for us to be on the same page every time.”

Sergey Karasev

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Pistons Head Coach Maurice Cheeks

(On tonight’s game): “We turned the ball over. I mean, we had 20-plus turnovers, it dropped the whole game. We turned the ball over and we didn’t make shots, so trouble there. You can do more on a missed shot, but once you turn the ball over, you usually have numbers. They made shots, so I give them credit there…We had a lot of opportunities in this game but we just had too many turnovers. This game was pretty efficient in the first half, we just have to finish it – fourth quarter really.”

(On Chauncey Billups): “I liked his game. With him handling the ball; on the ball, off the ball, it gives us a couple dimensions. I liked the way he played. When you’re older, the game kind of slows down for you, it slows down for all of us and he can pick a spot, get a shot, get to the rim and he kind of gives us a nice little pace.”

Greg Monroe

(On tonight’s game): “We forced some turnovers. Those are things that in the preseason are kind of expected, things that have to be corrected. We’re never going to be perfect. I don’t want to say make those mistakes, but if we are, it’s the time to see, look at and correct it now.”

(On Josh Smith and ball positioning): “I don’t think that’s been a problem at all in this whole preseason, as far as getting the ball in the right position. You just got to convert, when you talk about that, there is no excuse. You just got to put it in. With Josh, it’s not like this guy is a rookie. He’s done this for nine years, so he’s been doing this. It’s what we expect from him.”

Chauncey Billups

(On tonight’s game): “We had some really good moments in the game. Obviously, we have some things to work on with turning the ball over. It’s kind of been the death of us in these preseason games, just turnovers. So, I’d like to see us just take better care of the basketball. This is a good learning experience for us.”

(On being back): “I wanted to get out there and get back up and down the court. It felt good.”


  • The Cavaliers won their third game of the preseason with a 96-84 victory over the Pistons. Cleveland outscored Detroit 50-35 the second half. Cleveland held Detroit to 29-75 (.387) shooting from the field, including 10-35 (.286) from the field in the second half.
  • Cleveland had 27 assists on 38 made field goals.
  • Seven Cavaliers scored in double figures: Kyrie Irving (15 points), Jermaine Taylor (15 points), Anthony Bennett (12 points), Tristan Thompson (11 points), Anderson Varejao (10 points), Sergey Karasev (10 points) and Earl Clark (10 points).
  • The Cavs held a 48-37 rebounding edge and outscored the Pistons off the bench by a 49-26 margin.
  • Anderson Varejao recorded a double-double with 10 points and a game-high tying 11 rebounds with six of those coming off the offensive glass in 24 minutes. Varejao leads the team in rebounding per game this preseason with 9.3 per game. It was also his second game with at least 10 rebounds this preseason.
  • Kyrie Irving finished with a team-high tying 15 points to go along with six assists and one block in 26 minutes.
  • Jermaine Taylor added a team-high tying 15 points on 6-10 (.600) shooting, three assists and one steal in 20 minutes off the bench. Ten of his 15 points came in the 4th quarter.
  • Matthew Dellavedova dished out a game-high eight assists in 27 minutes off the bench.