Game Quotes: Cavaliers at Pistons


(On Defense): “There were problems everywhere. I thought we came out nonchalant and did not have the effort or the energy for whatever reason. Again, like I told those guys in there, the reason they beat us pretty handily in the three times they beat us is because they play harder than we do for longer periods of time.”

(On last two losses): “We did talk about the last game. We came out the same way; lackadaisical, lifeless, and we did it again tonight for whatever reason. I do not know maybe we have to go back to two-and-a half, three-hour practices.”


(On energy): “We came out soft that was it. That was throughout the whole entire game and our energy level never picked up. That was it.”

(On correcting mistakes): “I take full responsibility for my lackluster play that kind of trickled down to everybody else. This cannot happen and this will never happen again. I can guarantee that. We have to prepare for OKC tomorrow which is an even better team.”


(On Brandon Knight matching up with Kyrie Irving): "When you're in the same draft class, and you grow up on the same AAU circuit in high school, and you have all of these interactions, there's always going to be that challenge. I think that's just natural, and I just think Brandon (Knight) also wanted to lead our group after two disappointing losses and set the tone, and I thought he did great... Players get up to play All Stars. Now, the challenge is every night...But I thought he was very, very good tonight."

(On Brandon Knight staying balanced): "I think it's always a feel. So, what happens is, especially when you're the primary ball handler, and especially because (Kyrie) Irving is such a good scorer, you have to make him defend. But yet, you also take the temperature of the game and make sure your teammates are engaged and involved, because at some point your tank is going to go a little bit low, and if those guys don't have a rhythm, it's hard for them to get it...But I thought Brandon (Knight) had a really, just overall, one of his best games of the year. And especially, I was impressed, probably more impressed, with his defense than what he did offensively."


(On energy today): “I got some good treatment, that’s what it was. I had a sore leg and Arnie (Kander) gave me some good treatment and my legs felt good today.”

(On playing against Kyrie Irving): “I always enjoy playing against Kyrie. Me and him are good friends. He’s a great competitor, a great player and he’s doing big things for himself and for his team. It’s always good playing Kyrie, great player.”

(On playing the Cavaliers): “We know as a team, Cleveland’s record doesn’t show the type of team they are. They’re a much better team than their record shows. We just wanted to come out and play with our principles. We’ve been kind of lacking defensively the past few games and we wanted to get back to playing the right way and I think we did that tonight.”


(On reading Dion Waiters): “He wants to attack and create for his team. He made a couple shots on me tonight, but overall we did a good job defensively.”

(On rhythm): “I do whatever I need to do to make the team win. Tonight we did a good job of sharing the ball with each other and we are getting fast-breaks a lot more. If we would have made our free throws tonight, we would have went a lot bigger. It was a good team win overall.”

(On 117 points): “We have a lot of young guys on our team, so our focus first is to get stops and secondly to get on the break and run and push the ball. We did a good job doing that tonight and I hope that we can continue to do that.”